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Kidult: Hopefully Reeves can come back next week
bhg26: flowering reeves
PJ39301965: Evening all
zadolinnyj: gents
exatekk: FFS Really? im only hesring about Reeves now
Manowar: good news about Reeves, my op has
PJ39301965: Anyone else bring in Newcombe
wadaramus: FFS traded Flynn to Reeves!
kascadev8: Evening
navy_blues: same wada
Gotigres: I traded in Newcombe
Manowar: Big mistake!
navy_blues: my opp has reeves capt tho lololol
wadaramus: Why the late out for Reeves?
Ash777: I traded out Jiath for LLoyd. Probably should of hold on for 1 more week.
wadaramus: Just heard rolled ankle for Reeves on telly.
Hazza09: Reeves late out means Newcombe comes in
StuL: Rolled ankle Reeves. Trying to fly like Superman
Gotigres: Mills is my vc this week.
phivee: good stuff so far sydney
PJ39301965: Conspiracy theory is heís the one that KO Lewis.
Manowar: not looking good for Sydney tonite!
Pies20: That was a waste trade for me geeeeeze reeeves
Torz: Newcombe getting CBAs is promising
Kidult: Sweet go Mitchell
kascadev8: impey playing forward?? thats not good
Manowar: what's wrong with Newcombe? no SC points
Kidult: No Impey is back. Played forward last week.
Pies20: I need to get rid of phillps
Kidult: Had 4 efforts just then but couldn't pick it up
Bazza2014: newcombe was always in, reeves out cegs in!
kascadev8: i got rid of phillips last week, expect the ton tonight. any danger of doing something heeney? such a bad trade in ffs
Manowar: Heeney doing well tonite!
Hazza09: I hope Newcombe can get atleast 30
rupertmarn: Buddy is good player
Bazza2014: hope ray gets frost bite of his throat on monday
rupertmarn: Isaac Heeney or Isuck Heeney?
kascadev8: heeney goal finally hahha
tdarian: heendog!!
exatekk: ok who has the kendo sticks in the crowd? Thats gonna get annoying
bhg26: Hows that rupert and manowar?
Pav300: Tich was always going to go big once Clarko started the trade rumour.
Bazza2014: is that sarcasm rupert or stating the obvious!
rupertmarn: Clarko will coach Collingwood and be on a massive contract
Bazza2014: yeah your on crack rupert
m0nty: Koschityze was the one who punched Lewis btw
Bazza2014: youve made 4 comments that says crack is evil
Ash777: clarko coaching pies would be gross
Pies20: Rather clarko than ross please don't get ross pies
rupertmarn: I spoke too soon Bazza
Bazza2014: lewis deserved it
rupertmarn: Prediction Mitchell 183
Bazza2014: i cant take you seriously rupert when crack is your right hand man
Kidult: Knowing my luck with Mitchell he will score 90 first half and finish on 108
NewFreoFan: Pies can't get Ross, their supporters won't be able to understand him
SeasickJac: Get near it Newcombe
rupertmarn: Bazza I dont smoke crack I smoke medical whack weed.
NewFreoFan: An Amarteyville horror of a kick
DrSeuss: Newcombe looking very slow at this level so far
Bazza2014: NFN 2 points
bhg26: You were waiting for an opportunity to use that werent you @NewFreoFan?
Bazza2014: correction NFF 2 points
bhg26: Reeves should be on 38, not Ceglar
NewFreoFan: Just providing special comments from the back row
Bazza2014: give the NEWK a go. if you got him in ya wasted ya cash
bhg26: keep them coming
NewFreoFan: Newcombe? More like Newgo after this game
DrSeuss: Good last few minutes from the Newc
Gotigres: Mills is crap. He is matched against Newcombe. He should be at least 40 already
bhg26: I thought the home team usually gets the favourable calls
Bazza2014: might not get flogged after all
Bazza2014: boxing sesh mightve worked??
Gotigres: I gained 298k Bazza plus his 30-40 points
bhg26: We know which teams ready for a punch up bazza
Raspel31: Just home- for ffs do something Titch.
kascadev8: heeney get off the pine you goose, not a swan, a goose
Bazza2014: we got nothing to lose 17th will be our position, so its a must win for the edlestens
wadaramus: Bewdy Newk.
