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Blog log from R9 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R9 of 2015

THe Hawks are kicking with a strong breeze in Q1. (Q1 0:17)
Martin gone with the a hamstring inside the first minute, perhaps some form of record. (Q1 5:31)
Rischitelli receives out of congestion has a quick snap at goal from 40, but it bounces to the right hand side. (Q1 6:14)
Ceglar to Gunston by hand who finds Hale out on the lead ahead of Brooksby. From 45 out on the flank, Dale has the first major of the afternoon! (Q1 7:00)
Ceglar to Gunston by hand who finds Hale out on the lead ahead of Brooksby. From 45 out on the flank, David has the first major of the afternoon! (Q1 7:00)
Sexton is swung in the tackle from Smith, but the ball wills its way out the back to the unopposed Russell. Luke grabs the pill unopposed, and whacks it through from point blank! (Q1 12:56)
Stanley goes long to Miller opposed to three Hawks, and yet Miller takes the strong mark deep in the pocket. He flicks it off to Matera who slams it through with the snap! (Q1 16:46)
Breust receives a highly dubious free kick paid for a push in the back. From deep in the pocket, Luke snaps truly for his first of the contest! (Q1 20:18)
Puopolo, getting towelled up in a big tackle, still manages to asses the options and find Breust via the handball. Luke strolls around from deep in the pocket and snaps truly! (Q1 27:17)
Long bomb in and Lynch takes a ripping mark ahead of Gibson. From 45 out on the sharp angle, Tom hammers it home with an excellently executed drop punt! (Q2 1:53)
The Suns receive a downfield free kick after Lemmens went down behind the play. Tom trots in from 40 on the slight, and he has his second of the term! (Q2 5:10)
Litherland, Shiels, Hale and finally off to Suckling via a handball whilst being tackled. Matt sums up the options quickly, and decides to bounce it home from 20 on the snap… (Q2 9:21)
He goals with the right boot! (Q2 9:21)
Hill to Gunston via hand who finds Breust running back into space unopposed. From 35, directly in front, he misses to the left hand side. (Q2 10:27)
Ceglar to Litherland who launches to the hot spot where Hale takes a ripping grab ahead of Schade. From 35 on the slight angle, David has his second of the afternoon! (Q2 11:26)
The rain is now pelting down at Aurora Stadium! (Q2 14:45)
The breeze has picked up and is going to the Suns advantage for the time being. (Q2 15:25)
Suckling to Rioli who moves this way and that, before flicking it off to the free Roughead. Under the conditions, Jarryd can’t pull the snap back from 25. (Q2 24:25)
Mitchell to Gunston who goes out the back to Roughead. Questionable kick in the conditions, and the ball doesn’t bounce up for Roughead, eventually touched through for a minor. (Q2 29:15)
Ceglar to Shiels to Gunston all by hand before Jack steadies from 20 out directly in front from the open play, and manages to just work it home! (Q2 29:58)
Rioli out of the middle, Roughead reads it and off to Gunston, to Shiels, who runs through and adds another maximum from the Hawks from 30! (Q3 1:02)
Rioli, Gunston back to Rioli who flicks it off to the captain in Hodge. Luke trots through to 25 on the slight and has no issue in splitting the middle! (Q3 5:12)
Duryea to Gibson to Gunston all by foot, allowing Jack to mark out on the lead ahead of McKenzie. 55 metres out, on the flank, Jack nails the set shot! (Q3 13:41)
Rioli takes Lemmens down with a tackle and forces the turn over, whish allows Gunston to receive the ball and take the mark on the boundary 35 out. He snaps… Post! (Q3 15:51)
Rioli is held in the marking contest by Lonergan and the decision is clear. From 30 on the slight, Cyril splits the middle with the regulation shot! (Q3 16:58)
Smith to Hill, who chips it in short to the unopposed Burgoyne running into space. From 50 on the slight angle, Shaun sends through another maximum for the Hawks! (Q3 19:02)
Hill goes long to Gunston in the one on one at the hot spot, and Smith jumps to the drop of the ball at pace,. He gathers and has no trouble from point blank range! (Q3 21:14)
The Hawks have kicked the last ten majors of the match. (Q3 21:32)
Rischitelli takes it straight out of the stoppage, and shoots for goal via the drop punt 40 metres on the sharp angle. He misses to the near side. (Q3 27:26)
Lynch spots up Dixon on the lead ahead of Lake. From 45 out on the slight angle, Charlie puts it to the right and the wind swings it home for a major! (Q3 28:25)
Long bomb in and the ball bounces out the back, which suited Burgoyne perfectly, but his shot from deep in the pocket missed to the near side. (Q3 29:58)
Shiels soccers out of the congestion from 20, but it misses to the right hand side. (Q4 3:06)
Kolodjashnij turns it over with the long kick out of defence that winds up in Mitchell’s hands. Sam sends it to Hale who marks unopposed. From 30, he goals! (Q4 6:05)
Hodge goes long to the Harbrow/Breust matchup and Luke takes the strong mark after getting some separation on the former Dog. From 50 on the flank, he goals! (Q4 9:08)
Breust hits up the hard running Shiels who cuts ahead of Roughead to take the strong mark. 45 metres, out directly in front, the Hawthorn on baller misses to the left. (Q4 16:22)
Brooksby receives a free kick after Stratton nudged him out of the marking contest. 40 metres out on the flank, Keegan nabs his first major at AFL level! (Q4 17:39)
Rischitelli goes long to DIxon who marks out on the lead ahead of Lake. From 25 on the slight angle, Charlie misses to the far side after the final siren. Hawks by 53! (Q4 26:36)

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