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Geelong Cats

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NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmDraftSOORecruited from
Tom AtkinsMid-Med3018 Sep, 199528 y 208 d180 cm86 kg1082018 Roo #11VICGeelong VFL
Jed BewsDef-Med-Gen2414 Dec, 199330 y 121 d186 cm90 kg1652011 F/S #86VICGeelong Falcons
Mark BlicavsMid-Tall4628 Mar, 199133 y 16 d198 cm101 kg2482014 RooINTAIS
Jack BowesDef-Med-Gen1226 Jan, 199826 y 78 d189 cm85 kg1022016 Nat #10QLDGold Coast
Tanner BruhnMid-Med427 May, 200221 y 322 d184 cm83 kg522020 Nat #12VICGeelong Falcons
Jeremy CameronFwd-Tall-Key51 Apr, 199331 y 12 d196 cm94 kg2332011 OthVICNorth Ballarat Rebels
Jonathon CeglarRuck-Tall1514 Feb, 199133 y 59 d204 cm99 kg1102010 OthVICMurray Bushrangers
Jhye ClarkMid-Med1323 Jul, 200419 y 265 d181 cm77 kg52022 Nat #8VICGeelong Falcons
Ted ClohesyMid-Med406 Sep, 200419 y 220 d184 cm77 kg12022 OthVICGeelong Falcons
Brad CloseFwd-Med-Gen4530 Jul, 199825 y 258 d183 cm77 kg802019 Roo #14SAGlenelg
Toby ConwayRuck-Tall624 Apr, 200320 y 355 d206 cm101 kg22021 Nat #24VICGeelong Falcons
Patrick DangerfieldMid-Med355 Apr, 199034 y 8 d189 cm97 kg3222007 Nat #10VICGeelong Falcons
Sam De KoningDef-Tall-Key1626 Feb, 200123 y 47 d204 cm97 kg472019 Nat #19VICDandenong Stingrays
Oliver DempseyFwd-Med-Key287 Jan, 200321 y 97 d187 cm74 kg112021 Roo #15VICCarey Grammar
Mitch DuncanUtil-Med2210 Jun, 199132 y 308 d188 cm84 kg2742009 Nat #28WAEast Perth
Mitchell EdwardsRuck-Tall112 May, 200617 y 347 d206 cm88 kg2023 nat #32WAPeel Thunder
Phoenix FosterUtil-Tall1912 Sep, 200419 y 214 d197 cm88 kg2022 Nat #52SA
Joe Furphy37 202 cm87 kg2023 rooVICFitzroy
Cameron GuthrieMid-Med2919 Aug, 199231 y 238 d187 cm87 kg2342010 Nat #23VICCalder Cannons
Zach GuthrieDef-Med-Gen3930 Jun, 199825 y 288 d188 cm84 kg802016 Roo #33VICCalder Cannons
Mitch HardieMid-Med415 Oct, 199726 y 191 d185 cm84 kgN/ANSWWoodville-West Torrens
Tom HawkinsFwd-Tall-Key2621 Jul, 198835 y 267 d197 cm105 kg3502006 F/S #41VICMelbourne Grammar
Jack HenryUtil-Tall3829 Aug, 199825 y 228 d192 cm96 kg1222016 Roo #16VICGeelong Falcons
Oliver HenryFwd-Med-Gen3629 Jul, 200221 y 259 d189 cm80 kg512020 Nat #17VICGeelong Falcons
Max HolmesMid-Med929 Aug, 200221 y 228 d190 cm85 kg522020 Nat #20VICSandringham Dragons
Lawson Humphries17 182 cm79 kg2023 nat #63WASwan Districts
Emerson JekaUtil-Tall4318 Sep, 200122 y 208 d198 cm92 kg72023 Roo #9VICWestern Jets
Mitchell KnevittMid-Tall108 Jan, 200321 y 96 d193 cm85 kg112021 Nat #25VICGeelong Falcons
Jake KolodjashnijDef-Tall-Key89 Aug, 199528 y 248 d193 cm100 kg1772013 Nat #41TASLaunceston
