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Blog log from R14 of 2015: Richmond vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Richmond vs Western Sydney, R14 of 2015

Greene goes into the forward 50 with a 35 metre delivery to the unopposed Lobb who marks 25 out on the sharp angle. He misses to the near side. (Q1 2:01)
Palmer has a quick snap out of the congestion that sat 30 metres out from goal. Rhys manages to just get it over the outreached arms of Vlastuin and through it goes! (Q1 8:01)
Griffiths takes it straight out of the ruck from the forward throw in, deep in the pocket. His immediate dribbling shot at goal misses to the right hand side. (Q1 16:20)
Gordon marks ahead of Marchbank and then chips in short to Griffiths who marks out on the lead. Ben lines up from 55 on the slight, but misses. (Q1 18:10)
Williams receives a 50 metre penalty after Cotchin hit him late in the marking contest after the Batchelor turnover. From 35, Zac misses to the right hand side. (Q1 20:59)
Edwards to Martin back to Edwards by hand as the two Tigers bolt through the middle of the MCG. Shane goes for home from outside 50, and it skips through for a minor. (Q1 23:03)
Lambert spots Riewoldt on the lead and Jack takes the sliding mark against the undersized Marchbank. 40 out on the slight angle, Jack nabs the Tigers first! (Q1 26:13)
Cameron takes the strong leading grab and then goes in short to his captain in Ward who ran ahead of Edwards. From 40 on the sharp angle, Callan manages to split the middle! (Q1 28:18)
Cotchin out of the middle goes long to Riewoldt, from the ground ball get, Jack flicks it to Gordon. Nathan has the quick snap at goal but hooks it to the far side from 35. (Q1 29:56)
Lambert to Edwards to Deledio who receives a questionable free kick against Hampton for illegal contact. From 35 on the flank, Brett misses. (Q2 2:42)
Downie holds Cotchin 50 metres off the ball and the umpire picks it out and the Tigers captain receives the free. There wasn’t much in it, but Trent slots it from 30! (Q2 7:30)
McCarthy takes a ripping contested mark in the contest, with Vickery not putting his body in the line of fire. From 40 on the slight, Cam misses. (Q2 9:18)
Riewoldt grabs the ground ball, spins out of the Buntine captain and hits up Deledio unopposed with a drilling pass. 30 out from goal, Brett makes no mistake! (Q2 10:00)
The second gamer Jack Steele grabs the pill on the half forward flank and chips it into Cameron who takes the simple leading chest mark. From 50 out, directly in front, he goals! (Q2 14:47)
Ward flicks it out after winning a hard ground ball, copping the Grigg tackle in the process before finding Treloar who snaps truly from 25! Great play! (Q2 21:47)
McCarthy takes the terrific leading grab opposed to Chaplin and then chips it in short to the in-range Greene who marks 35 out on the boundary. He misses to the near side. (Q2 25:45)
Cotchin takes the mark from 45 on the flank after the Tigers ran it up the field clinically. From the set shot, he misses. (Q3 3:30)
Houli finds Deledio with a darting pass from the boundary, allowing Brett to take the chest mark 35 out on the flank. He too misses. (Q3 4:44)
Gordon centres to Cotchin who, off the ground, flicks it off to Martin. Dustin takes a couple of steadying steps and finishes truly from 25! (Q3 5:19)
Whitfield takes the strong leading grab after the Giants won the centre clearance. From 40 on the flank, Lachie pulls it to the near side from the set shot. (Q3 6:50)
Ward goes third man up in the ruck and his hit out goes to Shiel who in turn receives a questionable free for being held without the ball.From 30 on the sharp angle, he too misses. (Q3 8:21)
Gordon gets caught with ball in hand but manages to just flick it wide to Edwards. Shane flicks it off to Ellis, who misses the boundary line shot from 40 on the run. (Q3 9:13)
Williams turns it over with a horrendous pass through the middle of the ground. The pill works its way through to Houli, who in turn finds Vickery on the lead ahead of Corr… (Q3 11:19)
He misses from 40 as well. (Q3 11:19)
Palmer snags another with an opportunistic snap shot goal from 25. Rhys got to the drop zone after Houli couldn’t hold the mark, and the ex-Docker had no issue! (Q3 15:16)
Palmer to Smith who finds Scully on the lead with a quality central pass. From the 50 metre arc, Tom manages to send it through from the flank region! (Q3 16:40)
Riewoldt receives a free for being held in the marking contest opposed to Corr, after the Tigers won it straight out of the middle. Advantage is paid and Gordon finishes with ease! (Q3 18:01)
Hampton, Treloar and the Downie through the wing, allowing Tom to then find Cameron with a chipped pass that Jeremy manages to mark ahead of Rance. He hits the post from 50. (Q3 20:29)
Palmer has another opportunistic major, from the top of the goal square. A series of taps forward falls Rhys way and he scrubs it home, for his third of the day! (Q3 22:30)
Rance goes long and Vickery takes the big grab in the one on one opposed to Buntine. From 35 on the 30 degree angle, Tyrone misses again! (Q3 23:24)
DEVON SMITH! Massive major for the Giants there. Martin kicked it out on the full, and Smith received the free from 40 on the boundary. He opened the angle and slotted it home! (Q3 26:01)
Giants have been great, Tigers have been poor. Kicking for goal has been an issue for both sides. An exciting final term awaits! (Q4 0:00)
Deledio goes long to the square where Riewoldt flies, he gets to the ground ball first thereafter and finds Lambert unopposed. From 25 on the slight, Kane misses. (Q4 2:09)
Cotchin with a massive soccer out of the congestion which goes the best part of 40 metres to the Riewoldt/Shaw contest and Jack receives a free for holding. 55 out, JACK goals! (Q4 5:40)
CAMERON! Incredible stuff from both key forwards, this time Scully went to the hot spot and Jeremy grabs it off the deck and in one swift movement turns and snaps truly from 35! (Q4 7:39)
Then EDWARDS! Maric taps it straight down the throat of Shane who runs straight through the middle of the MCG and slams it home from 55! What a game we have here! (Q4 9:23)
Martin gets to the ground ball from the Riewoldt/Buntine contest. He brushes a couple aside, but his shot misses from 35 to the near side. (Q4 10:54)
Buntine gives away the free kick for holding the ball after Ellis laid a big tackle. From the paint of 50 on the flank, he misses to the far side. (Q4 11:39)
COTCHIN! Out of the stoppage, Trent receives via a desperate Grigg handball and Cotchin slams it home from 25! Scores are level. (Q4 14:42)
Grigg went for home from 50 and Shaw just touched it on the line. Tigers in front now! (Q4 18:27)
Lambert lays a big tackle on Treloar and receives the decision. He goes to the hot spot and Maric finds it off the deck, flicking it off to Vickery who goals from point blank! (Q4 22:25)
Scully to Smith to Lobb out of the centre clearance. From 45 on the flank, Rory trots in and stutters before slamming it right through! Massive moment for Rory! (Q4 23:56)
Kennedy provides a tackle on the goal line, stopping a certain Riewoldt goal! (Q4 25:56)
Miles then receives a free kick from the stoppage. 20 out on the slight, Anthony against his old team incredibly MISSES! (Q4 27:02)
Just 2 minutes left in this classic at the G. Giants down by 3 minors. (Q4 27:40)
The non-call on the Steele tackle proves to be massive, as it appeared to be a decent shout for holding the ball. It goes down the other end and Edwards marks 40 out. (Q4 28:56)
Edwards goals and the Tigers are home with 37 seconds left to play, massive final term by the now, contenders! (Q4 29:19)

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