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Superlative: Rate My SuperCoach 2010 v1

Rate My SuperCoach v1

Now that the SuperCoach competition has opened, let’s take a look at some typical fan-made squads.

Collingwood Magpies Intra-Club Match

I probably haven’t done enough of this in years past. I have a particular way of rating Dream Teams and SuperCoach squads, which starts with a perfect 10/10 and lops points off for bad players, bad structures and overall mediocrity. I give out very few 10s, especially early doors.

(There is an AFL Dream Team version of this post.)

Let’s rip right into it with three teams from the Rate My SuperCoach forum on this very site. plugger36’s squad is first under the microscope with $1,300 in cash left over:

Luke Hodge, Sam Fisher, Andrew Carrazzo, Corey Enright, Tadhg Kennelly, Marcus Drum, Jackson Trengove
Matt Maguire, Jake Carlisle

Dane Swan, Bernie Vince, Brad Sewell, Shaun Burgoyne, Brent Prismall, Dustin Martin
Ryan Bastinac, Koby Stevens

Darren Jolly, Shane Mumford
Matthew Lobbe, Wayde Skipper

Ryan O’Keefe, Nick Riewoldt, Lance Franklin, Brad Johnson, Brent Harvey, Brent Staker, Phil Davis
Scott Gumbleton, James Podsiadly

Typical line and length first up, with one rookie in each position. Wait, what is Mummify doing in the rucks (-1)? Bad, bad plugger36. Never pick a #2 ruck in his own side to start as your fantasy ruck. Mumford’s numbers from last year were bloated by getting easy kicks during big Geelong wins, he’s going to have to work a lot harder for possessions at the Swans. I personally don’t like Sewell this year due to him returning to a strictly defensive role with Sam Mitchell‘s return to midfield, so I don’t think he has upside (-0.5). The forward line is too old, with Johnson, Harvey and Staker all probably on the downward slide, so I’ll dock (-1) for tending on the geriatric side. 7.5/10

Next victim…. I mean candidate is Jugganaut, who didn’t record his cash reserves.

Brendon Goddard, Brian Lake, Michael Johnson, Andrew Mackie, Harry Taylor, Nick Malceski, Daniel Talia
Phil Davis, Jake Carlisle

Gary Ablett jnr, Joel Selwood, Ryan O’Keefe, Bryce Gibbs, Rhys Palmer, Tom Scully
Anthony Morabito, Ryan Bastinac

David Hille, Robert Warnock
Jackson Trengove, Nathan Vardy

Adam Goodes, Nick Riewoldt, Matthew Pavlich, Jarrad Waite, Barry Hall, Kyle Reimers, Gary Rohan
Trent Dennis-Lane, James Podsiadly

Okay, maybe a few too many key position backmen but in SC that’s not so bad. Another trio of rookie starters spread over three positions, I sense a trend forming here. Eurgh… what is that smell coming from the ruck division? That is godawful. Warnock (-1) is not startable at this stage given the uncertainty over the ruck depth chart at the Cardboard Cave. Reports from the Essendon intra-club match speak of Hille (-1) swearing like a trooper (presumably from pain) with a visibly reddened knee while playing at full forward. He’s not a fantasy factor early this season as he rides the rollercoaster down, though he may be a good “buy low” target later. Similarly, Waite (-1) is unlikely to burst out of the gates even if he does play early, and he’s best left as a midseason pickup. Reimers… hmm, maybe I’ll let that one through to the keeper. Rohan (-1), though, will not play early and may not play this year at all according to coach Roos. Finally, there is no good reason for ROK to be in the centres (-0.5). 5.5/10

Last of all from the forums, we have Aidans Blues who also didn’t record his salary cap remainders.

