Match Report: 8.14.62 2022 - Collingwood 9.13.67 defeated Gold Coast 8.14.62

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Gold Coast Player Reports

Touk Miller
Head into Maynard's posterior in Q2 but returned... 31 touches and 3 marks plus 10 tackles... 0.1 as well. Playing inside midfield.

Hewago Paul Oea
Late replacement for Chris Burgess... first game... very low TOG... 1.0 from 6 disposals and 2 marks. Rotating forward.

Sore Ben Ainsworth
Heavy collision with Moore in Q4... 10 disposals including 8 kicks... also 3 marks and 3 tackles. Starting forward.

Mabior Chol
First goal... 7 touches with 5 by foot... also 3 marks... and booted 1.1. Playing a forward/ruck role on Moore.

James Tsitas
First game... spending a bit of time on the bench... 5 possessions and 3 marks. Rotating in midfield.

Injured Connor Budarick
Right leg injury in Q4... 17 disposals with 13 by foot... also 5 marks. Head to head with Ginnivan.

Samuel Collins
Playing key defender on Mihocek
Collins added 13 disposals and 4 grabs.

Malcolm Rosas
Playing a small forward role
Rosas also had 12 disposals.

Noah Anderson
Playing central midfield
Anderson contributed with 30 disposals, 5 grabs, 3 tackles and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Sam Flanders
Starting at half forward
Flanders added 14 touches and 3 marks.

Matthew Rowell
Playing inside midfield
Rowell added 23 disposals and 5 tackles.

Jack Bowes
Starting at half back
Bowes contributed with 18 possessions, 2 grabs and 3 tackles.

Levi Casboult
Up forward on Murphy
Casboult contributed with 10 possessions, 6 marks and 1.2 on the scoreboard.

Charlie Ballard
In defence on Henry
Ballard contributed with 13 touches, 9 marks and kicked 0.1.

Sean Lemmens
Playing back pocket
Lemmens contributed with 12 possessions, 6 marks and 2 tackles.

Brayden Fiorini
Started as the sub
Fiorini also had 0 disposals.

Oleg Markov
Rotating on a HBF
Markov contributed with 18 possessions, 2 marks and 5 tackles.

Caleb Graham
In defence on Cox
Graham contributed with 5 possessions, 3 marks and 2 taps.

Izak Rankine
Starting forward
Rankine contributed with 18 possessions, 2 grabs, 3 tackles and kicked 4.1.

David Swallow
Playing midfield
Swallow contributed with 24 touches, 3 grabs and 3 tackles.

Nick Holman
Starting forward
Holman contributed with 17 touches, 7 tackles and 3 frees against.

Brandon Ellis
On the outside
Ellis contributed with 15 touches, 7 marks, 3 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Jarrod Witts
First ruck
Witts contributed with 12 possessions, 2 grabs and 30 hit outs.

Collingwood Player Reports

Injured Darcy Moore
Left knee hyperextension in Q4 and stretchered off... 13 possessions and 7 marks. In defence on Chol.

Brody Mihocek
Playing CHF on Collins but moved back to cover Moore
Mihocek contributed with 13 possessions, 8 marks and 1.1 on the scoreboard.

Oliver Henry
Playing as a third tall forward on Ballard
Henry contributed with 8 possessions, 5 grabs and booted 1.2.

Jamie Elliott
Starting forward with stints in midfield
Elliott contributed with 13 disposals, 7 marks, 5 tackles and managed 0.2.

Mason Cox
Playing a ruck/forward role on Graham
Cox contributed with 9 possessions, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 21 hit outs.

Jack Ginnivan
Playing deep forward on Budarick
Ginnivan contributed with 8 touches, 4 marks and booted 3.0.

Isaac Chugg
Second game. Started as the sub.
Chugg also had 0 touches.

Jordan De Goey
Rotating midfield and forward
De Goey added 11 possessions and 3 tackles.

Nathan Murphy
In defence on Casboult
Murphy added 17 touches and 6 marks.

Brayden Maynard
Starting at half back
Maynard contributed with 18 possessions, 4 marks and 5 tackles.

Isaac Quaynor
Rotating at half back
Quaynor contributed with 15 touches, 5 marks and 3 tackles.

Jack Crisp
Starting in midfield
Crisp contributed with 18 touches, 5 grabs and 5 tackles.

Scott Pendlebury
Rotating in midfield
Pendlebury contributed with 17 possessions, 3 marks and 5 tackles.

Patrick Lipinski
Rotating in midfield
Lipinski contributed with 20 touches, 3 marks and 3 tackles.

Josh Daicos
Playing a wing role
Daicos contributed with 19 touches, 6 grabs and 3.0 on the scoreboard.

John Noble
Playing back pocket
Noble added 23 disposals and 3 marks.

Taylor Adams
Playing in midfield
Adams contributed with 20 possessions, 2 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 0.1.

Nick Daicos
Starting off a HBF
Daicos contributed with 37 touches, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 0.1 on the scoreboard.

Steele Sidebottom
Starting on a wing
Sidebottom contributed with 27 touches, 3 marks and 5 tackles.

Will Hoskin-Elliott
Starting on a HFF
Hoskin-Elliott contributed with 17 possessions, 5 grabs and 1.0 on the scoreboard.

Beau McCreery
Rotating forward
McCreery added 6 touches and 5 tackles.

Darcy Cameron
First ruck
Cameron contributed with 15 possessions, 6 marks, 2 tackles, 18 hit outs and kicked 0.1.

Trey Ruscoe
In defence
Ruscoe contributed with 12 touches, 6 marks, 2 tackles and 0.1.