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Monty: worst fantasy season ever

No, I’m not talking about me and my teams, although if I don’t pull the finger out soon it’s not going to be pretty. I’m talking about Brett Montgomery who today announces his retirement from AFL football… and who will be enshrined as the answer to the following trivia question:

Who had the worst fantasy scoring season in the history of the AFL, since full statistical records were kept?

Yes, after scoring a respectable 75 in DT and 28 in SC in one preseason game this year, Monty could only manage a handball clanger and a free against in round 1 against Geelong before coming down with what would eventually be a career-ending injury, leaving his season tally at -1 in DT and a whopping -11 in SC. Monty, I salute you. Your name shall always be a signpost of fantasy mediocrity and disaster.

Hey, wait a minute…

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