Chris Newman, Corey Enright, Lindsay Gilbee, Luke Hodge, Tadhg Kennelly, Rick Ladson, Brad Sheppard
Lukas Markovic, Phil Davis

Bryce Gibbs, Scott Pendlebury, Bernie Vince, Brock McLean, Dustin Martin, Jack Trengove
Luke Shuey, Ryan Bastinac

Matthew Kreuzer, Aaron Sandilands
Matthew Lobbe, James Craig

Colin Sylvia, Nick Riewoldt, Matthew Pavlich, Kurt Tippett, Jarrad Waite, Patrick Dangerfield, Jack Ziebell
Scott Gumbleton, Luke Tapscott

Not a hell of a lot wrong with this side. Its captain options are numerous but perhaps not at the highest possible level, though maybe he’ll get lucky with his choices. This squad is a little too solid, in that a number of its keepers aren’t quite at absolute premium status and aren’t likely to get there. I still don’t like Waite (-1) and Tippett (-0.5) to start with. It’s asking a lot of Ladson and Sheppard to hold up in the first eight games or so. Otherwise, this is a side set up to win a league and not to challenge for any broom-broom cars. 8.5/10

Now let’s move to the Fanplanner and pick three teams at random from the last 50 completed teams. The first one has $57,500 left.

Simon Goodwin, Greg Broughton, Sam Fisher, Luke Hodge, Beau Waters, Matt Maguire, Jackson Trengove
Jeromey Webberley, Stewart Crameri

Gary Ablett jnr, Brendon Goddard, Ryan O’Keefe, Jobe Watson, Daniel Kerr, Jack Trengove
Dustin Martin, Michael Barlow

Dean Cox, Aaron Sandilands
Matthew Lobbe, Ayce Cordy

Nick Riewoldt, Matthew Pavlich, Brent Harvey, Lance Franklin, Sean Rusling, Trent Dennis-Lane, James Podsiadly
Jack Watts, Scott Gumbleton

I’m glad this team came out of my random picks because it illustrates a point where I think the mainstream of fantasy footy thought is a bit wrong-headed. Apart from playing Goddard and ROK out of position for no good reason (-0.5 and -0.5), the centres are too top-heavy which means way too many unreliable cheap and rookie options left to start in the backs and forwards. I’d rather have the likes of Martin starting than TDL or Trengove. Sure, you can look at that Ultimate Dream Team from this year’s Prospectus and how it started with four 90+ premiums and two mid-pricers, but that’s with the benefit of hindsight. Here in the real world of the present, I don’t think you need more than two 100-or-over-priced premium centres for captaincy purposes, and the rest should be mid-pricers. Under the above structure, you’re relying on the highly unstable Waters and Maguire along with a couple of kids to fill three starting spots, and similarly in the forwards with the oft-injured Rusling and too many talls for comfort. I know the mid-priced centres are a bit light on this year, but surely there is better value in moving ROK and BJ to their natural position, which is not the centre. I have to dock for starting Waters (-1), Maguire (-1), Rusling (-1) and Podsiadly (-1). 5/10

Brendon Goddard, Corey Enright, Shannon Hurn, Nick Maxwell, Luke Hodge, Nick Suban, Levi Greenwood
Phil Davis, Jeromey Webberley

Joel Selwood, Brett Deledio, David Armitage, Callan Ward, Jack Trengove, Dustin Martin
Jake Melksham, Ryan Bastinac

Matthew Kreuzer, Shane Mumford
Robert Warnock, Matthew Lobbe

Nick Riewoldt, Shaun Higgins, Mark LeCras, Kurt Tippett, Patrick Dangerfield, Jack Ziebell, Chris Yarran
David Astbury, Luke Tapscott

No, I still don’t like The Mummy (-1) in there and a slightly more expensive premium as prime captain would be handy (-0.5). This side has some interesting uniques though, so I like it on the whole. LeCras and Yarran… hmm. Not sure about them. Worth a shot though. I am sure some people will see Maxwell in there and expect me to arc up about it, but he’s fairly solid as a back keeper in SC. 8.5/10

Last but not least, this one has $24,000 in the bank.

Brendon Goddard, Corey Enright, Tadhg Kennelly, Colin Garland, Rick Ladson, Josh Hunt, Brad Sheppard
Mitch Farmer, Jackson Trengove

Gary Ablett jnr, Bryce Gibbs, Chance Bateman, Bradd Dalziell, Rhys Palmer, Jack Trengove
Dustin Martin, Ryan Bastinac

Darren Jolly, Matthew Kreuzer
Robert Warnock, Matthew Lobbe

Adam Goodes, Nick Riewoldt, Shaun Higgins, Brent Harvey, Cyril Rioli, Barry Hall, Austin Wonaeamirri
Phil Davis, Trent Dennis-Lane

I don’t expect Wona (-1) to play early. Other than that there’s a lot to recommend this sort of side. The NAB Cup AFL Record, via their anonymous expert Mr Fantasy, is a big supporter of Garland (-0.5) for some reason. I can’t see it myself. Sure, he scored well in his one game last year before getting injured and he’s got a generous 40% discount, but his 2008 was terrible for fantasy purposes with full TOG. I suppose if Jack Grimes is going to move into midfield then someone needs to take up the slack, but is it going to be a tall? Big call based on one game. Along with Bateman (-0.5) there are still some non-premium players whose upside I would question. 8/10



  1. magpies76

    February 26, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Kiri – I would think of swapping Gumby to Hitchcock or Astbury from Rich. If you have enough money, maybe put Rohan in the fwd line.

