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Blog log from R9 of 2015: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2015

Grimes roves a Hogan contest at the hotspot and gives outside to Vince who has a few steps to measure a snap off the left… wide. (Q1 5:07)
Westhoff is pinged for running too far on the wing as he can’t find a target, Nathan Jones kicks to 35m on the flank for Hogan to mark over Carlile. Hogan helicopters the goal! (Q1 6:54)
Paul Stewart marks a centre clearance off the ground to true CHF. He kicks the goal, but the ump picks out a holding free against Schulz on Dunn on the line, no score! (Q1 8:35)
Boak bounces through a behind from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q1 12:42)
Toumpas is called to play on on the HFF, wines chases but he picks out Spencer with an intelligent kick to 40m on a slight angle. Spencer goals. Dees have the jump! (Q1 14:05)
Lumumba roves a Garland contest 15m out on the flank, baulks clear of a tackler and snaps a nice goal. (Q1 18:30)
Hogan passes to Pedersen near the boundary 35m out, who kicks a behind. (Q1 20:35)
Broadbent hoofs a behind from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q1 27:33)
Schulz marks at 45m near the boundary just before the QT siren. He threads the needle with a lovely set shot to give Port something to take out of the quarter. (Q1 29:20)
Hogan butters up after two Port key defenders in Hombsch and Carlile go to ground 20m out to kick the first goal of Q2. (Q2 1:21)
However, Monfries gets the instant replying goal from the square after a dangerous kick from the BP to Fitzpatrick is spoiled by Ebert to cause a turnover. (Q2 1:50)
McDonald it was with the hospital pass to Fitzpatrick. (Q2 2:16)
Hogan marks on the wing, turns and goes long to the flank 35m out, Pedersen leaves it for Garlett to mark on his chest. Jeffie kicks truly. (Q2 4:51)
Dunn kicks long to CHF and the ball flips over the back for Garlett to run back onto and scoot into the open goal. (Q2 7:01)
Wines gets a handball at 40m on a slight angle and snaps instinctively off a step, Paul Stewart chases to the square but the ball takes an off break the wrong side of the post. (Q2 17:19)
The kick in goes to CHB but is turned over, Westhoff marks a Hombsch pass at 35m on the flank and boots his first goal. (Q2 17:47)
Wingard has a moment to assess options near the boundary on the HFF, and picks out White at 40m on the flank. White misses. (Q2 20:17)
Amon marks near the boundary 45m out after a series of short passes. The third-gamer splits the middle with a quality set shot! (Q2 22:06)
Monfries marks at 40m on a slight angle and boots another Port goal to bring them back within a straight kick. (Q2 23:44)
Hartlett kicks from the HFF to the hotspot, four Dees are there with Schulz but Dunn gives away a free for a block! Schulz goals, Port hits the lead. (Q2 25:48)
Boak wins the next centre clearance, Wines kicks long from the HFF to the top of the square where Schulz marks and goals. Five minutes of Port domination! (Q2 26:36)
Westhoff rolls through an end-over-end snap for a goal from a stoppage 20m out near the boundary, with the goal assist give from Wines. (Q2 29:55)
Westhoff picks up a loose ball near the hotspot in heavy traffic, his quick snap rolls wide. (Q3 2:36)
Broadbent is pinged for holding Vince without the ball near the boundary 25m out. But Vince hits the set shot fat, no score. (Q3 10:01)
Dunn follows up on a rebound from halfback and hits Pedersen on a hard lead up the guts to 40m. Pedersen shanks it, barely a behind. (Q3 12:31)
Hogan baulks a man on the wing and hits Matt Jones on the lead on the HFF in front of Pittard, he gives to McDonald, Pittard tackles, then the give back to Jones for the open goal. (Q3 15:21)
Monfries gives to Wingard who gets corralled in the pocket 25m out by Jetta, Chad delivers a perfect dribbling snap off the left for the answering goal. (Q3 16:21)
Schulz marks on the boundary 20m out but tries a centring ball which doesn’t work. No score. (Q3 18:22)
Robbie Gray wins his own footy at a stoppage at the hotspot, runs clear of McDonald and checksides a goal from 20m on the flank. (Q3 21:01)
Robbie Gray turns provider with a feed for Paul Stewart who goals on the run from 25m on the flank. (Q3 22:17)
Pittard baulks around Matt Jones on the HFF and kicks to the teeth of goal, Wingard can’t mark but he tries a left foot snap over his shoulder from 15m out on the flank… goal! (Q3 24:07)
Pedersen leads Carlile back to a loose ball in the goalsquare, but Carlile pressures him just enough to force a fluffed kick from a few metres out. (Q4 2:43)
Port is finishing much the better. Melbourne don’t deserve to be this far behind, but they couldn’t maintain their all-ground pressure all game. (Q4 3:26)
Schulz snaps truly from 35m in front off a step after a give from Monfries. (Q4 5:53)
Garlett misses a snap from heavy traffic near the hotspot. (Q4 7:33)
Robbie Gray hits White in stride on the wing, White runs on two steps ahead of the chasing McDonald and lets fly from 50m on the flank… that’s a junk time goal. (Q4 8:58)
Monfries marks at the hotspot and sails through another one for the Power. (Q4 9:43)
Bail marks a Viney ball at 40m on a slight angle, but misses. (Q4 16:30)
A Hogan smother on the HFF results in Fitzpatrick getting some junk from the goalsquare. (Q4 17:54)
Krakouer is all on his own on the HFF after yet another centre clearance by the dominant Port mids to stroke through a nice goal from 45m on a slight angle. (Q4 19:15)
Robbie Gray passes to Schulz near the boundary 40m out, and hits the post. (Q4 19:55)
Ebert puts the cherry on top of his performance with a garbage goal. (Q4 21:45)
Hartlett catches McDonald HTB at 45m on a slight angle, and gets some more junk in the last minute. (Q4 28:38)

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