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Naming rights for your fantasy league?

I got an email today from a couple of blokes offering to sell me naming rights on their AFL Dream Team league. Yes, you read that right. Someone thinks that it’s worth some of my money to name their league “” as a guerrilla marketing tactic so I can get branding on VirtualSports’ Web site. What a crazy industry this is!

The price they asked was far more than I think the “service” is worth. I don’t want to reprint their email in full, but let’s just say their fee was well into four figures. They claimed it was just to cover their members’ entry fees so that they can offer big cash prizes to the winner, and the fee would only be payable if their league was in the top 10 leagues for at least 10 weeks.

I have to admire these guys, they have balls of steel. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they find a willing buyer, but I think they might need to lower their price just a tad. What do you think would be a fair fee for naming rights to a top 10 fantasy league? Any takers for a number greater than zero?

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