  2. magpies76

    February 26, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    What do you blokes and sheilas think of this side:

    DEF: Goddard, H Shaw, Hodge, Bower, Hunt, Ladson, A Moore (EMG: Silvagni & Waters)

    MIDS: Ablett (C), Swan, J Selwood, Cooney, Barlow, Martin (EMG: Shuey, Banner)

    RUCKS: Sandilands, Warnock (EMG: Trengove & J Roughead)

    FWDS: Riewoldt (VC), T Varcoe, Franklin, Rockliffe, Higgins, O’Keefe, Rohan.(EMG: Podsliardy & Hitchcock)

    Cheers Papsmeres

  3. joeboy

    February 26, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Hey Guys,

    Comments appreciated on this list – Just my second year of DT so be gentle.

    Brendon Goddard, Andrew Carrazzo, Brad Symes, Matthew Scarlett, Jay Nash, Josh Hunt, Jesse W. Smith
    (Brad Sheppard, Jeromey Webberley)

    Scott Pendlebury(C), Joel Selwood, Sam Mitchell, Shaun Higgins, Daniel Rich, Chris Masten
    (Michael Barlow, Luke Shuey)

    Dean Cox(VC), Robert Warnock
    (Wayde Skipper, Jackson Trengove)

    Nick Riewoldt, Quinten Lynch, Cyril Rioli, Mark LeCras, Kurt Tippett, Jack Ziebell, Tom Rockliff
    (Adam Varcoe, Scott Gumbleton)

    $10,200 left in bank.



  4. nicwood

    February 26, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    Hey can you rate my team

    B Goddard, P Duffield, L Hodge, S Hurn, J Drummond, T Kennelly, B Waters
    Shepperd, Silvangi

    J Bartel, S Mitchell, M Pavlich, C Cornes, C Masten, D Kerr

    D Martin, L Shey

    A Goodes, J Brennan, L Franklin, J Zebille,
    P Dangerfield, S Gumbleton, G Rohan

    P Davis, J Schulz

    P Ryder, N Naitanui

    R Warnook, W Skipper

  5. Bloomers

    February 28, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Well this is it

    P Duffield,S Hurn,B Lake,A Mcgrath,T Kennelly,
    M Mcguire,C Schmidt, Subs P Davis , B Nason,

    G Abblet,C Judd,M Boyd, B Vince,P Dangerfield,
    J Trengove, Subs D Martin,B Moles

    M Clark, N Naitanui, Subs T Vickery,M Lobbe

    P Chapman,B Fevola,M Lecras, C Rioli,B Hall,
    B Burton,Leroy Jetta, Subs S Gumbleton, J Podsiadly

  6. dudette

    March 2, 2010 at 1:42 am

    Monty, LUURRVV you’re work!! YOU ARE MY GOD!!

    I’m the sole chick in a league full of blokes keen to show me that Supercoach is a man’s game. Help me at least come to the table with a decent time. Please rate my team — I’ve got $11K in the kitty:

    DEF: B Goddard, C Enright, L Hodge, M Mattner, N Malceski, L Greenwood, M Maguire (P Davis, J Trengrove)

    Mid: D Swan, J Bartel, M Boyd, D Rich, B Dalziell, D Martin (M Barlow, R Bastinac)

    Ruc: A Sandilands, H McIntosh (R Warnock, M Lobbe)

    Fwd: N Riewoldt, R O’Keefe, L Franklin, B Hall, J Ziebell, H Ballantyne, C Hitchcock (T Dennis-Lane, J Podsiadly)

  7. timmy17

    March 2, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    What do you think of my side?