BestCoast: Yeah a hammy
bhg26: Titch 10 touches, 61 metres gained. Sound about right
Hazza09: Got to love that Google ad, great concept by the AFL
Bazza2014: he is lucky to kick over a jam tin, whatcha expect
bhg26: Thought collingwood and north had 17th and 18th locked bazza
Bazza2014: he's getting in and dirt, #bewdynewk
Bazza2014: nah pies 16th i read it in cosmo
robbieg: newcombe tackle machine
Gotigres: Newcombe looks a goer
kascadev8: do something titch u havent touched it yet
Bazza2014: he's switched to tagger clarko just called me
StuL: Heeney is a spring loaded mechanism on a bit of wood
Hazza09: Love Newcombeís work rate
Gotigres: actually make that 198k Bazza, but so far happy with Newk
DrSeuss: Newcombe took about 15 minutes to warm up but motoring now
Raspel31: We in northern Mongolia are loving you Mr Newconbe.
m0nty: Newcombe is second to the ball but he is tackling well without giving away frees
DrSeuss: Kosi and Newcombe making Lloyd look average in my team so far
Bazza2014: doesnt hawks backline look 20% better with Will !
BestCoast: Newcombe has a little Genghis Khan in him Raspel
kascadev8: heeney ur allowed to go near the footy
bhg26: Any chance we get a free?
beerent11: Haha why would you pick heeney
Raspel31: Ah Nest- you speak with wisdom above your ears. Sorry, ears.
kascadev8: beer i was desperate
Bazza2014: papsmear
bhg26: So thats holding the ball, good to know the umpires are consistent
BestCoast: Who can't stop drinking may get drunken three times a month Raspel
Bazza2014: god i hate the french
Beast_Mode: ceglar playing well, will he keep reeves out next week if he keeps this up?
PJ39301965: Wtf thatís crap. Pay them both ways ffs
navy_blues: i didnt think any1 picks heeney anymore to risky
Yelse: ffs i got impey and opponents have newcombe
beerent11: Spose I canít talk. Iíve got impey still
Raspel31: I have the advantage over you Best- I'm simply stoned and opening a fine chardonnay now- go Titch.
beerent11: Yep beast we may not see reeves for a while
BigChief: Morrison done?
BestCoast: On the fun snorkel Raspel?
bhg26: Flowering hell, give us a free for christs sake! And stop giving them shower ones
The Hawker: Here comes bhg and PJ hahaha
PJ39301965: How much has Clarke payed the AFL this week.
bhg26: 3 to 10, isnt this our home ground?
BestCoast: Leeuwin Estate Cab Sauv Art Series 2015 decanting as I type
Bazza2014: obriens 37 flies, but no marks
kascadev8: impey u spud move, i dont have enough trades to sell you
The Hawker: There they are
Amare: #freekickHawthorn still alive
Beast_Mode: thought so, i brought him in. didnt realize the late change :/
bhg26: That being said we are playing absolutely showerhouse
st_steve: Hawks are 17th and Ceglar is 30. My moneyís on Reeves being back quick
Bazza2014: woo hoo
Hazza09: Was that a missed tackle from Newcombe?
phivee: christ this is embarrassing to watch
Bazza2014: free kick jiath\
bhg26: Wicks youre dropped
BestCoast: Morrison Morrisoff
kascadev8: heeney wtf r u doing, wake up
The Hawker: I love free kick Hawthorn!!!
Bazza2014: deliberate jiath
BigChief: That was horse shower. No way that was deliberate from lloyd.
bhg26: Holy shower! We got one!
Raspel31: I met a Swan's supporter- once.
bhg26: My word, two!
Beast_Mode: it was clear as day, couldnt have been more obvious
DrSeuss: Lloyd punches - Breust goes for a shot in the ribs - free against Lloyd wtf
xjumpman23: What happened to Morrison?
Bazza2014: seems fair
PJ39301965: The umps have lost control here
VodkaHawk: Lol @Hawker, I love hearing it.. the tears and salt are flowing
bhg26: Its A-Mar-Tey! Not amity!
