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  • 2019 DT PRE-SEASON OUTLOOK (posted 2019-01-17 02:52:55 by m0nty)
    Daisy in back paddock

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    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    0.00% 0 (+0)

    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    0.00% 0 (+0)

    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    0.00% 0 (+0)
    MoneyballMID $5,800
    Top 8 FantasyFWD $1.01M
    FWD CTR$11,300

    Other comp types: 50/50H2HMultiplier

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    Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC
    201923guard GeelongKardinia7791
    201922guard St KildaMCG7197
    201921guard RichmondMCG130138
    201919guard AdelaideMCG90100
    20201Richmond0.0 ()0.0 ()
    20202@W. Bulldogs0.0 ()0.0 ()
    20203@Essendon0.0 ()0.0 ()
    20204Sydney0.0 ()0.0 ()
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    injured subbed Dale Thomas dislocates shoulder
    NEWS: Dale Thomas suffered a dislocated...
    ANALYSIS: This is a disaster for...
    Source: FanFooty, Thu 2/4, 9:50PM
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    DT907364964610694806562 6978 8672647890 1307177
    SC937563984211396745263 6674 82717685100 1389791
    Y!11250836423681221024638 91102 439640101117 829367
    FR73535076428273635347 5559 6753476472 945555
    GS1027266996011199877260 7580 8772668796 1307878
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  • CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Dale Thomas
    2006CO159306290660.41.5 : 12.5 : 162%0.5
    2007CO22166975.8171577.92.1 : 12.4 : 151%1.1
    2008CO20146473.2157278.61.6 : 12.5 : 164%1
    2009CO19145476.5140974.11.2 : 13.3 : 163%0.4
    2010CO22209695.2207294.11.4 : 14.1 : 156%0.5
    2011CO191956102.92078109.31.8 : 14 : 150%1.2
    2012CO17158493.11633961.6 : 13.7 : 163%1
    2013CO537975.839879.61.2 : 14.5 : 10%1
    2014CA20151475.7151375.61.8 : 13 : 160%1
    2015CA52855728657.21.5 : 13.5 : 150%0
    2016CA18134374.6134374.61.5 : 14.3 : 154%0.7
    2017CA18129371.8117665.31.6 : 13 : 153%0.6
    2018CA20171385.6170285.11.5 : 13.2 : 175%0.9
    2019CA20159179.5164982.42.3 : 13.6 : 150%0.8
    Career2401927180.219452811.6 : 13.3 : 157%0.8
  • CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
  • TRIBUNAL HISTORY (since 2001)
    YearRoundCharge (level)VictimResultVerdictPoints
    2008R6WrestlingKyle ReimersAccepted fine$900 fine
    2007R7MeleeEarly plea$1500 fine
    2007R5Striking (1)Patrick RyderWon at tribunalNot guilty
    Daniel, the only way you'd want to pick Daisy is if that 109 was the norm rather than an anomaly! - jpk2goodes - 70 months ago
    @daniel87 - for starters 340k for a player is not a cash cow you muppet! and secondly he will not.I repeat he will not average as a top 10 mid fielder so why would you pick him, on top of that he is a huge injury risk. With the depth of midfiled rooks you'd be af log to pick him in any comp. - judd555 - 70 months ago
    3 years ago he averaged 109 in sc their is no reason he can't average 100 plus at Carlton you would be mad not to pick him at 300k at least as a cash cow if not a keeper - daniel87 - 71 months ago
    @Judd5, might have something to do with the fact he's about 20 points better than what he's priced at. The same reason we would pick suckling, hope you have him at least or the spud is you. - Escapist - 71 months ago
    If he was forward would of picked him in a heart beat but asa mid has no chance of finishing top 10 Mid let alone top 8! Spud yourself if you picked him - judd555 - 71 months ago
    Here;s hoping for a good year in the SC! - Anto93 - 71 months ago
    You F&@^ed me up this yr mate. - DJ9343 - 80 months ago
    does anyone think he's a chance to regain his DPP mid/forward status next year - DT-SC - 91 months ago
    pretty sure he is a little more expensive that 100k - FootyFan7 - 92 months ago
    and his hair... - Phunk-star - 93 months ago
    somethings wrong with Daisy's price monts? - dmagnus - 93 months ago
    thomas over dingleberry this year.. 2012 brownlow - j3cad - 96 months ago
    got a new haircut - BigVic - 97 months ago
    i love you dale thomas! - A.Schleck - 99 months ago
    So you hate that he plays on the wing? How flowering stupid is that. It's like saying I hate Goddard because he plays too much off the back line.. You muppets will take any excuse to hate Collingwood. - Turkies - 99 months ago
    @Turkies.thats what I was saying. He is outside, then you told me I know nothing about football. Now you agree with me. I don't get it.. - pies4spoon - 99 months ago
    Collingwood blinkers? Mate I was the first person to call him a woman when he was just a one trick pony. So what if he gets a lot of outside ball? We have Ball and Blair, as well as Swan and Pendles to get the inside ball. You can't have every player just going in for the ball like they did in grade 5. Thomas has a smaller frame and superior work rate, so obviously you leave the hardball to the stronger bodies. So you don't like him because he's not your perfect player? You need players to play all positions. He's now among the leagues top players, while you sit on your ass watching him on TV. So really, what do you have to criticize him? That he doesn't play in your preffered position? Lol, get flowered - Turkies - 99 months ago
    @Turkies, you're obviously biased in your view. Yes, he is affraid to get his hair damaged and he sits OUTSIDE of packs. Watch a game hero. He is an elite OUTSIDE midfielder, no-one is better at it than Thomas. Did he try a rediculous attempt at goal from the boundary in the GF rather than pass to a team mate? Yes. Result? Out on the full. He is selfish, and at times, it is magnificent to watch. Does hard running mean he puts his head over the ball or is an inside midfielder? Sweet F no. Like Brent Stanton, he works all day for the outside ball, yet unlike Stanton, DOES SOMETHING WITH IT. Get the collingwood blinkers off and wake up, he's not as tough or inside as you may like to dream mate. Get a grip and learn some facts before you tell someone they know nothing. - pies4spoon - 99 months ago
    @pies4spoon, comments like that just show you know sweet F all about footy. He lays 4-5 tackles a game, one of the hardest runners every week, plenty of 1%'ers and isn't afraid to put his head over the footy. What you said may have been the case from 06-09, but the last 2 years he has shown what he can do and has put himself among the elite midfielders. Was running down Rioli and cementing a spot in the GF a sign of selfishness and outsideness? I think not. - Turkies - 99 months ago
    As much as I hate your selfishness and outsideness on the field Daisy, good on you for declining GWS, Respect for turning down all those dollar$. I hope no-one goes there. I hope GWS fold because no-one wants to see them lose by 120 every week. - pies4spoon - 101 months ago