Injured, sore, concussed, LTI and suspended AFL players

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NameClubPositionLast News StoryDateline
Paul SeedsmanMidfielderinjured Seedsman subbed with corkieFri 1/5, 10:20PM
Lachie HendersonBackinjured Henderson crashes to earthFri 1/5, 10:20PM
Jack ZiebellMidfielderinjured Ziebell injured again in R3Sat 18/4, 9:50PM
Ollie WinesMidfielderinjured Wines dislocates wrist in R3Sat 18/4, 9:50PM
Chris KnightsForwardlongterminjured Knights tears hamstringSat 18/4, 9:50PM
Adam CooneyMidfielderinjured Cooney pings hammy in R3Sat 18/4, 4:15PM
Jack VineyMidfielderinjured Viney out for four with fibula fractureThu 16/4, 4:03PM
Clinton YoungMidfielderinjured Clinton Young training but still outThu 16/4, 3:51PM
Troy MenzelForwardinjured Troy Menzel out with calfThu 16/4, 3:48PM
Jackson PaineForwardinjured Jackson Paine injures shoulderThu 16/4, 2:25PM
Archie SmithRuckinjured Archie Smith needs knee opThu 16/4, 2:21PM
Luke McGuaneForwardsore McGuane knee problems continueThu 16/4, 2:19PM
Sam ShawBackinjured Sam Shaw out for longerThu 16/4, 2:14PM
Sam SigginsBackinjured Siggins out with buttock injuryThu 16/4, 2:11PM
James PodsiadlyForwardsore Podsiadly cleared of back injuryThu 16/4, 1:48PM
Luke LowdenRuckinjured Lowden struggling with AchillesThu 16/4, 1:44PM
Harry DearForwardinjured Dear dislocates shoulder in SANFLThu 16/4, 1:40PM
Scott SelwoodMidfielderinjured Selwood out again with ankleWed 15/4, 1:21PM
Michael CloseForwardlongterminjured Close tears ACL in R2Sun 12/4, 7:10PM
James FrawleyBackinjured Frawley out with pectoral injurySun 12/4, 5:50PM
Zac ClarkeRucksore Clarke limps off in R2Sun 12/4, 3:40PM
Jarrod HarbrowBackinjured Shoulder injury for Harbrow in R1Sat 11/4, 9:50PM
Ben SinclairBackinjured Sinclair pings string in R2Sat 11/4, 7:05PM
Brodie SmithBackstar Brodie Smith stars then sees starsSat 11/4, 7:05PM
Adam TomlinsonBacklongterminjured Tomlinson tripped by toe in R1Sat 11/4, 4:40PM
Kane LambertForwardinjured Lambert injures shoulder in R1Sat 11/4, 4:15PM
Simon TunbridgeForwardlongterminjured Tunbridge injures ankle in R1Fri 10/4, 9:40PM
Simon WhiteBackinjured Simon White injures knee in R1Fri 10/4, 9:40PM
Liam ShielsMidfielderinjured Shiels injured in R1Mon 6/4, 5:50PM
Steele SidebottomMidfielderlongterminjured Sidebottom breaks thumb in R1Sat 4/4, 9:50PM
Mitch BrownBacklongterminjured Mitch Brown tears ACL in R1Sat 4/4, 9:50PM
Tom RockliffMidfielderinjured Rockliff rocked by rib injurySat 4/4, 9:50PM
Jaeger O'MearaMidfielderlongterminjured O'Meara out for seasonSat 4/4, 9:44PM
David MyersMidfielderlongterminjured Myers dislocated shoulderSat 4/4, 7:05PM
Jack LeslieBackinjured Leslie injures neck in NEAFLSat 4/4, 2:04PM
Dale ThomasMidfielderinjured Dale Thomas dislocates shoulderThu 2/4, 9:50PM
Clay SmithForwardsore Clay Smith still weeks awayThu 2/4, 6:28PM
Caleb DanielMidfielderinjured Daniel to miss a monthThu 2/4, 5:06PM
Eric MackenzieBacklongterminjured Mackenzie put on LTI listThu 2/4, 4:09PM
Danny StanleyForwardinjured Stanley out for R1 with quadWed 1/4, 2:23PM
Liam SumnerForwardlongterminjured Sumner breaks wristWed 1/4, 10:05AM
Will Hoskin-ElliottForwardinjured Hoskin-Elliott injures shoulderWed 1/4, 10:02AM
Ciaran SheehanBackinjured Sheehan out for R1 with groinWed 1/4, 12:20AM
Nick SubanMidfieldersore Suban hammy upgrade for R1Wed 1/4, 12:04AM
Kaiden BrandBacklongterminjured Brand out for 2016Wed 1/4, 12:00AM
