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Blog log from R9 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney, R9 of 2015

Bontempelli takes a towering mark on the half forward line under severe pressure, and then finds Dickson on the short lead. 45 out, directly in front, Tory sends it through! (Q1 6:01)
Stewart takes a ripping mark over the top of Webb, after Ward delivered a centring ball from the boundary. James goals from 30 out! (Q1 10:11)
Johanissen burns through the corridor, feeding it off hands and continuing on with his run. He receives it back and steadies from 40, a great 50 metre play, but he misses. (Q1 11:54)
Wallis to Dahlhaus and Luke has another major from deep in the pocket! Mitch read it off Buntine’s hands, fed it out and the rest is history! (Q1 14:54)
Hrovat burns through the corridor after the Dogs won the clearance. Boyd takes the strong mark at the top of the square opposed to Corr. Tom goes back and goals! (Q1 14:54)
Hrovat flicks it out of the congestion to Wallis, who immediately snaps at goal from 35 out. Mitch hits it well and it sails through! (Q1 15:54)
The long bomb in to Patfull/Minson and Macrae reads it off hands ahead of Griffen. He flicks it off to Picken who snaps truly from 40 off the right peg! Phenomenal execution! (Q1 17:53)
Stevens gets it out of congestion with a hack forward and Dahlhaus speeds onto it ahead of Scully, and goals from the pocket for his second of the quarter! (Q1 20:09)
The Bulldogs have looked scary good early in this contest. This could be over by quarter time. (Q1 20:53)
Minson receives a free kick against Mumford in the ruck contest for high contact. From a step inside 50, from the set shot, Wl nabs it from the flank! (Q1 24:58)
Bugg turns it over straight to Dickson with an across goal kick. From outside 50 on the slight angle, Tory sends through the Dogs eighth of this first term! (Q1 30:45)
Long bomb in by Greene and Cameron takes the strong grab, 30 metres out from goal on the sharp angle. Jeremy goes back and nails the set shot on the QT siren! (Qtr Time)
Dickson flicks it out to Matt Boyd who was standing a kick behind the contest. He launches towards goal from 50, but misses to the right hand side. (Q2 2:30)
Wood goes long to the Corr/T.Boyd contest and Tom takes the strong mark in the one on one after he forced a little separation with a strong push. From 30, he misses. (Q2 4:03)
Dahlhaus gets it out the back of the pack with a great little kick. Tory Dickson was standing out the back, and when the ball fell to him, it was simple from point blank range! (Q2 11:37)
Ward to Conglio who goes long to Cameron with a central kick, and after the ball hit the deck, Treloar grabbed it and kicked truly from 20! (Q2 13:24)
Greene to Scully out of the middle and they’ve got 2 in a minute after Tom nails the major from a step inside 50 on the left! (Q2 14:19)
Johanissen flies at the footy and he takes a magnificent mark 35 metres out from goal directly in front after the long bomb in by Hrovat! Jason nabs the major! (Q2 22:50)
Webb to the hot spot and Roughead nearly takes the mark in the contest against Haynes. it drops forward and Bontempelli’s quick snap at goal misses to the right from 20. (Q2 25:01)
Shiel taps it out the back to Smith who centres with a floating pass that McCarthy marks. From 40 on the flank, Cameron slots the major! (Q2 28:20)
Whitfield goes to the hot spot and Cameron takes the strong mark opposed to Hamling in the one on one. He goes back and nails the major from 20! (Q3 1:03)
Buntine goes long to Mumford who can’t take the grab, but Cameron reads it off the pack, feeds it to the speeding Greene who goals from point blank range! (Q3 4:58)
Boyd takes the strong leading mark and chips it into the hard running Stevens who marks up against the boundary. With the reverse banana, he snaps truly from 30! (Q3 7:18)
Boyd takes the strong leading mark and chips it into the hard running Stevens who marks up against the boundary. With the banana, he snaps truly from 30! (Q3 7:33)
Boyd flicks it off to Dickson during the Corr tackle, before Tory darted in a pass to the hard working Wallis who marks. From 30 on the slight angle, he misses to the near side. (Q3 9:34)
Will pulls back the snap from the pocket, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 9:58)
Patfull pulls down Roughead off the ruck contest and the call is made. From 45 on the flank, Jordan misses to the far side. (Q3 11:12)
Wallis finds Dickson ahead of Buntine with a snapped delivery that hits Tory on the chest. 25 metres out on the slight angle, Tory kicks truly! (Q3 15:49)
Quick snap out of the ruck contest by Will Minson and he’s hammered it home, throwing Mumford out of the one v one there! From 20 on the snap, he had no issue! (Q3 21:30)
Dahlhaus has the quick snap shot at goal out of congestion from 35, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 24:49)
The Dogs win the clearance and go forward, Minson touches it off to the unopposed wide receiver in Grant, who made no mistake from 20 on the slight! (Q4 0:33)
Bontempelli bullets in a pass to Grant who takes it out ahead of Shaw. From 35, directly in front, Jarrad misses to the right hand side. (Q4 5:39)
Treloar kicks it out the back to Greene who sunk to his knees before contact and still received the high free kick, against Wood. Toby comes in and nails it from 40! (Q4 7:24)
Hrovat, Dahlhaus, Wallis to Murphy all by hand which finishes with the adored captain snapping truly from 35! The Dogs are enjoying this one! (Q4 10:05)
Minson goes wide and finds Picken in acres of space. Liam runs through to 40 on the flank, but he misses to the near side. (Q4 13:07)
Whitfield runs through to 50 and loads up from the flank region, but he misses to the near side. (Q4 14:08)
Picken takes the mark after body checking Haynes in the marking contest. From 45 out, directly in front, Liam nabs another for the red, white and blue! (Q4 15:35)
Ward and Treloar linked up through the middle of the ground, before Callan flicks it wide to Stewart. James runs to the 50 metre arc and slams it through for a consolation prize! (Q4 18:55)
Treloar spots Griffen up with the short chip and Ryan takes the simple mark. From 40, directly in front, the former Dogs captain slots the goal to silence the boos! (Q4 21:25)
Stewart to Scully who hits Cameron on the short lead at the top of the square ahead of Murphy. Jeremy goes back and slots another! (Q4 26:26)
Macrae drills in a pass to Grant who takes the chest mark at full pace ahead of Hoskin-Elliott. 45 metres out on the flank, Jarrad trots in and misses to the near side. (Q4 27:32)
Mumford spills the mark and Dahlhaus pounces on the loose ball, but his shot misses to the near side from 35 on the flank. (Full Time)

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