Flynn KroegerMid-Med2523 Jul, 200320 y 265 d185 cm85 kg2021 Nat #48VICEastern Ranges
Shaun Mannagh7 178 cm80 kg22023 nat #36NSWWerribee VFL
Sam MenegolaMid-Med277 Mar, 199232 y 37 d189 cm89 kg1162015 Nat #66WAEast Fremantle
Gryan MiersFwd-Smal-Gen3230 Mar, 199925 y 14 d179 cm81 kg1102017 Nat #57VICGeelong Falcons
Oisin MullinDef-Smal-Gen3411 Feb, 200024 y 62 d182 cm85 kg82021 OthINTCounty Mayo
Oscar MurdochDef-Tall-Key3124 Sep, 200419 y 202 d190 cm93 kg2022 Roo #18VICGeelong Falcons
Shannon NealeRuck-Tall3325 Jul, 200221 y 263 d203 cm101 kg52020 Nat #33WASouth Fremantle
Mark O'ConnorDef-Med-Gen4217 Jan, 199727 y 87 d189 cm88 kg1132016 OthINTCounty Kerry (Ireland)
Connor O'SullivanDef-Tall-Key1419 May, 200518 y 330 d198 cm92 kg2023 nat #11NSWMurray Bushrangers
Brandan ParfittMid-Smal327 Apr, 199825 y 352 d180 cm82 kg1242016 Nat #26NTNorth Adelaide
Osca RiccardiUtil-Smal2123 Aug, 200419 y 234 d178 cm65 kg2022 Roo #32VICGeelong Falcons
Gary RohanFwd-Med-Key237 Jun, 199132 y 311 d189 cm92 kg1902009 Nat #6VICGeelong Falcons
Sam SimpsonMid-Smal3714 Jun, 199825 y 304 d183 cm75 kg252016 Roo #53VICGeelong Falcons
Isaac SmithMid-Med730 Dec, 198835 y 105 d188 cm83 kg2792010 Nat #19NSWNorth Ballarat Rebels
Rhys StanleyRuck-Tall11 Dec, 199033 y 134 d200 cm102 kg1982008 Nat #47SAWest Adelaide
Tyson StengleFwd-Smal-Gen1819 Oct, 199825 y 177 d175 cm71 kg642018 OthSAWoodville-West Torrens
George StevensMid-Med1514 Apr, 200518 y 365 d189 cm90 kg2023 nat #58VICGWV Rebels
Tom StewartDef-Tall-Key4415 Mar, 199331 y 29 d190 cm88 kg1522016 Nat #40VICGeelong VFL
Zach TuohyUtil-Med210 Dec, 198934 y 125 d187 cm94 kg2732012 Roo #102INTLaois, Ireland
Cooper WhyteUtil-Med1124 Feb, 200321 y 49 d181 cm78 kg12021 Nat #64VICGeelong Falcons
James WillisMid-Med2010 Jul, 200320 y 278 d181 cm81 kg2021 Nat #32SANorth Adelaide
Oliver WiltshireUtil-Med2115 Sep, 200221 y 211 d180 cm67 kg2023 nat #61VICBarwon Heads

Average age of the senior list: 25 years and 273 day/s from 48 senior players.
Average age of the entire list including rookies: 25 years and 273 day/s from 48 players.

Last Game - Round 4
Apr 6, Adelaide: Geelong 14.11.95 defeated W. Bulldogs 14.7.91.
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Next Game - Round 5
1.00pm AEST Apr 14, Kardinia: at home to North Melb..
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Fwd: Forward. Mid: Midfielder. Def: Defender. Smal: Small. Med: Medium. Gen: General.
Nat: National draft. Roo: Rookie draft. Pre: Preseason draft. Mid: Midseason draft. Oth: Other draft.
F/S: Father/son selection (in national draft).