Sore AFL players

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NameClubPositionLast News StoryDateline
Luke McGuaneForwardsore McGuane knee problems continueThu 16/4, 2:19PM
James PodsiadlyForwardsore Podsiadly cleared of back injuryThu 16/4, 1:48PM
Zac ClarkeRucksore Clarke limps off in R2Sun 12/4, 3:40PM
Clay SmithForwardsore Clay Smith still weeks awayThu 2/4, 6:28PM
Nick SubanMidfieldersore Suban hammy upgrade for R1Wed 1/4, 12:04AM
Leigh MontagnaBacksore Montagna outside chance for R1Tue 31/3, 9:10PM
Mark HutchingsMidfieldersore Hutchings back at trainingTue 31/3, 5:11PM
Matt TabernerForwardsore Taberner battling for R1Tue 31/3, 12:49PM
Sam KerridgeMidfieldersore Kerridge pressing for R1Mon 30/3, 5:46PM
Anthony MorabitoMidfielderwafl No timeline for MorabitoSun 29/3, 12:29AM
David AstburyBacksore Astbury stung by stingrayFri 27/3, 8:52AM
Shaun HampsonRucksore Hampson injures kneeFri 27/3, 8:49AM
Mitch BrownBacksore Mitch Brown misses NAB 4Tue 24/3, 9:02PM
Hayden BallantyneForwardsore Ballantyne less than 50:50 for R1Tue 24/3, 8:58PM
Lachlan HansenBackcold Hansen in doubt for R1Thu 19/3, 2:47PM
Tayte PearsBacksore Pears' outlook improvesMon 16/3, 6:34PM
Daniel HoweBacksore Howe cops shoulder knockMon 16/3, 4:44PM
Jason WinderlichForwardsore Winderlich has back sorenessThu 12/3, 11:11AM
Matt DeaBacksore Dea dealing with hammyWed 11/3, 11:32AM
Matt CrouchMidfieldersore Matt Crouch still sittingWed 11/3, 12:24AM
Ben McGlynnMidfieldersore McGlynn sore in NAB 2Fri 6/3, 9:40PM
Daniel MarkworthForwardsore Markworth damages shoulderWed 25/2, 7:21AM
Jeremy FinlaysonBacksore Late start for FinlaysonSat 21/2, 10:20PM
Troy MenzelForwardsore Right quad cork for Troy Menzel Fri 20/2, 2:31AM
Beau WatersBackcold Waters set to retireWed 18/2, 5:21AM
David MyersMidfieldersore Myers injures ankleMon 16/2, 12:52AM
Zac DawsonBacksore Dawson strains groinWed 4/2, 7:47AM
Paul SeedsmanMidfieldersore Surgery saga for SeedsmanMon 26/1, 2:16AM
Jack DarlingForwardsore Darling back at trainingMon 26/1, 1:57AM
Ryan CrowleyMidfieldersore Back tightness for CrowleySat 24/1, 8:10AM
Aidan RileyMidfieldersore Riley seeks life sans vestsMon 19/1, 8:34AM
Sam GilbertBacksore Saints hopeful for Gilbert Wed 14/1, 1:55AM
Scott SelwoodMidfieldersore Scott Selwood on light dutiesSun 11/1, 7:55AM
Brodie MurdochBacksore Murdoch mystery injury?Sun 11/1, 6:58AM
Matt ThomasMidfieldersore Matt Thomas on sidelinesSun 11/1, 5:26AM
Colin SylviaForwardsore Clean out for Sylvia Sun 11/1, 1:12AM
Heath HockingMidfieldersore Interrupted preseason for Hocking Sun 11/1, 12:33AM
Nick KommerForwardsore Not coming on for Kommer Sat 10/1, 7:35AM
Cameron GilesBacksore Giles not feeling buffySat 10/1, 6:45AM
Sam ShawBacksore Missing start of 2015 is a Shaw thingFri 9/1, 7:34PM
Murray NewmanForwardsore Left knee restricts Newman Tue 6/1, 12:38AM