Nic NewmanBackinjured Nic Newman to miss R1Tue 31/3, 10:14PM
Jimmy WebsterBackinjured Webster set for R3 returnTue 31/3, 9:12PM
Leigh MontagnaBacksore Montagna outside chance for R1Tue 31/3, 9:10PM
Taylor GarnerForwardinjured Garner out for R1Tue 31/3, 6:04PM
Mark HutchingsMidfieldersore Hutchings back at trainingTue 31/3, 5:11PM
Xavier EllisBackinjured Xavier Ellis ruled out for R1Tue 31/3, 5:08PM
Kurt AylettBackinjured Aylett training but out for R1Tue 31/3, 1:45PM
Matt DeaBackinjured Dea to miss R1Tue 31/3, 12:55PM
David AstburyBackinjured Astbury still a few weeks awayTue 31/3, 12:51PM
Matt TabernerForwardsore Taberner battling for R1Tue 31/3, 12:49PM
Nathan FoleyMidfielderinjured Foley set for R3 returnTue 31/3, 12:05PM
Ben McGlynnMidfielderinjured McGlynn out for R1 with hipMon 30/3, 9:09PM
Sam KerridgeMidfieldersore Kerridge pressing for R1Mon 30/3, 5:46PM
Jason WinderlichForwardinjured Winderlich's back issue worsensMon 30/3, 5:18PM
Josh ThomasMidfieldersuspended Josh Thomas has positive drug testMon 30/3, 5:15PM
Lachlan KeeffeBackinjured Keeffe suspended for drug testMon 30/3, 5:13PM
Colin SylviaForwardinjured Sylvia out of WAFL with calfSun 29/3, 12:48AM
Murray NewmanForwardinjured Murray Newman injures ankleSun 29/3, 12:32AM
Anthony MorabitoMidfielderwafl No timeline for MorabitoSun 29/3, 12:29AM
Ryan CrowleyMidfieldersuspended Crowley suspended until at least R5Sat 28/3, 12:18PM
Christian PetraccaForwardlongterminjured Petracca put on LTI listFri 27/3, 12:47PM
Cameron GilesBacklongterminjured Cameron Giles put on LTIFri 27/3, 12:45PM
Shaun HampsonRucksore Hampson injures kneeFri 27/3, 8:49AM
Daniel MarkworthForwardlongterminjured Markworth to be added to LTI listThu 26/3, 12:48AM
Seb RossMidfielderlongterminjured Ross put on LTI listThu 26/3, 12:31AM
Arryn SipossForwardlongterminjured Siposs put on LTI listThu 26/3, 12:29AM
Leigh AdamsForwardinjured Leigh Adams out for R1Wed 25/3, 1:21AM
Levi GreenwoodMidfielderlongterminjured Greenwood out until at least R7Tue 24/3, 10:11PM
Brad CrouchMidfielderlongterminjured Brad Crouch out for two monthsTue 24/3, 9:32PM
Hayden BallantyneForwardsore Ballantyne less than 50:50 for R1Tue 24/3, 8:58PM
Zac DawsonBackinjured Dawson confirmed out for R1Tue 24/3, 8:36PM
Alex SilvagniBackinjured Silvagni out for R1Tue 24/3, 8:33PM
Brent MacafferMidfielderlongterminjured Macaffer placed on LTI listSat 21/3, 2:39AM
Daniel NielsonBacklongterminjured Nielson ruptures ACLFri 20/3, 1:01AM
Lachlan HansenBackcold Hansen in doubt for R1Thu 19/3, 2:47PM
Nick KommerForwardinjured Kommer full stop for round 1Mon 16/3, 6:39PM
Heath HockingMidfielderinjured Hocking out for round 1Mon 16/3, 6:36PM
Tayte PearsBacksore Pears' outlook improvesMon 16/3, 6:34PM
Daniel HoweBacksore Howe cops shoulder knockMon 16/3, 4:44PM
Tendai MzunguBackinjured Mzungu injures hammy in NAB 3Sun 15/3, 6:40PM
Alex Neal-BullenMidfielderinjured Neal-Bullen to miss start of 2015Sat 14/3, 11:01AM
Dean KentForwardinjured Kent to miss NAB 3 with heelSat 14/3, 10:57AM
Bernie VinceBackinjured Vince doubtful for R1 with hammySat 14/3, 10:54AM
Daniel MenzelForwardinjured 3-week hammy for Daniel Menzel Thu 12/3, 11:40PM
Brad HartmanForwardlongterminjured Hartman goes homeWed 11/3, 11:25AM
Jacob TownsendMidfielderinjured Townsend out for month with footWed 11/3, 12:53AM
Sean LemmensBackinjured Lemmens in moon boot with turf toeWed 11/3, 12:47AM
