Browne guernsey: Richmond v Carlton teams for round 1 2009

The teams for the first game of the 2009 AFL home & away season include five fantasy rookies.

Richmond Training Session

B: Chris Newman, Kelvin Moore, Andrew Raines
HB: Joel Bowden, Luke McGuane, Jordan McMahon
C: Shane Edwards, Shane Tuck, Matthew White
HF: Nathan G. Brown, Matthew Richardson, Jack Riewoldt
F: Ben Cousins, Jay Schulz, Richard Tambling
Foll: Troy Simmonds, Brett Deledio, Nathan Foley
Int: Will Thursfield, Andrew L. Browne, Mitch Morton, Daniel Jackson
Emg: Andrew Collins, Dean Polo, Alex Rance

B: Paul Bower, Michael Jamison, Aaron Joseph
HB: Jordan Russell, Bret Thornton, Heath Scotland
C: Kade Simpson, Marc Murphy, Chris Johnson
HF: Ryan Houlihan, Jarrad Waite, Jefferey Garlett
F: Cameron Cloke, Brendan Fevola, Eddie Betts
Foll: Matthew Kreuzer, Bryce Gibbs, Chris Judd
Int: Richard Hadley, Sam Jacobs, Mitch Robinson, Simon Wiggins
Emg: Dennis Armfield, Shaun Hampson, Andrew Walker

The five debutantes – Browne, Garlett, Joseph, Robinson and Jacobs – have all been foreshadowed in the press, but Walker’s omission is the big news here.


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