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The Best of the Recent AFL Trades That Will Impact Next Season’s Fantasy Footy.

Source: The DeeBrief via Facebook.

The 2018 AFL Premiership is slowly drawing nearer, and all the passionate fantasy footy managers are starting to get an idea of who they will be selecting for their team next year. Some will be sticking with their tried and trusted bread-winners from last season, while others might be looking for something new after an unsuccessful campaign last term.

One of the more difficult choices to make can sometimes be choosing a player that has moved to a different team in the off-season. The way that they will integrate into their unfamiliar surroundings and connect with new teammates can often be unpredictable, either paying off in dividends or failing spectacularly. With the AFL trade period done and dusted, let’s take a look at the three best prospects to get into your squad early on to maximize their impact on your fantasy team.  
Tom Rockcliff
With an average of 103 points in 2017, Rockcliff holds the highest average in fantasy footy from last year. It should also be noted that back in 2014, he set the record for the highest fantasy average for any player with a staggering 134.8. Before a shoulder injury disrupted his season last campaign, he was flying high and putting on some fantastic performances for the Brisbane Lions, earning him an average of 129.3 after eight rounds.

With this move to Port Adelaide he should come back stronger than ever and it’s hard not to see him pulling some big numbers once again. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the South Australian team since his move, with many bettors backing the side to take Home next year’s flag. However, after the trouble the side had last term against the other top eight teams, some punters have been looking to take advantage of the 2018 Australian Free Bets offered online to minimize their risk. Whether or not they will be lifting the trophy next season, it is clear to see that Port will be an extremely competitive side in next year’s competition.

Source: Gary Ablett Jnr via Facebook.

Gary Ablett
The prodigal son is returning home to where it all began, and it looks like the Cats are going to have one of the most impressive midfields in the premiership. The thought of defenders busily chasing after Patrick Dangerfield and Joel Selwood, definitely points towards Ablett getting some free space through the middle of the park, and ultimately high fantasy scores.

Even though he might not be at the peak of his career, his 2017 average of 118.9 has got to put him in high contention for a starting role in your fantasy team. He will most likely be a pricey addition considering his solid performances over the last decade, but he could be one of the key players that makes all the difference next season.    

Source: Bryce Gibbs via Facebook.

Bryce Gibbs
The Crows were arguably the best side in the competition last season, and they have added yet another player to their star-studded lineup through Gibbs. There is no doubt with anyone about the talent this man possesses, and we saw him averaging 112.1 last term.

He will undoubtedly be a major threat to the opposition in the middle of the park and pushing forward with his trademark runs. With the support of an already outstanding midfield, he is absolutely one to look out for next campaign when picking your side.

Fantasy footy is always a tough one to pick, and as always injuries and unexpected events are sure to keep everyone guessing. One thing is for certain though, if these players remain fit, it’s hard not to see them bringing home some big numbers on a consistent basis.

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