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AFL Dream Team

Coming soon: Dream Team state of origin…

As mentioned earlier today, this weekend will also be a trial, of sorts, for State of Origin Dream Team.

Here’s the format: there’s four state squads – Victoria, Allies, South Australia and West Australia. Each team has four members – one from each position in Dream Team. The highest possible scorer for each team is placed in the positions, making it a ‘shoot-out’ of the best scorers in the game, competing for their respective states.

To make it more intriguing, each team’s highest scorer will be their captain, and have their score counted double.

It’s not a perfect format, but the depth of some of the states isn’t great. Now, here’s an idea of who could line up for each of the teams:

BACK: Carrazzo, Fletcher, Sinclair, McPhee, Gilbee
CENTRE: Swan, Bartel, Judd, Bruce, West, Lewis
RUCK: White, Fraser
FORWARD: Lucas, B.Johnson, G.Ablett, Chapman, O’Keefe, J.Brown

BACK: C.Cornes, Waters
CENTRE: K.Cornes, Burgoyne brothers, Burns, Thompson, Edwards
RUCK: Lade, Ottens
FORWARD: C.Cornes, Pavlich

BACK: Bowden, Birchall, McLeod, Koschitzke
CENTRE: Hird, Cross
RUCK: Mooney, McIntosh
FORWARD: Hird, Davey, Richardson, Riewoldt

BACK: Lockyer
CENTRE: Black, Corey, Kerr, Priddis
RUCK: Cox, Sandilands
FORWARD: Franklin, Lynch

Anyone else we should include in that mix?

Note: this text replaces an introduction to the idea I posted earlier today.

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