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Blog log from R14 of 2015: Gold Coast vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Gold Coast vs North Melbourne, R14 of 2015

Russell sped away from Ziebell and he duly went long from 50, but missed to the near side from the flank. (Q1 2:08)
McKenzie to Miller who darts in the pass to Russell who marks ahead of Hansen. From a step outside 50 on the flank, Luke snags the first! (Q1 4:17)
Thomas red it off the Daw/Day contest, but missed his shot from 35 with the short pass to a free man in the goal square the better option. (Q1 5:52)
Hall takes it out the back, sprints wide of the desperate Thompson, and bounces it home from 50! Fast start by the Suns! (Q1 6:52)
Saad runs 25 and then flicks it wide to May, who darts in a pass to Ablett, marking on the lead ahead of Jacobs. From outside 50 on the flank, he misses to the far side. (Q1 14:18)
Russell spots up Malceski who couldn’t take the mark, but the ball spills out to Saad. Adam runs to the 50 metre arc, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q1 16:23)
Boston gets caught in the tackle after Ziebell towelled him up with a strong tackle. Just 30 seconds before the first term siren, Jack trots in and misses from 40 on the flank. (Q1 28:29)
Boston gets caught in the tackle after Ziebell towelled him up with a strong tackle. Just 30 seconds before the first term siren, Jack trots in and misses from 40 on the flank. (Q2 5:45)
Saad bolts through and sets up the scoring chance. He belts it in to the leading Hall who marks on the lead. 40 out on the flank, he clips the post. (Q2 5:45)
Ablett to Hallahan who chips it in short to the hard running Brooksby. From 25 on the slight, he sends it straight through the middle! (Q2 8:25)
Ablett receives a free kick for in the back against Jacobs, out of the stoppage situation. 45 metres out on the flank, Gary splits the middle! (Q2 18:43)
Sexton runs straight through the middle and drills in a pass to the leading Dixon who takes it out in front. 55 out, directly in front, its rushed through for a minor. (Q2 20:21)
Dixon receives the free kick for holding in the marking contest against Tarrant. From the slight angle, 40 metres out, Charlie makes no mistake! (Q2 22:02)
Malceski turns it over directly to Macmillan straight through the centre corridor and North capitalise. Jamie went long and Cunnington took the strong contested mark… (Q2 24:02)
Ben finished from point blank range! (Q2 24:02)
Firrito steps a couple and goes long to the unopposed Cunnington, who marks 25 out from goal on the slightest of angles. Ben slots another! (Q2 26:04)
Ziebell centres under a wealth of pressure and Higgins takes the strong mark opposed to Sexton. From 30, Shaun makes no mistake! (Q2 28:47)
In 5 minutes, the Roos have banged on 3 in a row to make it a much closer contest as we edge nearer to half time. (Q2 29:16)
Saad wins a 50 metre penalty after Thomas flicked the marked ball out of his hands. In turn he goes long to DIxon who was clearly held in the contest by Tarrant. From 40, he goals! (Q3 0:51)
Matera flicks it out of the congestion to Kolodjashnij who sat a kick behind the play. He received and nailed the major from 40 with class! (Q3 3:18)
Majak flies for the mark and manages to get it down to Petrie who stayed down whilst May went into the contest. He turned around and dribbled it home from 20! (Q3 4:33)
Ablett gets out of the congestion and with ball in hand, he runs the best part of 30 metres before chipping the pass into Nicholls… (Q3 6:04)
Tom chips it over the top to the unopposed Brooksby, who turns around and nails it from point blank range! (Q3 6:35)
Thomas to Goldstein by hand, who, under immense pressure, misses the shot from 25 on the run. (Q3 7:19)
Sexton taps it out the thick of the action to the eagerly awaiting Swallow. David turns and snaps, but he misses from 35 with the hooked attempt. (Q3 9:07)
Hallahan marks ahead of Dal Santo after nearly dropping the somewhat simple grab. From 50 out, directly in front, the former Hawk nails the major! (Q3 9:47)
Thomas, whilst tackled by his opponent in Saad, manages to flick off the handball to Nahas. Robbie slams it home from 30 with ease! (Q3 14:24)
Rischitelli to Swallow who goes long to the Dixon/Tarrant matchup and Charlie takes the strong mark. From 25, he notches his third of the day! (Q3 15:19)
Tarrant throws it out of the contest after Dixon laid a big tackle on his direct opponent, and the free is paid. From 45, directly in front, Charlie nabs another! (Q3 19:23)
Malceski appears to have snapped truly from 35 on the flank, although a review has been called on with a suggestion that Thompson has touches it. Vision is inconclusive… (Q3 25:20)
Surprisingly, just a minor is paid. (Q3 25:50)
Higgins marks out on the lead within a minute of the 3 quarter time siren. 45 out on the slight angle, the former Dog has no trouble with nabbing that one! (Q3 32:21)
ABLETT! He sharks it out of the contest after the tap down from Nicholls, and he hooks the ball truly, nabbing the major from 35 on the flank! (Q4 1:10)
Dixon takes a towering mark after the long bomb in finds him one out with Tarrant. From outside 50 on the slight, he misses to the right hand side. (Q4 3:37)
Dixon, Miller, Hallahan and then off to Hall, all by hand. Aaron continues on with the run and snaps truly from 25 whilst Ziebell can only watch on in despair. (Q4 5:16)
Saad with the play of the day, exploding away from congestion off the half back flank and then finds Dixon with a raking delivery. From 50, pressed up on the boundary, he goals! (Q4 8:11)
Thomas to Higgins and the off to Waite, all by hand. Jarrad continues his run and nabs the major from 20 directly in front. (Q4 9:52)
GARY ABLETT how we’ve missed you! Rischitelli flicks it off to the speeding champ. Gary runs through to a step inside 50, he pulls back the kick and sends it straight through! (Q4 12:00)
Hall has his third major of the day after Tarrant dropped the mark, allowing Miller to flick it wide to Aaron. Hall immediately snapped it on the boot and finished from 25! (Q4 13:51)
Petrie rolls through a consolation prize after the long clearance in by the Roos dropped to him.Kolodjashnij should’ve done better with the spoil attempt, but the result is secure. (Q4 15:44)
Nahas centres to Ziebell with a laser pass to the onballer. From 35 on the slight angle, Jack has no trouble slotting that home! (Q4 16:32)
DIXON! Ablett won the clearance and went long. Eventually it popped out to the Dixon/Thompson contest, and Charlie grabbed it from behind Scott’s body and acrobatically finished! (Q4 18:07)
Saad to Rischitelli who in turn finds Dixon straight down the corridor. Charlie lines up for his seventh major, connection is perfect and he nails it from a step outside the arc! (Q4 22:42)
Ablett wins his fifth centre clearance of the quarter and goes long to the Dixon/Thompson contest, and Scott gives away a free for holding. From 40, he misses. (Q4 23:23)
Hall finds Sexton running back with the flight out the back, and he takes the simple, unopposed mark. 20 on the slight angle, Alex makes no mistake to further extend the margin! (Q4 25:12)
Petrie takes a towering mark over the undersized duo of Swallow and Ablett. From 40 on the flank, Drew nabs another! (Q4 28:11)

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