Match Report: 13.9.87 2020 - Essendon 14.11.95 defeated West Coast 13.9.87

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West Coast Player Reports

Tom Hickey
Did not appear in first three quarters. Tandem ruck with Naitanui.
Hickey also had 0 disposals.

Hamish Brayshaw
Did not appear in first three quarters. Rotating in midfield.
Brayshaw also had 6 possessions.

Brendon Ah Chee
Rotating midfield and forward
Ah Chee contributed with 11 possessions, 2 marks, 4 tackles, kicked 1.1 and 3 free kicks given away.

Nathan Vardy
Playing a ruck/forward role
Vardy added 10 disposals and 14 taps.

Bailey J. Williams
Playing a ruck/forward role
Williams contributed with 12 possessions, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 5 hit outs and 1.0.

Jack Petruccelle
Starting at half forward
Petruccelle contributed with 7 possessions, 4 tackles and booted 1.0.

Jamie Cripps
Starting at half forward
Cripps contributed with 18 disposals, 4 grabs, 3 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Dom Sheed
Playing outside midfield
Sheed contributed with 28 disposals, 6 marks, 3 tackles and managed 0.1.

Jack Redden
Playing inside midfield
Redden contributed with 19 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles.

Nic Naitanui
Tandem ruck with Hickey
Naitanui contributed with 11 disposals, 2 marks, 28 taps and managed 0.1.

Luke Shuey
Playing inside midfield
Shuey contributed with 31 possessions, 4 marks and 4 tackles.

Mark Hutchings
Doing jobs in midfield
Hutchings contributed with 25 disposals, 2 grabs and managed 0.1.

Liam Ryan
Starting deep forward
Ryan contributed with 13 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Shannon Hurn
Floating at half back
Hurn added 21 disposals and 7 grabs.

Lewis Jetta
Starting at half back
Jetta contributed with 24 possessions, 5 marks and 2 tackles.

Tim Kelly
Rotating in midfield
Kelly contributed with 27 touches, 2 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 1.1.

Tom Cole
Rotating in defence
Cole added 9 touches and 2 marks.

Jackson Nelson
Rotating in defence
Nelson added 13 disposals and 7 marks.

Anthony Treacy
Rotating in attack
Treacy added 11 possessions and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Francis Watson
Playing half back
Watson contributed with 7 possessions, 4 marks and 2 tackles.

Jake Waterman
Starting forward
Waterman contributed with 8 touches, 3 marks and booted 3.0.

Liam Duggan
Coming off a HBF
Duggan added 15 disposals and 3 grabs.

Will Schofield
In defence
Schofield added 11 disposals and 5 marks.

Tom Barrass
In defence
Barrass added 9 disposals and 5 marks.

Jarrod Brander
Up forward
Brander contributed with 11 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles.

Josh J. Kennedy
Kennedy contributed with 10 possessions, 6 grabs, 3 tackles and kicked 6.0.

Essendon Player Reports

Injured Michael Hurley
Left calf iced up at 3QT... 12 disposals with 9 by foot... also 5 marks. At CHB.

Jayden Laverde
First goal... Kicked 2.1 from 5 grabs and 12 touches. Starting at half forward.

Harrison Jones
Started in defence then switched to attack in Q3
Jones added 3 disposals and managed 1.0.

Devon Smith
Rotating forward and midfield
Smith contributed with 20 possessions, 3 marks, 6 tackles and kicked 1.0.

Kyle Langford
Rotating midfield and forward
Langford contributed with 25 possessions, 5 marks, 3 tackles and booted 1.0.

Shaun McKernan
Playing a ruck/forward role
McKernan contributed with 10 possessions, 3 marks, 2 tackles and kicked 1.0.

David Zaharakis
Playing a half forward role
Zaharakis contributed with 13 possessions, 3 marks and 4 tackles.

Orazio Fantasia
Starting at half forward
Fantasia added 11 touches and 4 grabs.

Brayden Ham
Playing an outside game
Ham contributed with 16 possessions, 2 marks and 3 tackles.

Zach Merrett
Playing inside midfield
Merrett contributed with 17 possessions, 2 grabs, 4 tackles and 1.1.

Andrew McGrath
Playing an outside game
McGrath added 24 touches and 4 marks.

Dylan Shiel
Playing inside midfield
Shiel added 27 possessions and 6 tackles.

Darcy Parish
Playing in the midfield
Parish contributed with 29 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and 1.1 on the scoreboard.

Matt Guelfi
Rotating in midfield
Guelfi contributed with 14 possessions, 2 marks and 5 tackles.

Will Snelling
Rotating in midfield
Snelling contributed with 20 disposals, 7 grabs, 7 tackles and booted 2.2.

Cian McBride
Rotating in defence
McBride added 7 disposals and 4 marks.

Irving Mosquito
Rotating in attack
Mosquito contributed with 6 touches, 2 tackles and booted 1.1.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
Playing a FP role
McDonald-Tipungwuti contributed with 10 touches, 3 marks, 3 tackles and managed 2.0.

Aaron Francis
Starting on a HBF
Francis added 20 possessions and 7 marks.

Jacob Townsend
Starting forward
Townsend contributed with 12 possessions, 2 grabs, 2 tackles and 0.1.

Martin Gleeson
In defence
Gleeson added 14 disposals and 2 grabs.

Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
In defence
Zerk-Thatcher added 14 disposals and 4 grabs.

Andrew Phillips
First ruck
Phillips contributed with 12 possessions, 2 grabs, 4 tackles, 21 taps, 1.0 on the scoreboard and 4 frees against.

Jordan Ridley
In defence
Ridley contributed with 21 touches, 7 grabs and 5 tackles.