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Blog log from R12 of 2017: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Blog log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R12 of 2017

Geary drops a defensive mark in a contest with Betts at the hotspot and holds Eddie on the ground, obvious free and first goal. (Q1 2:28)
McCartin and Bruce are somehow two-on-one in the square on a fast break, McCartin buffets Lever out of the way for Bruce to mark, turn and waltz into the open goal. (Q1 5:28)
Steele is pinged for a hold on Sloane at a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle, very soft it was too. Sloane kicks truly. (Q1 8:28)
Sinclair roves a McCartin contest and has a snap across the body from 35m on the flank, but it’s narrow. (Q1 9:36)
Carlisle is pinged for a hold on Walker as they fight for a ground ball on the boundary 25m out, that was there. Tex plays on and misses. (Q1 10:16)
Two Saints spoil a long ball to Otten 25m out on the flank, the crumb falls behind and it’s Otten himself who gets there first to screw through a lovely finish off the left. (Q1 16:39)
Otten gets in front of a pack 40m out on the flank to mark a long Smith ball from the wing unopposed. He misses. (Q1 18:17)
Walker marks outside 50m on the flank, dithers and only half kicks towards goal… Lynch marks near the behind post and makes it look good with his first goal. (Q1 21:02)
Jenkins is over the back of Carlisle for a kick to space by Walker to the hotspot, he stands up in a jumper tackle to gather and goal with ease. (Q1 25:29)
Jenkins leaps in front of Brown and clunks a Matt Crouch centre clearance 40m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 26:44)
Betts leads quickly in front of Gilbert to mark a Smith ball from the wing to 30m out on the flank. He misses after the QT siren. (Q1 29:14)
Jacobs passes to Milera 45m out on a slight angle after Douglas spoils at CHF. Milera goals, the Crows jump gets even higher. (Q2 1:01)
After Billings strips Douglas in a tackle in the centre, Steven passes to McCartin leading to 40m on a slight angle. Paddy sprays it OOTF. (Q2 2:18)
Wright’s handball to Ross at half back is too hot and Ross fumbles, the crumb falls for Smith who snaps truly to an empty goal face from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 8:18)
Bruce marks 40m out on a slight angle and finally breaks the tsunami of Crow scores with his second goal. (Q2 10:18)
Lynch sails through a snap from the HFF at goalpost height after lead up work from Walker. Procession restarted. (Q2 14:26)
Ross is under heavy pressure at half forward with a murder of Crows around him but makes the right decision to poke a wide ball to Stevens 45m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q2 15:48)
Acres fumbles at the top of defensive goalsquare, the crumb squirts to Jenkins who misses a quick snap from 15m. (Q2 18:31)
Brown is pinged for an arm chop on Walker just inside 50m out on a slight angle. Tex misses. (Q2 25:03)
Brad Crouch catches Newnes HTB 45m out on a slight angle, he also misses. (Q2 26:19)
Lynch catches Steven HTB at half forward and passes to Jenkins 30m out on the flank for the first goal of second half garbage time. (Q3 3:35)
Membrey passes to Acres 35m out on the flank on the end of a rare Saint rebound from half back. He misses badly. (Q3 6:20)
Douglas runs into a clump of Saints on the HBF, Gilbert roves the spillage and hits McCartin 35m ouit on the flank. Paddy misses as well. (Q3 8:05)
Longer gets a hospital handball in the BP and the Crow small converge to force the turnover, Betts centres to Lynch 15m out on the opposite flank who goals. (Q3 9:32)
Long ball to a pack at the hotspot, the crumb falls straight down and Walker wows the crowd with a lairish gather and goal in the one motion with one hand. Too easy. (Q3 13:41)
Bruce marks next to the hotspot for this third goal which, sadly for Saint fans, is the same tally as the whole team. (Q3 18:35)
Ross passes over Kelly to Billings 30m out on the flank on a fast break, who misses. (Q3 20:20)
Weller beats Douglas one on one to mark a McCartin ball 20m out on the flank. He sprays it as well. (Q3 22:20)
Jenkins is over the back of Montagna to mark a Kelly ball on a fast break from halfback. He lines up from 35m on a slight angle, but misses. (Q3 27:50)
Billings passes to Weller 40m out on a slight angle in the last minute before 3QT, for yet another set shot miss. (Q3 29:50)
Cameron’s set shot from true CHF falls on the line and is off hands for a behind. (Q4 2:00)
Bruce makes the right decision as he’s challenged by two Crows in the pocket, he centres with a bouncing ball to Stevens who snaps truly from 20m. (Q4 2:59)
Billings baulks and threads the needle with a snap from the pocket, to almost no reaction from the Crow supporters who are there for some live kills. (Q4 5:54)
Speaking of which, Beech gets the crowd pumping with a skillful snap goal from CHF. (Q4 6:32)
Talia is pinged for a hold off the play on McCartin 15m out in front. Paddy goals, belatedly. (Q4 8:17)
Cameron misses after a flashy run to CHF. (Q4 10:48)
Walker marks a short Otten ball 40m out on the flank and misses. (Q4 13:08)
Long ball from the HFF to the top of the square by Walker, big pack but Jenkins is allowed to mark unopposed and play on into the open goal. Witches hat stuff. (Q4 15:48)
Lynch roves a Roberton fumble in the centre, sprints away to CHF but bounces his snap into the goalpost. (Q4 19:04)
Bruce marks a Stevens ball 20m out on the flank for his fourth goal. Deep in junk time now. (Q4 20:59)
Betts runs into the open goal on another very easy forward entry, not even the Crow crowd could rouse much interest in that one. (Q4 23:11)
The Crow fans get a lot more volume for a quick centre clearance and snap goal from Walker from CHF, his second. (Q4 24:13)
Bruce marks on the lead 45m out on the flank after the next centre bounce. He misses. (Q4 25:03)
The crumb from a Laird smother on Weller goes to Steven who misses from 30m on the flank. (Q4 28:11)
Walker plays on to advantage from a Lynch free for a Ross block and just about literally walks into the open goal. (Q4 30:28)

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