    Def- B Goddard, C Newman, H Shaw, L Hodge, Joel Macdonald, N Malceski, R Shoenmakers

    Emergencies- P Davis and J Carlisle

    Mid- G Ablett, S Mitchell, B Vince, C Masten, D Martin, M Barlow

    Emergencies- Lewis Jetta, L Schuey

    Ruck- A Sandilands, N Naitanui

    Emergencies- W Skipper, M Lobbe

    For- N Riewoldt, M Pavlich, L Franklin, D Giansiracusa, K Tippett, C Mayne, T Rockliff

    Emergencies- C Hitchcock and S Gumbleton

    Remaining salary cap $1,700


  8. jmje76

    March 3, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Hey Monty, would love your thoughts,

    Def – B. Goddard, C. Enright, L. Hodge, N. Malcheski, R. Ladson, L. Greenwood, B. Waters (P. Davis, J. Trengrove)

    Mid – GAj, L. Montangna, B. Vince, R. Palmer, D. Martin, Barlow (L. Jetta, M. Banner)

    Rucks – D. Cox, M. Seaby (R. Warnock, W. Skipper)

    Forw – A. Goodes, N. Riewoldt, M. Pavlich, L. Franklin, B. Hall, J. Zieball, H. Ballantyne (T Dennis – Lane, J. Podsiadly)

    $88,000 Left over!


  9. luke93

    March 3, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Here’s My Team,

    DEF: H.Shaw, S.Hurn, L.Hodge, J.Gram, J.Atkinson, N.Malceski, J.Hunt (M.McGuire, M.Davies)

    MID: G.Ablett, D.Swan, J.Bartel, S.Mitchell, M.Robinson, D.Martin (M.Barlow, M.Banner)

    RUC: A.Sandilands, M.Seaby(R.Warnock, R.Stanley)

    FWD: M.Pavlich, B.Harvey, L.Franklin, R.Douglas, P.Dangerfield, H.Ballantyne, T.Rockliff (L.Tapscott, J.Podsiadly)

  10. cugerg

    March 4, 2010 at 11:23 am

    What do you think of my side? Cash left is 15,600 and reserve players may change when season starts.

    BACKS: Goddard, Goodwin, Enright, Hodge, Hunt, Ladson, Waters, ( Schoenmaker, Maguire)

    MIDFIELDERS: Ablett, Hayes, Goodes, Mitchell, Boyd, Martin, ( Jetta, Barlow)

    RUCKS: Naitanui, Charman, ( Skipper, Roughead)

    FORWARDS: Riewoldt, O’Keefe, Franklin, Hall, Warren, Rockliff, Hitchcock, ( Gumbleton, Taylor)

  11. m0nty

    March 4, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    jemster: You’re missing a back. I don’t like the support you have behind Rohan so he’s not startable.

    LordSlade: Grima, Hurley, McPharlin, Burgoyne, Naitanui, Walker… I don’t like that side at all. Plus, $292k is way too much cash in hand. 2/10

    lenny_sac: No on NicNat and Watts. Downgrade Cross to fund upgrades. Otherwise solid. 8/10

    sashapete: Almost there, just Watts to fix. You have $278k so spend it on him. 9/10

    sticks: Clarke is injured, Presti is awful, Rusling and Watts are even worse. Half a mill in the back, are you serious? 4/10

    T@NK: Symes is injured, Trengove is not startable, I dislike Ottens, and Knights is injured now too since you posted your side. 7/10

    In There: I don’t like O’Brien and Sloane as uniques.Otherwise it’s good. 8/10

    GoldnBrown: Pestinko? Nup. I wouldn’t start Polak either. Some interesting uniques in Hill and Williams. A different side but I like parts of it. 8/10

    MarksMen: Dodd is injured. None of Sheppard, Jackson Trengove, Gumbleton or Tapscott should be starting. Your structure is all wrong for this year, think about many more mid-priced players. 2/10

    Constellat: An all-premium backline! Erm, not this year mate. I am almost going the complete oposite with a no-premium backline. Chuck that team in and start again, and this time look at all the options in the cheap backs. 0/10

