Super tens: Rate My SuperCoach v2

A select few squads received the magical 10/10 rating in the recent Rate My SuperCoach comment threads.

Geelong Intra-Club Match

First, I’ll list the four teams out of dozens and dozens that had no marks taken off under my marking system, which consists of me giving 10 marks to start with and then subtracting marks for bad player choices or structures that are poorly thought out. In addition, I will include some “hindsight” comments, as some feedback from the previous DT-flavoured article led some to wonder why I was giving 10s to teams with injured and out-of-form players – the reason being that the teams were posted before the injuries and NAB form slumps happened.

Hommus (posted February 8 )

Original review: “I declare this team to be tasty as a lamb kebab. My only quibble is in starting TDL, but the rest of the team is full of tzatziki flavour so I’ll let that go.”

Hindsight: Preseason injuries to Palmer and Dennis-Lane make them uncertain early starters, but the structure is essentially sound. The main reason I gave this 10, despite starting a back and a forward rookie, is that he nailed the mid-pricers that the top-shelf coaches had researched before the NAB started and have since shown their wares to the general public… much to the chagrin of those who put in the research hours.

Brendon Goddard, Simon Goodwin, Corey Enright, Josh Hunt, Levi Greenwood, Rick Ladson, Matt Maguire
Jackson Trengove, Phil Davis

Gary Ablett jnr, Leigh Montagna, Brett Deledio, Rhys Palmer, Dustin Martin, Jack Trengove
Ryan Bastinac, Jake Melksham

Dean Cox, Kurt Tippett
Robert Warnock, Wayde Skipper

Adam Goodes, Ryan O’Keefe, Tarkyn Lockyer, Lance Franklin, Barry Hall, Jack Ziebell, Trent Dennis-Lane
Luke Tapscott, James Podsiadly

saborn (posted February 9)

Original review: “Swan is good enough for a captain. I can’t find a hole in that team, to be honest. Your structure is excellent.”

Hindsight: Vince is now injured, but he’s easily replaced and elsewhere this squad is top notch. Not a lot of surprises but no weaknesses either.

Enright, Luke Hodge, Andrew Carrazzo, Greenwood, Hunt, Tadhg Kennelly, Adam McPhee
Davis, Jake Carlisle

Dane Swan, Bernie Vince, Brent Prismall, Tom Swift, Trengove, Martin
Anthony Morabito, Bastinac

Aaron Sandilands, Matthew Kreuzer
Warnock, Matthew Lobbe

Nick Riewoldt, Pavlich, Franklin, Ziebell, Patrick Dangerfield, Tippett, Robbie Gray
Dennis-Lane, Cameron Hitchcock

Keetah (posted February 11)

Original review: “Okay, you’re starting three rookie mids which is risky, but I think you’ve nailed everything else so you get the gold star.”

Hindsight: Keetah was an early rider on the bandwagon of starting three midfield rookies, which is starting to pick up serious steam now with a host of options bobbing up in the NAB. Knights is replaceable and Dalziell’s form may see a change there too.

Goddard, Enright, Sam Fisher, Hodge, Kennelly, Hunt, Ladson
Brad Sheppard, Maguire

Ablett jnr, Adam Cooney, Bradd Dalziell, Trengove, Martin, Anthony Morabito
Michael Barlow, Bastinac

Sandilands, Darren Jolly
Warnock, Lobbe

N. Riewoldt, Pavlich, Franklin, Chris Knights, Barry Hall, Dangerfield, Ziebell
Davis, Tapscott

Ladsy (posted February 13)

Original review: “Cale Morton is now injured but you didn’t know that at the time you posted this team. Otherwise I can’t find fault with your structure. You would be getting cold feet about Polkinghorne now I suppose.”

Hindsight: His weaknesses – with the benefit of two weeks of form and injury news – are in areas replete with good options. While I think Masten is a bit of a sheep pick, I love Macdonald as a unique.

Goddard, Paul Duffield, Hodge, Joel Macdonald, Hunt, Ladson, Greenwood
Davis, Jeromey Webberley

Ablett jnr, Matthew Boyd, Cale Morton, Chris Masten, Trengove, Martin
Morabito, Bastinac

Sandilands, Kreuzer
Warnock, Lobbe

N. Riewoldt, Pavlich, Franklin, Tippett, Dangerfield, Ziebell, James Polkinghorne
Tapscott, Dennis-Lane

In today’s Dream Team v2 post I detailed a list of common mistakes that submitters were making, which pertain equally to SuperCoach.

Enter your teams in the comments below and I promise to eventually rate all of them (though only once per coach). Please, format them as I have listed above in that 8-line style, and take out the prices so they don’t take up 60 lines.


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