Luke Hodge
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Format14 Gm14 Avg13 Gm13 Avg
Basic (DT/AF)1997.22090.8
Exotic (SC)1991.52096.8
AFL FantasyBAC CTR$550,000101.5
Dream TeamBAC CTR$548,400101.2
SupercoachBAC CTR$492,00091.0

AFL Status
Position: Back/Midfielder
Team: Hawthorn
Number: 15
Birthdate: 15 Jun 1984
Height: 185cm
Weight: 90kg
Recruited: Geelong Falcons
State: VIC
Debut: 2002, R5 vs RI
Games: 261
Goals: 175
List: senior
Selection: In In
Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC FR Y! GS FanFooty
201427medal SydneyMCG1571371301141691.1.7
201426star Pt AdelaideMCG1341431091731403.4.22
201424switch GeelongMCG10397811331065.1.31
201422news GeelongMCG856469111914.1.25

YearRndOpponentDT avgDiffFanFooty avgDiff
20142away to Essendon80.7 (18)-70 (18)+0
20143home to Fremantle84.6 (14)-30 (14)+0
20144away to Gold Coast111.6 (5)+240 (5)+0
20145away to Geelong84.4 (19)-30 (19)+0
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FanFooty144 21142321  8133210253724252515193314 
DT9345 12781115119  66731207710312210499106968912685 
SC9834 9685124113  6857123798811497951089010210464 
Y!12222 735360154  389115542135157696113512511584111 
FR7237 98669094  55619160858983718274739469 
GS9148 13290121130  7489126861151211191061141009912991 
FanFooty = FanFooty private leagues. DT = Dream Team, & SC = Supercoach.
Y! = Yahoo!7. FR = Footy Rocks. GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away)
2002HW1594062.6125683.72 : 14 : 164%0.6
2003HW1587658.4119079.31.6 : 13.5 : 147%0.9
2004HW15110873.81525101.62 : 13.7 : 156%1
2005HW212113100.62842135.32744130.61.4 : 15.1 : 137%1.2
2006HW22197489.72279103.52592117.81.5 : 15.7 : 140%1.3
2007HW222090952437110.72819128.11.4 : 14.1 : 162%1.7
2008HW17163896.32012118.32204129.61.5 : 14.4 : 170%1.1
2009HW19158683.4173791.42087109.81.2 : 15.9 : 166%1.4
2010HW212166103.12446116.42903138.21.5 : 16.2 : 157%1.7
2011HW19179594.42023106.4177593.41.5 : 15 : 151%1.5
2012HW862377.868785.8624781.5 : 14.4 : 163%0.5
2013HW20181590.7193596.71781892.1 : 14.4 : 152%1.1
2014HW19184697.1173991.5180294.82 : 14.6 : 157%1.2
Career2332057088.220137107.125302108.51.6 : 14.8 : 155%1.2
CAREER FANFOOTY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away)
YearTeamGmsAnnual TotalAvgAccPosnsMarksGoalsHOutsTckls
YearRoundCharge (level)VictimResultVerdictPoints
2009R22MeleeEarly plea$1200 fine
2008R20Striking (2)Brett DeledioEarly plea1 match71.38
2007SFStrikingBrady RawlingsLost at tribunal1 match
2007R20WrestlingDaniel MotlopAccepted fine$900 fine
2007R1Tripping (1)Nigel LappinEarly pleaReprimand66
2004R15WrestlingDrew BanfieldAccepted fine$1200 fine
2004R13StrikingSteven BakerLost at tribunal1 match
2003WIZ R1ChargingLuke BallLost at tribunal1 match
going to be so cheap next year after he was ruled out for another 2-3 weeks today - Hally25547 - 30 months ago
Cant really see him being an mpp anymore spewin. Maybe a F/M that would be tasty. - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
Kirk: I think your spot on as to why a lot of people i know are not keen to add him to the midfield, because we were spoilt last year by having him in the backline (same with goddard) and still having another 6 elites in the midfield. Know what im getting at? - Foxx - 44 months ago
really wish this guy was a def/mid mpp player like last year. a lot of defenders have been really ordinary this year and even from round 1 this bloke would have been a lock in my defense. - kirk=god - 44 months ago
got him hope he does well and hope price increace - Marauder14 - 44 months ago
Thanks guys suprised everyone is so understanding hope he kicks a.s.s for you all for the rest of the year. :) - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
FLOP: Its ok, we all have gut feelings about players, that are not always right. Thats why I only chose my team based on stats, afterall thats what the game is about. Gotta put gut feeling aside and go by the numbers, you will still get some wrong but most right. - Foxx - 44 months ago
badluck FLOPTOP..i started the argument and i think hodgey finished it for him roll me into finals and push that average of his way up into the 100's - lipsy_11 - 44 months ago
Welcome back Hodgey :), got him in when he was at his lowest price, hasn't let me down since - Rommas - 44 months ago
Bad luck Flop i put him in when he hit rock bottom bit of a risk but i needed to fix my team in a hurry. Since i put him in, my team has gone on leaps and bounds and im starting to do really well in my league all hail Hodgey. Now that he has gone up i dont think he is as tempting but maybe thats just becuase i dont want anyone putting him in i think at the moment he is reasonably unique. I wouldnt get rid of Bartel either he is going to get better he has always been a good dreamteam player bit of a sideways trade getting rid of a premium for premium if you can call Bartel a premium at the moment - AFFEL - 44 months ago
Im not going to say no :) blo.o.d.y good player he wants to keep proving me wrong. Jimmy Bartel is a machine too but the change in roll he plays for geelong now seems to be having an impact on his scoring. Is there no one else you can put Hodge in for. - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
Bartel > Hodge? - BigV2011 - 44 months ago
loololoololooloolololololoo - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
I H A T E I T W H E N I M W R O N G - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA its like a baby that just found a bit of candy hilarious - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
I hate thooper coach d.i.c.k.s that you would normally not consider do well in that c.r.ap bit biased probably im a dt man. High in the rankings every year i play dt. By the way i see Hodgey kicked but again looking like a good call already but i have Shiels and Mitchell so its not like i was ever going to put him in away. I s.h.i.t corrected but like i say atleast i have the b.a.l.l.s to admit when im wrong. I dont get on and Hissy fit it like you girls. Congrats on the pick up fellas hope he dont get injured :) - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
1000 - BluesFlag - 44 months ago
AHAHAHAH Flopitout! Any1 can score well in SuperCoach!? your kidding right? You clearly have no idea about Fantasy at all. Only quality players score well in SuperCoach. Sh!t trucks score well in DT i would know i have a team full of them and am in the top 10 DT. - BluesFlag - 44 months ago
LOL just noticed your talking Supercoach anyone can score well in supercoach im talking DT - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago
Cool-total points tho dont matter what he averages if he only plays a third of the games as the others cos his overall points will be c.r.a.p - FLOPITOUT1 - 44 months ago