    Wacky: No on Pestinko, Cheney I really don’t like this year either with lack of job security. Kerr and Wells will get injured, bank on it. NicNat, Hansen and Medders are also on my Do Not Buy list. 3/10

    lahuge: You are right to be concerned about Lisle and Sheppard, they aren’t startable. Downgrade Vince to fund them. Wona and Watts are also very iffy. 5/10

    beebarry04: What is with the Pestinko love? Rance also has close to zero JS (job security). Jack Steven has even less JS. Throw NicNat back in too. 7/10

    pedro_0952: Smith, Bruce, Vince, Ottens, Hooper, Burton and Still won’t make it into any of my teams. 3/10

    Ladsy: Cale Morton is now injured but you didn’t know that at the time you posted this team. Otherwise I can’t find fault with your structure. You would be getting cold feet about Polkinghorne now I suppose. 10/10

    buxi14: Hansen, Kerr, Burgoyne, Palmer, Renouf, Burton… I’m guessing this side is a lot different now than Feb 14 when you posted it. 5/10

    Bigheat87: I don’t like Ottens, and I am not sure that Jurrah is a fantasy player. He’s going to go missing in a lot of games. He is highly priced at $349k, so downgrading him would free up cash to upgrade Ottens. 8/10

    antoyn: I don’t like Waters or Medders. Heavy up forward is fine this year in my book, you’ve got the structure spot on. Downgrade Medders to a Warren or Wright and upgrade Waters. 8/10

    stuziman: Oooh, so close. I think you can find a better option than Medders, and Vince needs to be replaced. Downgrade Medders and upgrade Vince to a 115 captaincy option, which you are lacking beyond the unreliable Hayes. 8/10

    asch82: Pestinko stinks. I wouldn’t start Sheppard or NicNat. Kerr I dislike. Murphy, Medhurst, Watts… there are better options than these. 3/10

    aarondimi: Drum and Burton are injured, while Medhurst is done as a fantasy force imo. 7/10

    benwah: Downgrade Burton and upgrade NicNat and you’ve got a side. 8/10

    Dimma: Drum, Vince, Burton all injured, Sheppard not startable. The rest is fine. 6/10

  12. m0nty

    March 5, 2010 at 12:02 am

    ozelite: I have been burned by Scott Selwood before and don’t think he has a spot in that Eagles best 22 yet. Otherwise very good, with three starting mid rookies being risky but workable. 9/10

    GDRAGONS: Fabulous until you get to Wonaemirri. Even though he’s picked in the NAB this week, he’s too risky. 9/10

    tenzin: Watts plus the bottom three starting backs, all players I would keep away from. 6/10

    aaron_0000: It’s a pretty good team as is. I would swap TDL for Rockliff, downgrade Buchanan and use the money to upgrade one of your keeper mids to a gold premium for your captain, because Pendles won’t cut it. 9/10

    Large rack: Too much money in premium mids and not enough in the cheap backs and forwards. Guns and rookies is not the smart play this season, especially if you’re starting rookies outside your centres. 5/10

    Daudy: I’m going to take a point off for Mitch Morton, but you could swap him with someone like Ziebell or Hall and have an excellent squad. I love Broadbent and Hunt on your bench. 9/10

    tails: Waters, Naitanui, Bradshaw and Waite are problems. 6/10

    Snags23: I’ll ignore team 2 because I hate teams that have MP players in the centres. I like team 1 a lot, with Burgoyne and Burton to be replaced for injury. It’s maybe a little too vanilla. Perhaps use those Burgoyne and Burton spots for some uniques. 8/10

    magpies76: There are no good defenders under $100k this year. 🙁 No on Medders, Moore and Waters; plus injury replacements for Vince, Burgoyne and Tapscott. 4/10

    pitchblack: Mitch Farmer… dodgy but I’ll allow it. You need to upgrade NicNat and Reid though, I’d suggest downgrading Carrazzo. 8/10

    stoney23: Replace Vince and Morton, and upgrade Tapscott. Also consider someone other than Rob Murphy. 7/10

    mullan75: Nash, Smith, Schoenmakers, Naitanui and Hentschel shouldn’t be in fantasy teams this year. Also, move Dangerfield to the forwards. 4/10

    Gooser: If you can find a bit of money by replacing Vince to upgrade Waters, you have a fine side there. 8/10

    DredgeD: I can’t come at Urquhart or Buckley this year. Move Chornes to the backs and start another rookie mid. Your last three starting forwards should also be replaced. 4/10

    sappa24: You’re missing a forward. Move Ziebell there, start another mid rookie and upgrade Ottens. 7/10

    Didds70: Move Houli to the backs in place of Urquhart, Ziebell to the forwards in place of Reimers, and buy a rookie and a mid-pricer in the mids. 6/10

    DaGooch: Gumby is not startable. I can’t see Picken scoring more than last year’s figures to be honest, he’s a tagger and not a creative player. Buy another mid rookie and use that money on the #7 forward slot.

