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Blog log from R11 of 2017: Fremantle vs Collingwood

Blog log for Fremantle vs Collingwood, R11 of 2017

Treloar taps to Pendlebury at a stoppage on the HFF, Pendles baulks clear for a snap under not much pressure from 35m but misses, disappointingly. (Q1 1:08)
Maynard marks at half forward, waits, waits some more then hits Adams to mark in front of Bradley Hill 35m out on the flank. Adams misses. (Q1 2:22)
Treloar intercepts a Fyfe handball and clears from a big pack at half forward, Howe’s ball to the hotspot is clunked impressively by Moore… but he shanks it wide. (Q1 4:07)
Freo gets a fast break from half back after the kick in started by Fyfe, Walters breaks a line through the centre and releases Crozier to run to 40m on a slight angle… miss. (Q1 5:24)
Stephen Hill turns the ball over by missing a target at half back, the ball flips out to De Goey who misses from 45m on a slight angle. (Q1 7:45)
Treloar speeds away from a stoppage on the wing, the Pies have a convoy, Wells’ long ball is marked unopposed by Hoskin-Elliott 20m out in front for the first goal, belatedly. (Q1 12:07)
Phillips receives from Crisp and snaps truly from near the hotspot after the Pies win the next centre clearance. (Q1 13:41)
Neale intercepts a slow Howe kick across half back, runs away from Adams and bounces through the first goal from 40m. (Q1 17:04)
Walters roves a centring ball by Crozier to the hotspot, he gives outside to Fyfe who screws through the goal from 25m on the flank. (Q1 20:21)
Greenwood marks a Moore ball 50m out on a slight angle, he gives off to Goldsack who lets fly from just outside CHF… wide. (Q1 24:34)
After another Treloar clearance, De Goey marks a Maynard ball 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot starts left but swings right and through. (Q1 26:08)
Grundy gives to Crisp who snaps OOTF from 45m on the flank. (Q1 27:38)
Mundy receives on the HFF and delivers an intelligent ball to the square for Langdon to get behind his man and mark for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 0:21)
Grey fumbles a Mundy handball in the square but Dunn also fumbles it, the ball sits up on the line for Grey to volley through from about ten centimetres out! (Q2 2:53)
Phillips passes to Pendlebury leading to 45m on a slight on an extremely slow play from half back. The goal umpire doesn’t have to move, Pendles puts the Pies in the lead. (Q2 8:23)
Bradley Hill roves a Mundy contest at the hotspot, has a man on his hammer and snaps wide. (Q2 9:41)
Greenwood marks a Hoskin-Elliott ball at half forward on a fast break, wheels and hits De Goey 40m out in the corridor. JDG kicks straight as a die. (Q2 11:08)
Sidebottom roves a Moore ball to a pack on the HFF, tries a right foot checkside from the boundary 35m out… into the post. (Q2 11:53)
Moore marks in the centre and gets a 50m penalty on Taberner for encroachment to bring him near the hotspot. He hoofs it a bit ugly but straight. (Q2 14:59)
Crocker marks a long ball from the wing to 40m out on the flank, he misses. (Q2 17:09)
Kersten marks near the intersection of 50m paint and boundary in the vortex pocket, his set shot is off hands for a behind. (Q2 19:08)
Grey gets a late contact free on Adams at exactly the same spot as Kersten’s shot, he makes the distance but misses. (Q2 19:24)
Mundy passes to McCarthy 25m out on the flank, same pocket, he also misses. (Q2 20:54)
Treloar volleys a loose ball on the wing, it bounces with a leg break past Moore and luckily into the path of Greenwood who snaps truly from near the hotspot. (Q2 22:39)
Pendlebury misses a snap from the hotspot after a Moore contest in a big pack. (Q2 26:17)
Wells gets a set shot from 40m on the flank and kicks OOTF, which just about sums up the skills on display in this one. (Q2 28:09)
Bradley Hill gathers a long handball to space by Mundy on the wing, has Pendlebury and Howe chasing, baulks with a right foot step that breaks Pendles’ ankles and goals from 40m! (Q2 29:39)
McCarthy scores the first goal of Q3 to bring the Dockers back within a kick. (Q3 5:13)
