Super stats: Super Coach NAB Challenge stats released

The official Champion Data rankings – a.k.a. Super Coach points – for the 2009 NAB Challenge are out.

The link to the Microsoft Excel file is here. For those of you who haven’t got a way to read Excel files, may I recommend a little site I know of called Google.

These are the highlights for me from a rough perusal:

Richmond Training Session

Concerns about Brent Reilly‘s SC credentials should be shelved after his first three scores.

Brisbane’s explosion in DT scores has not necessarily resulted in a similar increase in SC scores across the board.
Daniel Rich is safe as houses as a SC starter.
Lachie Henderson is worth serious consideration as a starter in SC.

Brendan Fevola is an SC specialist.
Chris Johnson is not.
Mitch Robinson looks the best of the Blue kids.

Dayne Beams is another SC specialist (and not bad in DT either).
Ben Reid is not this year’s Nathan J. Brown.

Hayden Skipworth‘s outside game doesn’t overly hurt his SC scoring.

Paul Hasleby is a lock.
Greg Broughton is just about starter material on these numbers.
Stephen Hill has a game that is perhaps too outside for full value in SC.

There is no new Harry Taylor in the new crop of Geelong youngsters.

Travis Tuck‘s turnover count is not hurting his SC scoring due to the highly inside nature of his possessions.
Brendan Whitecross pales in comparison to Matt Suckling in SC.

None of the Demon rucks are startable.
It’s a huge shame for SC that Jack Grimes got injured.
Kyle Cheney is worth a look.

Liam Anthony is an SC monster.
Jack Ziebell is an SC pussy cat.

The Power midfield share around big SC days like blunts at a hippie party.

Shane Tuck is going to be a keeper smokie, especially if Nathan Foley misses games early.
You won’t be disappointed by Brett Deledio.
Andrew Raines is going to have to rack up 20+ touches a game to be truly worthwhile, but he can do it.

Farren Ray is going to have some solid scores in the Saints backline.
Zac Dawson just doesn’t do enough.

Adam Goodes and Ryan O’Keefe are still very much in the SC premium conversation.

Doesn’t look like a year to have any Eagles in SC.

Shaun Higgins is just as much a lock in SC as DT, perhaps more.


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