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Crippa9: Liam Jones, Harry McKay, Jack Silvagni, Jack Martin all not playing Monty
Baldfrog: Carltank in full force today
TheFlagger: go good kemp
TheFlagger: power are a very tall team.
PAFC4eva: go the pear percentage
Baldfrog: Can't believe underwood said giants winning was an upset
frenzy: Murphy missing m0nty
Gandhi: Missing Murphy on the Carlton list?
Stu7: Come on Boak big one mate
Stu7: Those bulldog flog players cost me
Stu7: Wake the fu Boak
bhg26: It appears wahab has taken over stus account
TheFlagger: dont know about that watermelon comment jonno
Stu7: Good one bhg
Stu7: Flog
bhg26: Just confirmed it is wahab
BRAZZERS: remember when cd wouldnt score scores until end of 1/4
BRAZZERS: kebab usually doesnt respond to his critics tho lol
kascadev8: bugger, considered walsh but didnt shoot, damn
buttox: no sc scores?
Ash777: I ran out of trades and my team has been hit hard with injury :(
PAFC4eva: geez bergmans done alright first year in
kascadev8: good boy bergs, love ur work champ
pcaman2003: Get ya DE up Walshy.
kascadev8: helps that he had the extra preseason ay PAFC
PAFC4eva: yeah second year in the system doing well
TheFlagger: should've hit the scoreboard more
PAFC4eva: whats going on with geelong kasca tip them to finnish minor premiers
PAFC4eva: big chance to do so with doggies losing
sfenda1: been a while since we have seen old murph on fire
kascadev8: no idea pafc, im only half watching both games
frenzy: what is wrong with Aliir Aliir in all Aust form ? m0nty?
sMiles: saad your killing me in my Draft SC final - please lift
m0nty: AA for AA, definitely
kascadev8: go walshy u star
frenzy: can't have it?
sMiles: Saad x 600 psercent improvement... Do that again!!!
m0nty: please explain frenzy
m0nty: is that Amon I see tagging Walsh now?
frenzy: lol m0nty, I type it and it doesn't come up. I asked the ? and you said definitely. I'm thinking you cant have AA
TheFlagger: horrible call
Gandhi: That was a soft "dangerous" tackle geewhizz
PAFC4eva: didnt see it no coverage in sa wtf
sMiles: oh Saaad - please mate stop it and get some action FFS
navy_blues: that call has changed the momentum of game
PAFC4eva: mitchhhhh young gun
navy_blues: glad boak has lifted
PAFC4eva: orazioooooo
SeasickJac: Thanks for the pick for Saad Carlton..
SeasickJac: Lets go Drew... get the magic 100+
navy_blues: and carlton stop again
faisca7: Dixons donuts
TheFlagger: soft
m0nty: that was a very long quarter
navy_blues: 1 thing carlton have finally got right is playing kennedy regularly
faisca7: long quarter, is there lightning or something?
Bazza2014: how long?
Stu7: 35 minutes Bazza
DrSeuss: Ahhh Houston back to your usual shower
TheFlagger: i feel bad for weitering. completely locks down his opponent and his teammates do flower all.
kascadev8: keep going walshy u gun
Bazza2014: thanks
Stu7: Lift Boak
navy_blues: agree stu
sMiles: I feel bad for me - Saad and Dixon killing me in draft.KILLING - lol
PAFC4eva: whats going on in other game not updating
faisca7: ben gogos bailed on us
BRAZZERS: its alright now mate
Stu7: 3/4 time Geelong 65 Saints 63
pcaman2003: Compared to Boak,I'm surprised Walsh's score not further in front.
BRAZZERS: was okay at dream-stats, too many muppets there tho
PAFC4eva: need to get these slow starts in order before finals
PAFC4eva: mighty mitch
BigChief: 11 straight goals. Goodbye Teague.
PAFC4eva: foot on the throat port %
Bazza2014: woo hoo carltank
PAFC4eva: robbies back
Gotigres: 120 please Walsh
PAFC4eva: whats wrong with scooter need him playing
Silz90: Where are the cones? Great way to send murph off
PAFC4eva: not a good way to celebrate a champions 300 carlton you deserve better murph
Bazza2014: how many port goals in a row?
BigChief: Is this worse than WC effort for Hurn's 300th? Would be close.
Bazza2014: just asking for a friend
Stu7: Boak kicking rocks?
Gandhi: Hurn's 300th was bad, but this is a nightmare last game
PAFC4eva: i think 18
Bazza2014: wow
Raspel31: Just crossed over from other game- so much anger. need love. Can carlton win this?
BigChief: Might get to 20 yet.
Wahab_18: Matt Kennedy you're so ugly and irrelevant no on even knows u donkey
Silz90: Wow wahab are you 10 years old. Such a weird thing to say lol
bhg26: Well thatís just rude wahab, poor guy
BRAZZERS: why you paying attention to his looks? thats says everything i need to know
kascadev8: wtf wahab, if i could skull react i would
Wahab_18: He's just so annoying like stop trying
Raspel31: M0nty- we have asked and asked- get rid of wahab please. A sexist racist bogan
Wahab_18: Ahhh never mind this 50m just made me feel better sorry Matt Kennedy. Lets go Houstonnn
PAFC4eva: cmon 1 more port
Bazza2014: houston we have a problem
BRAZZERS: you have houston? you're team is trash lmao
pjw1234: butters at it again
Wahab_18: Brazzers call it trash after it score 2650 this week
BigChief: Blues goaless in 2 1/2 quarters. Teague can start packing his stuff.
bhg26: Wow, where are you ranked Wahab?
TheFlagger: have to remind yourself sometimes that it is just a game. hard to cope supporting carlton.
kascadev8: sam walsh come to the cats mate, play some finals and have some teammates
Gandhi: Poor Murphy, feel for him after that rubbish
Silz90: If he doesnít get the sack bc I wonít be happy. Big issues at the club
bhg26: Heís too young kasca
Wahab_18: I got off to a horrible start was under 50k at 1 point but now 6.5k
Kidult: Shotgun ready. Poor Teague
bhg26: Haha trash
kascadev8: bhg, over 15 play on
Bazza2014: carltank relocating to Hobart
PAFC4eva: ill go watch the delayed telecast now go pear
Bazza2014: sam walsh come to hawks win flags
kascadev8: baz bit harsh on tassie isnt it?
TheFlagger: when will the disappointment end. disgusted.
Raspel31: Mr Smythe here , Council representing Wahab. My client has the brain of a 2 year old.
BigChief: TheFlagger not for a very long time mate.