Pendlebury lopes through midfield and has a ping from 50m on a slight angle, well wide. (Q3 5:13)
Treloar hoofs a very high ball from a stoppage on the HFF, Elliott beats Spurr one on one falling on his back in the square for his first goal. (Q3 8:03)
Walters gives to Sutcliffe for a long bomb from the HFF, it clears Taberner and rolls for a behind. (Q3 10:04)
Greenwood misses a set shot from 40m on the flank. (Q3 12:51)
Mundy finally injects a bit of finishing class with his first goal after marking a pass to 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 16:33)
Grey puts the Dockers back at level pegging on the scoreboard with a snap goal from 20m on a slight angle, after forcing the turnover himself with a tackle on Smith. (Q3 17:13)
Phillips passes to Adams at the hotspot who hits the post, of course. (Q3 20:50)
Elliott screws through a lovely goal from 40m on a slight angle after marking a pressured Treloar ball from a stoppage on the wing and playing on. (Q3 22:48)
Taberner receives and grubbers from the top of the square after a Mundy contest, does Howe get a touch on the line? Video review overturns the goal ump, it’s a goal. (Q3 24:40)
Moore marks in front of Hamling just inside 50m on the flank. Tough set shot from there… it’s another ugly looking set shot but it’s long and strong! (Q3 27:03)
Elliott jumps in front of Spurr and marks a Crisp ball just before the 3QT siren. He lines up from near the hotspot, and makes no mistake. (Q3 29:56)
Moore misses a relatively easy set shot from 25m on a slight angle. (Q3 29:56)
Kersten stays down to rove a Taberner contest to a long ball to the square and snaps his first goal to keep Freo in the contest. (Q4 3:26)
Blakely gives to Grey for a hurried snap from 35m on a slight angle that goes across the face. (Q4 4:11)
Crozier roves the spillage from a Fyfe tackle on Sidebottom and throws the ball on the boot 30m out on the flank… it wobbles through, Dockers back within a point! (Q4 6:16)
Neale bombs long from the next centre bounce, it bounces for Dunn to rush from near the goalsquare. (Q4 6:59)
Treloar marks a Pendlebury ball and has space on the HFF to steady and shoot from 45m… class player, class goal! (Q4 8:41)
Blakely intercepts Adams at CHB and has Bradley Hill over the back to run into the open goal… but he misses from 20m with all the goal face to aim at! (Q4 10:51)
Smith beats McCarhty to the crumb from a long Stephen Hill ball to the square and dives to touch it for a behind before McCarthy can get a boot to it. (Q4 13:56)
Crisp releases Hoskin-Elliott on the rebound to run down the wing, he tries a pass but it’s smothered by Johnson… back to WHE who runs into the open goal! (Q4 14:25)
After the next centre bounce, Weller does a one-two with Fyfe but just misses a snap from near the hotspot, under less pressure than he looked like he thought he was under. (Q4 15:39)
Crips goes from a stoppage at CHF to the square, Moore brings it to ground, Johnson smothers Goldsack but Crocker roves and goals from 10m! 6:04 left at the next bounce. (Q4 19:57)
Treloar streams away from the next centre bounce and hits Greenwood to juggle the mark 45m out on the flank. Levi shanks it, no score. (Q4 21:26)
Clock under 5:00, Freo not getting the ball past the centre line though. (Q4 21:42)
Freo finally get an attack going with 4:00 left, but the Pies swarm the crumb, stoppage at the hotspot where Dunn is pinged for high contact on Neale. But Lachie misses. (Q4 24:42)
3:15 left at the next kick in. (Q4 24:42)
Pies play some tempo in defensive 50, 2:30 left. (Q4 25:29)
Collingwood attacks down the member’s wing, De Goey runs free to 30m on a slight angle, has a man for the give but goes himself… miss. 2:08 left, too late now anyway. (Q4 25:56)
Kick in to CHB for Freo is spoiled, predictably, Treloar gives to Howe who puts a cherry on top with a goal from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 26:56)
Fyfe misses from the boundary 40m out just before the final siren. (Q4 29:56)

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