Patrick Dangerfield
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Format14 Gm14 Avg13 Gm13 Avg
Basic (DT/AF)2292.52098.7
Exotic (SC)22105.620113.0
AFL FantasyFWD CTR$524,00096.7
Dream TeamFWD CTR$522,10096.3
SupercoachCTR $567,600105.0

AFL Status
Position: Midfielder/
Team: Adelaide
Number: 32
Birthdate: 5 Apr 1990
Height: 189cm
Weight: 92kg
Recruited: Geelong Falcons
State: VIC
Debut: 2008, R20 vs ES
Games: 142
Goals: 149
List: senior
Selection: Out Out
Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC FR Y! GS FanFooty
201423news St KildaAdelaide94100741201053.0.18
201422yinyang North Melb.Hobart871017061922.2.14
201421news RichmondAdelaide959968125991.3.9
201420Sore BrisbaneGabba85876744883.1.19

YearRndOpponentDT avgDiffFanFooty avgDiff
20140home to Pt Adelaide76.0 (14)-30 (14)+0
20140away to Carlton75.1 (9)-40 (9)+0
20140away to W. Sydney0.0 (0)-790 (0)+0
20141away to Geelong76.2 (9)-30 (9)+0
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FanFooty15191526372526 3313141482026937202015191325
DT68808392149103101 135749366737911360132898485958794
SC107739987192113120 152979972917111972159117968799101100
Y!48731028717787126 1764311747917413635160561004412561120
FR625869721288278 9862725857669260106727067687074
GS85829399159116107 13389997578901258615010597889992105
FanFooty = FanFooty private leagues. DT = Dream Team, & SC = Supercoach.
Y! = Yahoo!7. FR = Footy Rocks. GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Patrick Dangerfield NEW!
2008AD252263919.51 : 13 : 150%1
2009AD1999952.5119062.61 : 1.54.7 : 150%0.6
2010AD19126766.6132869.81 : 1.15.7 : 157%0.9
2011AD22155270.5176780.31.1 : 15.8 : 163%1
2012AD2222461022612118.71.4 : 16.4 : 173%1
2013AD20197398.62259112.91.8 : 15.5 : 163%0.9
2014AD22203592.52323105.51 : 17.4 : 143%0.8
Career1261012480.31151891.41.1 : 16 : 158%0.9
CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
Holzman has been banned in chat and player profiles by the way - jasonjjh - 7 months ago
this Holzman was an imposter purposely going around making bad calls. The real Holzman rates danger, great player. - jasonjjh - 7 months ago
I hope Danger comes out and smashes a 150 tonight just to prove your wrong Holzman. If he can stay injury free, he'll be winning a brownlow within 5 years. - Sloaneyyyy - 7 months ago
Hit the nail on the head there painkilla, Holzman you truly are flog of the year. - dwhit86 - 7 months ago
HOLZMAN your constant bs comments are the only bad thing about ff, grow up and get a life f ken moron, obviously u like soft cok outside players like you self - painkilla - 7 months ago
The new zorko - eski_liddr - 7 months ago
Peaked 2 years ago. It's all down hill from here - Holzman - 7 months ago
Have a week off. You look too sore to play. - Holzman - 9 months ago
Now that the Crows have started playing him as a forward to help him break tags I'm back on board. - chimeric_ - 21 months ago
Cheers Dangerman - painkilla - 21 months ago
U guys talk some sh,t - bennyq - 22 months ago
Zarts they all put themselves in as captain. To me Dangerfield is a lock all year. I hope people like chimeric trade him out. - tonessturt - 22 months ago
He captained himself in DT though, so clearly thought he was up to it :P - Zarts - 22 months ago
I sort of agree with both ScootD and chiermic - I think Dangerfield will only average 90-95 this season and be the Tom Rockliff of 2012 - heaps of hype around him to be the uber-premium that we know he can be, but he will be copping the #1 tag all season against the likes of Raines, Crowley, Jones, etc. But, he did only have 1 bad score and he was rumoured to have the flu. - dtfreak - 22 months ago
Give him a chance chimeric, he's had one bad score in a game where he was rumoured to have the flu. He copped tags last year and still managed good scores. - ScootD - 22 months ago
For all the hype over Dangerfield it looks increasingly likely he's going to spend much of 2013 copping the tag and getting disappointing scores. - chimeric_ - 22 months ago
2012 rankings & stats at the end of the H&A. 10th for possessions with 600. 2nd for contested possession with 361. 1st for hardball gets with 184. 3rd for long kicks with 118. 4th for clearances with 147. 2nd for inside-50s with 128. Kicked 22 goals & 8 behinds. Had 8x 30-or-more possession games. 4th in total SC scores. 12th in total DT scores. All this at 22yo after his 1st year in the midfield. GUN. - writeoff - 29 months ago
Nah mate, Coniglio in 2014 will be like a hodgey - WooEagles - 32 months ago
Cotchin is the next Ablett hahaha Nah mate! - S_Coach99 - 32 months ago
if they are both the next ablett ill have them both in my team next season - big_cox21 - 32 months ago