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AFL Dream Team

Congrats, South Australians

Last week we told you how Round 11 Dream Team scores would be calculated into a State of Origin competition… Well, the scores are in, and congrats to the Redbacks for winning this State of Origin clash!

Later this year we may do it in a more exhaustive format, looking at 22 players instead of merely 4 for each team, but nevertheless here’s the results.

Team (back, centre, ruck, forward):

SOUTH AUST: total = 516. Brian Harris (WBD) 161, Scott Thompson (ADE) 143, Brendon Lade (PTA) 84, Matthew Pavlich (FRE) 128

VIC: Total = 484. Dustin Fletcher (ESS) 130, Matthew Boyd (WBD) 138, Peter Everitt (SYD) 102, Brad Johnson (WBD) 114

WEST AUST: Total 446. Brett Jones (WCE) 124, Peter Bell (FRE) 134, Dean Cox (WCE) 86, Lance Franklin (HAW) 102

ALLIES: Total = 443. Josh Drummond (BRI) 111, James Hird (ESS) 116, Jamie Charman (BRI) 92, Russell Robertson (MEL) 114

** NB: Cut out the captain-scoring-double thing, due to Harris being the highest scorer this week by a mile. That function was intended to complicate the results, not exaggerate them.

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