Shane BiggsBackinjured Biggs' small string injuryWed 11/3, 12:40AM
Matt CrouchMidfieldersore Matt Crouch still sittingWed 11/3, 12:24AM
Tom J. LynchForwardsuspended Tom J. Lynch accepts 1 week banTue 10/3, 11:41PM
Cameron DelaneyBacklongterminjured Cameron Delaney starts runningFri 6/3, 2:25PM
Chris DawesForwardsuspended Dawes boots one in NAB 2Thu 5/3, 9:40PM
Farren RayMidfielderlongterminjured Ray out for three monthsWed 4/3, 4:11PM
Mason ShawForwardinjured Mason Shaw given month offTue 3/3, 10:44PM
Lincoln McCarthyForwardlongterminjured McCarthy out for five monthsTue 3/3, 2:21PM
Callum SinclairRuckinjured Sinclair to miss a monthMon 2/3, 6:10PM
Tom LiberatoreMidfielderlongterminjured Liberatore out for year with ACLSun 1/3, 1:10PM
Nathan HrovatMidfielderinjured Hrovat fractures ribSat 28/2, 7:10PM
Rory AtkinsMidfielderlongterminjured Atkins injures PCLFri 27/2, 7:35PM
Matt ThomasMidfielderinjured Matt Thomas out for three moreWed 25/2, 4:59AM
Corey EllisBackinjured Corey Ellis a month awayWed 25/2, 4:55AM
Caleb MarchbankBackinjured Marchbank out for threeWed 25/2, 1:40AM
Alex PearceBackinjured Foot fracture for Alex Pearce Wed 25/2, 12:43AM
Cian HanleyBacklongterminjured Cian Hanley out for yearWed 25/2, 12:27AM
Brodie MurdochBackinjured Brodie Murdoch will take a whileTue 24/2, 1:13AM
Jeremy FinlaysonBacksore Late start for FinlaysonSat 21/2, 10:20PM
Lloyd PerrisMidfielderlongterminjured More surgery on Perris kneeboneFri 20/2, 6:05AM
Billy FramptonRucklongterminjured Frampton added to LTI listFri 20/2, 5:51AM
Beau WatersBacklongterminjured Waters confirmed to retireWed 18/2, 7:25PM
Sam GilbertBacklongterminjured Gilbert won't start until MayTue 17/2, 10:19PM
Nathan GrimaBacklongterminjured Grima back out for 12-14 weeksTue 17/2, 4:13AM
Matthew KreuzerRuckinjured Another Kreuzer foot failureMon 16/2, 4:43AM
Jack DarlingForwardinjured Darling to miss R1Sat 14/2, 6:15PM
Jono FreemanForwardlongterminjured Freeman not free for three monthsSat 14/2, 4:57AM
Ryan HarwoodBacklongterminjured Harwood has groin surgerySat 14/2, 4:48AM
Brent ReillyBackinjured Reilly gets plate in skullMon 9/2, 7:42PM
Riley KnightForwardlongterminjured Knight out for three monthsFri 6/2, 11:09PM
Pearce HanleyMidfielderlongterminjured Hanley news gets worseFri 6/2, 5:21AM
Charlie DixonForwardinjured Dixon gets ankle scopeWed 4/2, 6:43AM
Jesse LonerganMidfielderinjured Lonergan injures ankleWed 4/2, 6:35AM
Daniel FlynnBacklongterminjured Out like Flynn Fri 30/1, 5:08AM
Alex JohnsonBacklongterminjured Alex Johnson's 2015 already doneThu 29/1, 6:56AM
Zaine CordyForwardlongterminjured Cordy out for four monthsThu 22/1, 10:47PM
Aaron MullettBacklongterminjured Mullett out until R7 with shoulderMon 19/1, 11:58PM
Aidan RileyMidfieldersore Riley seeks life sans vestsMon 19/1, 8:34AM
Nathan VardyRuckinjured Vardy has another surgeryThu 15/1, 4:16AM
Jack TrengoveMidfielderlongterminjured Hope floats for Jack Trengove Sun 11/1, 3:15AM
Jonathon PattonForwardlongterminjured Patton building for 2015Sun 11/1, 2:58AM
Matthew ScharenbergBacklongterminjured Pies toey on Scharenberg Sat 10/1, 7:17AM
Trent WestRucklongterminjured West to stay south for half of 2015Sat 10/1, 6:29AM
Andy OttenBacklongterminjured Otten out for 2015Fri 9/1, 7:32PM
Lachlan PlowmanBackinjured Elbow blow for Plowman Thu 8/1, 11:41PM
Andrew RainesMidfielderinjured PCL damage for Raines Thu 8/1, 11:34PM