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2015 DT PRE-SEASON OUTLOOK (posted 2014-10-16 22:58:31)
Rich on the rebound? by nrich102
Since winning the Rising Star in 2009, Rich has never really lived up to his potential. While being ruined by a tag for years, is he still the man to tag at Brisbane? Or has he learned to break the tag in his time off with injury? With Pearce Hanley having a break out year (sorta), and Tom Rockliff establishing himself on the competition, as well as James Aish and the Mozzies improving. I can see Rich playing a rebounding role off half back, instead of the midfield role he's been playing in past years.
Positives: Cheap, Good chance for defender status
Negatives: Not a proven fantasy player, Should get tagged.

Verdict: If he gets defender status he is an absolute lock for me, I can see him improving heaps and should start off quite cheap. If he is a mid I will also consider him, and probably pick him anyway cause he plays for Brisbane :P

2015 Prediction: 80-90. Won't quite get to 100, but will be a solid cash cow.

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GmAvgPriceImplied$Diff week (year)Selections (of 135,814)Breakeven
1473.7$375,00069.2 (+5)$0 (+$107,000)45.42% - 61,692 (-1,468)77

GmAvgPriceImplied$Diff week (year)Selections (of 23,909)Breakeven
1473.7$364,00067.2 (+7)$0 (+$93,100)20.17% - 4,822 (-416)75

GmAvgPriceImplied$Diff week (year)Selections (of 201,702)Breakeven
1484.0$385,80071.2 (+13)$0 (+$37,500)19.41% - 39,150 (-2,259)80

AFL Status
Position: Midfielder
Team: Brisbane
Number: 10
Birthdate: 7 Jun 1990
Height: 183cm
Weight: 84kg
Recruited: Subiaco
State: WA
Debut: 2009, R1 vs WC
Games: 129
Goals: 80
List: senior
Selection: In In
Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC FR Y! GS FanFooty
201516plusone MelbourneMCG60574943701.3.9
201515news SydneyGabba62784978665.1.31
201514news FremantleSubiaco68705028755.2.32
201513job AdelaideGabba72965790791.3.9

YearRndOpponentDT avgDiffFanFooty avgDiff
201517home to North Melb.82.0 (8)+80 (8)+0
201518away to Geelong71.0 (8)-30 (8)+0
201519home to Gold Coast76.3 (9)+20 (9)+0
201520home to Carlton67.4 (11)-70 (11)+0
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greenlight Rich on the money
NEWS: Daniel Rich is still recovering...
ANALYSIS: Brisbane's recruitment of Dayne Beams...
Source: AFL, Fri 9/1, 7:41PM
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FanFooty2619101619815191614 148979       
DT111758073774491727672 5972686260       
SC12610093748453122898744 5596707857       
Y!14062101905236115639659 5490287843       
FR87556562603069556453 4157504949       
GS120789087844292758572 5779756670       
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Y! = Yahoo!7. FR = Footy Rocks. GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Daniel Rich NEW!
2009BL22169677188485.61.4 : 15.7 : 144%0.4
2010BL22165775.3172078.11.2 : 16.9 : 130%1.3
2011BL16129480.8135784.81.8 : 17.3 : 153%1.2
2012BL20170985.4180790.31.6 : 15.9 : 160%1.1
2013BL16107967.4137585.91.2 : 110.9 : 159%0.9
2014BL318060243811 : 14.2 : 10%0.6
2015BL15109272.8122881.81.4 : 17.1 : 164%0.8
Career114870776.3961484.31.4 : 16.7 : 151%0.9
CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
BigV, you think that'll change how he goes this year? - Prospector - 52 months ago
Rumours are circling that he might be headed to West Coast or GWS next year. - BigV2011 - 52 months ago
He could have a great third year. With two of his midfield mates from Brisi Bears going to GC for $, Rich should have every opportunity to average more than in 2010. No place for him in my team though. He won't be in the best ten mids so there is no point having him. - GJayBee - 53 months ago
Typical that when I trade someone he has a good game in the next round. =( - Kazakhstan - 61 months ago
Will his numbers in 2010 suffer after wining the rising star award ? - moiecoute - 67 months ago
tomsdons what the flower is wrong with you heroot - hawks.4 - 70 months ago
he didn't play for brisbane last year u retard he was taken in this years draft. he played in subiaco's premiership. sheesh, know wat ur talking about b4 u make those sorts of comments next time. - Cattas20 - 70 months ago
How many games did he play last year? Only 3 I suspect. Hopeless cant even get a game in Brisbane - tomsdons - 70 months ago
tomsdon are you retarded you dumb kunt - hawks.4 - 70 months ago
um.tomsdons - he was clearly the best rookie of the year, won the NAB rising star, was a big part in brisbanes success this year, was good enough to get the tag and let black run free for a couple of games, and u say his bad?! Mate, ur clearly seeking attention. get a life. - Cattas20 - 70 months ago
Rich is so bad. His DT & SC were so bad last year. As if you considered getting him. All you guys are Duds - tomsdons - 70 months ago
He's good..... - Wonderlich - 72 months ago
rich may in the future prove that inside midfielders can be good dters - tezmacan - 73 months ago
he will poll plenty of votes this year and probably won't win one for 3 years - jameswilso - 73 months ago
Future Brownlow Medallist - Big V - 73 months ago
this kid will win a brownlow, absolute studmuffin - T-Roy53 - 73 months ago
sam.nbjfc1 is right, Black and Power are much bigger threats to the oppisiton - BradStar - 73 months ago
ahha will he jason? hows ya foot son - matty106 - 73 months ago
hes playin well and getting attention from other teams but surely other teams cant decide 2 start 2 tag him wen theres at least 3 other midfielders b4 him in line. - sam.nbjfc1 - 74 months ago
wat a gun!!!!!!!!!! - GoodesStuf - 75 months ago