    Jaybee_04: My friend, that is the worst team I have seen. They are not just bad boys, they are horrid. Chuck it in and start again. This time, pay attention to the blogs and forums. 0/10

    omatty: Hurley, Hille and Naitanui, all poor choices IMO. Elsewhere this squad is excellent and the structure is sound. 7/10

    weasel78: Move Harvey to the forwards in place of Medhurst, downgrade Burgoyne and upgrade Wonaeamirri, Waters and Hille. 4/10

  13. synergy247

    March 6, 2010 at 12:30 am

    ps monty… u missed my team any chance of a look? cheers n sorry to be a pain any feedback welcome 🙂

  14. Happy Gilm

    March 10, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Can i improve anywhere?
    Backs:Drummond,Hodge,Chad Cornes,Malceski,Hunt,Ladson,Raines(Waters/Moore)


    Rucks:Nicnat Hille (Warnock/Currie)

    Fwds: Rooey brownie varcoe hall buddy bradshaw dangerfield (Rockliff/Lynch)

  15. vesnal

    March 16, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    gday monty new to this forum, found it by chance and let me tell you its a rippa! tip top work. a rating and feedback would be amazing.
    thanks mate keep it up

    Hargrave, RPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    2. Gram, JPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    3. Bolton, CPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    4. Waite, JPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    5. McGrath, APts: 0 Avg: N/A
    6. Hunt, JPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    7. Ladson, RPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    23. Maguire, MPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    24. Davis, PPts: 0 Avg: N/A

    d 8. Ablett, GPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    9. Goodes, APts: 0 Avg: N/A
    10. Murphy, MPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    11. Boyd, MPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    12. Harvey, BPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    13. Burgoyne, SPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    25. Martin, DPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    26. Bastinac, RPts: 0 Avg: N/A

    s 14. Hille, DPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    15. Warnock, RPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    27. Trengove, JPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    28. McNamara, SPts: 0 Avg: N/A

    s 16. Higgins, SPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    17. Franklin, LPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    18. Bradshaw, DPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    19. Varcoe, TPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    20. Hall, BPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    21. Medhurst, PPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    22. Burton, BPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    29. Gumbleton, SPts: 0 Avg: N/A
    30. Podsiadly, JPts: 0 Avg: N/A

  16. top30

    March 16, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    hey monty, people who’ve seen my team think it’s pretty killer and i’ve been paying alot of attention to champion data and club updates. How do you think the following will go.

    Top 30 : round 1: your starting 22

    1. Goodwin, S
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $554,400
    2. Enright, C
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $519,100
    3. O’Brien, H
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $374,200
    4. Hooker, C
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $331,800
    5. Stewart, P
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $287,600
    6. Malceski, N
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $273,500
    7. Hunt, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $252,300

    23. Maguire, M
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $114,000
    24. Trengove, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $100,200


    8. Ablett, G
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $744,200
    9. Swan, D
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $654,500
    10. Mitchell, S
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $576,300
    11. Cross, D
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $549,500
    12. Griffen, R
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $470,800
    13. Jones, C
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $409,500

    25. Martin, D
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $169,200
    26. Moles, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $89,400

    14. Clark, M
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $498,100
    15. Naitanui, N
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $304,900

    27. Warnock, R
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $132,200
    28. Stanley, R
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $100,200

    16. Riewoldt, N
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $600,500
    17. Betts, E
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $399,100
    18. Hall, B
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $366,000
    19. Ziebell, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $320,800
    20. Medhurst, P
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $320,400
    21. Rohan, G
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $154,200
    22. Rockliff, T
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $109,200

    29. Watts, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $139,900
    30. Podsiadly, J
    Pts: 0 Avg: N/A $83,400

    let us know what you think

  17. robbo24

    March 17, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Hey Monty,
    Love your work. Just wondering if you could give me a comment on my team, would really appreciate it. Here it is:

    D: Goddard, Enright, Hodge, Harbrow, Thompson, Kennelly, Waters (Maguire, Davis)
    M: Ablett, Dal Santo, Vince, Trengove, Martin, Jetta (Barlow, Banner)
    R: Clark, Natanui (Warnock, Trengrove)
    F: Riewoldt, O’Keefe, Franklin, Gray, Tippett, Hall, Rohan (Rockcliff, Podsiadly)

    Just not sure on a few things, eg harbrow, thompson, gray. Or whether to put in a ziebell or dangerfield. Any ideas would be fantastic, thanks

  18. rekomstop

    March 22, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Hi Monty,

    please rate, still making changes specially midfield.

