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Blog log from R11 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Richmond

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Richmond, R11 of 2017

Turner catches Edwards HTB 45m out on the flank for the first score, it’s a behind. (Q1 3:03)
Riewoldt leaps in front of two Roos to intercept on the HFF, he goes inboard to Butler 45m out on a slight angle. Butler’s set shot is straight but Goldstein touches on the line. (Q1 4:53)
Lambert misses a snap from half forward in traffic. (Q1 7:10)
Brown dribbles a behind from a pack 20m out in the pocket. (Q1 9:33)
Gibson passes to Brown to mark in front of Nankervis 45m out on a slight angle. Brown finally kicks the first goal. (Q1 11:10)
Riewoldt is pinged for holding off the ball to concede a 50m penalty, bringing Higgins to the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 13:03)
Cunnington takes a strong mark in front of Rance from a Hrovat ball to 45m on the flank. He just misses. (Q1 15:14)
Houli passes to Riewoldt to mark on the lead 45m out on a slight angle despite Tarrant up his ginger. Riewoldt kicks a behind. (Q1 18:14)
Castagna gets a set shot opportunity from 45m on the flank, he puts the laces through the set shot and just clears the goal line despite a leap from Thompson. (Q1 19:49)
Cotchin levels the scores with a snap from just outside 50m on a slight angle to an empty square, after mopping up his own dropped mark. (Q1 22:33)
Gibson misses from 40m on the flank. (Q1 23:04)
Butler passes to Lambert at the hotspot on a fast play from the wing started by Castagna. Richmond hits the lead with that goal. (Q1 24:34)
Prestia misses a mid range snap in the last minute before QT. (Q1 27:53)
Wood snaps the first goal of Q2 from 20m after Turner roves a Brown contest at the hotspot and gives out. (Q2 0:55)
Riewoldt marks 50m out on the flank after Cotchin wins the next centre clearance. He misses right. (Q2 1:35)
Prestia just misses a speculator from the pocket. (Q2 2:10)
Thompson kicks OOTF 30m out, Caddy plays on to Edwards 30m out on a slight angle and Titch goals to extend the Tiger lead. (Q2 3:10)
Cotchin roves and misses from deep in the pocket 15m out. (Q2 4:50)
Wood sails through his second goal of the quarter from the HFF outside the 50m paint to bring the Roos back within a kick. (Q2 6:30)
Altely runs to near CHF and snaps another one for North to put them back in front. It’s a shoot out under the dome, as it so often is. (Q2 9:41)
Butler misses a snap around the corner from mid range. (Q2 11:08)
Ellis intercepts a rather slow Mullett kick to Cunnington near the hotspot and puts the Tigers back in the lead with his first goal. (Q2 14:16)
Rance is out of position on some more end-to-end play and can’t stop a long ball to Waite 15m out on a slight angle. Waite goals. (Q2 19:37)
On the end of a rebound started by Tarrant, Dumont has Gibson hard running to the square over the back of the Richmond zone to mark and run into the open goal. (Q2 22:11)
Loose ball in the Tiger goalsquare, Butler and Mullett go for it, Butler gathers and goals, confirmed after video review. (Q2 23:38)
Gibson misses from the HFF to give the Roos the lead back. (Q2 29:24)
Waite misses a set shot from long range just on the HT siren. (Q2 31:46)
A free against Tarrant plus a 50m penalty gifts Riewoldt the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:51)
Caddy marks at half forward, waits and the ump sees another 50m penalty against Tarrant for a hold off the ball to gift another goal for Richmond. (Q3 3:17)
The hapless Tarrant zigs when he should have zagged and gets caught HTB by Riewoldt in the pocket 20m out. Li’l Rooey makes him pay with his second goal. (Q3 4:32)
Caddy has Martin running forward to the HFF on a quick play started by Edwards, Dusty lets fly from 50m and it’s straight through the hi-diddle-diddle! (Q3 6:43)
Hansen holds Bolton after a mark on the wing, obvious 50m penalty to bring him 25m out on a slight angle, but Shai misses. (Q3 8:17)
Martin baulks through two Roos on the wing after a stoppage and passes to Menadue 50m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 11:02)
Rioli snaps OOTF from the HFF. (Q3 12:34)
Houli gathers and gives to Edwards for a snap from 40m on a slight angle that goes wide. (Q3 13:06)
Waite is over the back of Rance on a fast play to run into what should be an open goal, but he chooses to shoot from the hotspot with a dribbler that skews wide! (Q3 15:51)
Martin centres from the wing to Grigg 40m out in the corridor, he shanks it left. (Q3 18:57)
Ellis roves a Houli handball in the centre and runs past a few Roos, he goes to Riewoldt at CHF who has Rioli over the back to run into the open goal, Tigers in control now! (Q3 21:39)
Atley drags a goal back for the Roos with a snap from the HFF, with a shepherd in the square by Brown. (Q3 25:05)
Brown gives to Wood who breaks a tackle but just misses from 20m on a slight angle. (Q3 28:16)
Martin keeps his feet after contesting 25m out on the flank, he receives back from Edwards and snaps the goal on the turn. (Q3 28:59)
Atley gives to Higgins who snaps across the face from 35m near the boundary, just before 3QT. (Q3 31:26)
An unlucky bounce from a torpedo by Prestia goes into the goalpost. (Q4 2:42)
Waite roves a Wood contest, baulks but doesn’t get clear, snaps over a Tiger defender just wide from 20m in the pocket. (Q4 4:27)
Brown taps down to Goldstein who baulks clear and shoots from 20m on a slight angle… shanks it OOTF. Even Brad Scott had to laugh at that one. (Q4 6:42)
Ziebell sends a nice long kick from the HFF over big congestion at the hotspot to Hansen 20m out on a slight angle. Hansen goals. Time enough if good enough for North. (Q4 7:44)
Martin misses a long snap from 45m on a slight angle after a one-two with Cotchin. (Q4 9:06)
Edwards baulks and gives to Lambert who snaps what might be a sealer from mid range. (Q4 13:55)
McDonald marks a quick Houli kick from a stoppage at the Horth hotspot to CHF. He misses. (Q4 16:25)
Lloyd marks 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 18:21)
Butler marks 45m out in the corridor and puts some icing on the cake. (Q4 24:11)
Riewoldt gives to Rioli for a screwing ball from 30m on the flank that goes just wide. (Q4 27:41)

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