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Blog log from R12 of 2017: Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R12 of 2017

Hannebery screws through the first goal from a stoppage 30m out on the flank. (Q1 1:18)
Hayward bounces a behind from a snap from 40m on the flank. (Q1 2:38)
Adams marks and plays on from the wing, Mills is stuck behind Wallis one on one and gives away a holding free 40m out on a slight angle. Wallis doesn’t make the distance, no score. (Q1 5:44)
Heeney kicks to Reid who has Wood behind and Boyd in front, but he marks 20m out in the pocket. His set shot doesn’t score, however. (Q1 9:18)
Daniel is pinged for HTB under a Sinclair tackle after a stoppage 25m out on the flank. Sinclair picks up the greasy ball in wet conditions, and kicks OOTF. (Q1 10:53)
Dale waits on the HFF with a crowded forward line in front of him, and goes to McLean on the boundary 35m out. Very tough set shot from there… and slots it! (Q1 13:04)
Lloyd misses a target by foot from the last line, Daniel gives to Dickson who hits the post from the hotspot. (Q1 18:09)
Daniel turns the ball over himself in defence, a too-cute kick across half back which is intercepted by Franklin 50m out on a slight angle. Buddy bangs through his first goal. (Q1 19:51)
Towers hits Newman running from defence with a diagonal ball from the HBF to run up the wing and go to Franklin over the back 15m out in the pocket. But Buddy shaves the post. (Q1 25:34)
Henney gives to Hayward for a running snap off the right from 45m on the flank to start Q2, but it’s well wide. (Q2 0:18)
Suckling’s kick across a high last line is intercepted by Sinclair, he goes to Franklin who beats Adams one out 30m out on the flank to mark… but just miss. (Q2 2:48)
Daniel converts a set shot from the hotspot after Parker falls into his back in a tackle, causing a melee. (Q2 8:03)
Wallis gives to Dale who runs to true CHF and skids a snap just wide left. (Q2 10:14)
Parker passes to Franklin 45m out in front after the Swans dominate a stoppage on the wing, but again Buddy shaves the goalpost on the way through. (Q2 12:26)
Parker has a snap off a step from near the hotspot, but he screws it into the behind post OOTF. (Q2 13:20)
Jones takes on McLean tackling him at the hotspot, the ump sees it as high contact when it could very well have been paid HTB. Jones misses badly, footy gods smile. (Q2 14:03)
Jones roves a Reid contest at CHF and evades the tackler this time to give to Franklin who is challenged by Adams but gets a skidding snap away from the hotspot… that’s good! (Q2 16:33)
Jack marks in midfield, plays on and hits Reid to fly between four Dogs to mark at the hotspot. But he misses badly too, the crowd goes AWW very loudly. (Q2 17:56)
Bontempelli misses a target by hand on the HBF, the Melican long ball goes back to Parker who has a pack on him but brings the ball to ground for Papley to rove and goal from 10m! (Q2 24:48)
Franklin dives and marks 50m out on a slight angle just before the HT siren. He shoots for his third goal in a low-scoring affair… and nails it! (Q2 27:04)
Reid marks easily over Boyd at the top of the square for the first goal of Q3. The margin is getting out of control for the Dogs in a wet weather contest. (Q3 2:20)
McLean contests a quick Wallis ball from wing to hotspot, the crumb falls for Cloke who fires out the handball to Stringer who goals off the right. (Q3 4:49)
Jong sends the ball up the wing to Roughead who marks over Melican 40m out on the flank. Roughead gives off to Stringer who doesn’t score. (Q3 6:20)
Jack roves and misses from the HFF. (Q3 8:40)
Stringer roves a Reid drop on the wing and starts a fast break, McLean passes to Dickson 40m out in front who makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q3 9:35)
Newman goes long after the next centre bounce, Reid marks with strong hands over Wood for his second goal. (Q3 11:02)
Jack jinks on the HFF and goes very short to Kennedy 45m out on a slight angle. The goal umpire watches JPK’s set shot sail straight over his peaked cap. (Q3 15:20)
Papley misses on the run from the HFF to an empty square, had more time than he thought there. (Q3 20:13)
Dahlhaus breaks lines with a run from half back where he performs a couple of one-twos, he hits Bontempelli who completes the fast break by setting up Wood to goal from 20m. (Q3 21:50)
Dahlhaus leaps and marks a Johannisen ball 35m out in front, Lloyd gets there late and catches him high, obvious 50m penalty to ensure the goal. (Q3 24:02)
Roughead roves a Franklin ball to Reid 20m out on the flank but gets dispossessed in a tackle by Reid, Papley is front and centre for the crumb goal. Sydney has the answers. (Q3 27:06)
Jones spoils a Boyd kick to Daniel in the centre, runs to CHF and shoots, but the ball drops in the square for Roberts to rush. That really would have settled in nearing 3QT. (Q3 29:47)
Heeney sharks a pressured Johannisen handball on the HFF and tries his luck from just outside 50m… takes an off break the wrong side of the goalpost. (Q3 30:35)
Papley passes short to Parker after the first centre bounce, yet another centre clearance to Sydney. Parker lines up from 45m in the corridor, and starts junk time with the sealer. (Q4 0:57)
Towers marks 30m out on the flank and kicks his first goal. (Q4 3:10)
Hewett passes to Franklin 45m out wide on the flank. Right in Buddy’s set shot wheelhouse… but he just misses. (Q4 6:30)
Lloyd marks and goals from 40m on a slight angle. This is garbage time, no doubt. (Q4 8:32)
Bontempelli sprays a relatively easy set shot from 20m on a slight angle, after a lot of meaningless junk time stat accumulation by both sides. (Q4 24:12)
Parker passes to Franklin 40m out on the flank, who plays on and misses. (Q4 25:53)
Stringer misses a speculator from wide on the HFF. (Q4 27:12)

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