    Goddard, B | Duffild, P | Hodge, L
    Kennelly, T | Pearce, c | Hunt, J | Ladson, R
    Emer: Sheppard, B | Davis, P

    Selwood, J | Boyd, M | Cooney, A
    Palmer, R | Trengrove, J | Martin, D
    Emer: Barlow, M | Bastinac, R

    Cox, D | Tippett, K
    Emer: Warnock, R | Trengrove, J

    Riewoldt, N | Pavlich, M | Franklin, L
    Gray, R | Hall, B | Dangerfield, P | Ziebell, J
    Emer: Gumbleton, S | Tapscott, L

  19. rekomstop

    March 22, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    I should add that team has 17k left.

    To get Ablett in I can remove Cox and replace him with Kreuzer. Leaving 30K in the kitty

  20. tideisgone

    March 24, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Hey Monty,
    What do you reckon?
    1. GODDARD, Brendon
    2. BOCK, Nathan
    3. DUFFIELD, Paul
    4. HARGRAVE, Ryan
    5. HUNT, Josh
    6. GILLIES, Tom
    7. WATERS, Beau
    23. ALLEN, Jarryd
    24. TRENGOVE, Jackson

    8. ABLETT, Gary
    9. PENDLEBURY, Scott
    10. GIBBS, Bryce
    11. DANGERFIELD, Patrick
    12. ZIEBELL, Jack
    13. STEVEN, Jack

    -25. MARTIN, Dustin
    -26. CRICHTON, Jesse

    14. KREUZER, Matthew
    15. OTTENS, Brad

    -27. HILLE, David
    -28. REDDEN, Jarrad

    16. RIEWOLDT, Nick
    17. SCHNEIDER, Adam
    18. KENNEDY, Josh J.
    19. HEADLAND, Des
    20. REIMERS, Kyle
    21. STAKER, Brent
    22. WONAEAMIRRI, Austin

    -29. ROCKLIFF, Tom
    -30. LOBBE, Matthew

  21. Michael_99

    March 30, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Hi Monty,
    How do you rate my team?

    1. Malceski,N $273,500
    2. Goddard,B $613,600
    3. Hodge,L $485,600
    4. Ladson,R $249,300
    5. Waite,J $407,500
    6. Hunt,J $252,300
    7. Maguire,M $114,000
    23. Silvagni,A $83,400
    24. Trengove,J (port)$100,200
    8. Cornes,K $480,700
    9. Swan,D $654,500
    10. Stanton,B $507,500
    11. Ablett,G $744,200
    12. Bartel,J $578,400
    13. Pavlich,M $528,900
    25. Barlow,M $111,400
    26. Martin,D $169,200
    14. Sandilands,A $538,600
    15. Seaby,M $287,900
    27. Warnock,R $132,200
    28. Lobbe,M $100,200
    16. Riewoldt,N $600,500
    17. Betts,E $399,100
    18. Brennan,J $474,800
    19. Ballantyne,H $268,900
    20. Peterson,C $100,200
    21. Hall,B $366,000
    22. Gumbleton,S$100,200
    29. Rohan,G $154,200
    30. Rockliff,T $109,200


  22. GoLions

    May 7, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Hey monty could u plz rate my side:

    B- Malceski, Drummond, Waters, Gilbee, Ladson, Hunt, Maguire
    E- Silvagni, Davis

    M- Ablett, Cooney, Black, Barlow, Banfield, Bastinac
    E- Morabito, Robinson

    R- Sandilands, Clark
    E- Hille, Warnock

    F- Chapman, Brown, ROK, Harvey, Hall, Podsiadly, Fyfe
    E- Rockliff, Hitchcock

    I have $1,029,800 left in the bank and considering pav and montagna to come in as well.

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