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New FanFooty forum

New FanFooty forum

The FanFooty forum is now up and running, with boards for Dream Team and Super Coach (including team, player and league sub-boards), Lethal League, Fox Sports, Premium Dream Team and FanFooty private leagues. Please be gentle on the software, each other and particularly me! 😀

For the moment the forum database and the FanFooty user database are separate, so you’ll have to register and log in separately to your regular FF account. If someone else pinches your favourite username then let me know and I’ll deal with it.

The software I’ve used is still in beta form, so some bits and pieces might be missing or confusingly placed – I’ve noticed that the new topic page looks a little strange, for instance. Everything seems to work, though.


P.S.: For those of you wanting to be mods, I think I’ll leave that until after Christmas.

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