Bazza2014: another swan done
CozzieCan: So far every four minutes hawks get a free kick lol
Bazza2014: were gonna need a bigger boat
CozzieCan: Flower not Lloyd !!! Come on please be okay
DrSeuss: Kosi - if you have hurt Lloyd you are a freaking muppet
blonde0na: hurts a bit to see Lloyd with 0 marks
Bazza2014: loving the KOSI
BigChief: Can they please sack BT? He continues to butcher the players names.
happytimes: Vc on Mitchell is looking good
beerent11: Was hoping keep impey all season....
Bazza2014: will day youll be a star
Bulky: Sydney playing like their in mourning for Dr. Edelsten.
bhg26: Even the hawthorn players thought that was a mark, apparently not
Bazza2014: horse under the pump , heeney gone back
Manowar: Heeney overrated!
pcaman2003: Is Mills going to play,or just look around?
Raspel31: Impey not stupid beer- now runs a successful waste management company.
Bazza2014: deliberata again
Gotigres: Heeney can't mark anything
bhg26: This is flowering horrible swans, should be flowering ashamed of themselves. This is pathetic
Bazza2014: weds training next week for HAWKS, #boxing
PJ39301965: Hope Gill drowns on Monday. He deserves it with this bullshower
feralmong: not the kind of disposals we want though rasp.
navy_blues: think hawks might pinch this 1 clearly killin syd in the air
PJ39301965: I agree bhg the umpires ainít helping either
BigChief: How the flower is it Gill's fault the Swans are playing crap?
StuL: Dr Douchebag looked a bit like Razor Ray. Thoughts?
BestCoast: Geoffrey Edelsten died if a broken heart he missed his big crack whore
pcaman2003: Hard to believe the Swans 6th and Hawks 17th. Lol!
Silz90: Comon pj wth
Bazza2014: hehehe good half, will see if they can play 2 halfs
PJ39301965: @Bigchief tell me the umpires are consistent in how there umpiring tonight.
feralmong: Edelsten had a thing for big breaths.
Fatbar5tad: flower sake Seagull winged.
DrSeuss: Lloyd better be ok or Kosi you best kick a bag to make up for it
kascadev8: impey heeney mills any danger u lot do something tonight? im never happy, but ur making me very unhappy. more than usual
pcaman2003: PJ39301965. Show me a game where umps are ever consistent.
PJ39301965: The umpires have been inconsistent all year but sometimes when scrutiny is in the last few minutes then they discuss it.
PJ39301965: Forget what happens throughout the games
kascadev8: @pca prior to 2017 was a good start
navy_blues: if lloyd subbed out it would help me this round
bhg26: Like the Geelong game against us PJ, went their way all game and then one call at the end and then its free kick sydney
bhg26: Dont care about you navy, i have him and i dont want him subbed
feralmong: slow down titch we only want to give a 2nd rounder.
PJ39301965: Exactly bhg
PJ39301965: But itís not just swans games itís through all games. Paid one end. Paid opposite the other end.
pcaman2003: kaskadev. I'll take your word for it mate. Too far back for me to remember
PJ39301965: Thatís why fans get frustrated. Just be consistent.
Apachecats: Evening all ,just in from a massive happy hour at my local watering hole.
Yelse: what happened to loyd?
Bazza2014: kasca needs blood presssure pills
Bazza2014: lewis taylor could be the spark swanettes need
kascadev8: Bazza they are ineffective for me unfortunately
Bazza2014: heheh
feralmong: yelse the gull came off 2nd best to a flock of hawks
Bazza2014: unlukky kasvca
Kidult: Lloyd got a knee in the mid region when Koschi flew for a mark
Bazza2014: bought time a seagull got culled no chips for you #soupnazi
CozzieCan: This sc year is flowered aye
Grimes Jr: newcombe on track for most tackles on debut
PJ39301965: Whoís taking Buckleyís job?
srj2409: Rest Lloyd now. Games over. Bye next week. Too important to worry about half a game.
zadolinnyj: Malthouse
bhg26: Only good thing about this game for me is Jiath, everything else is showerhouse
navy_blues: agree srj
Bazza2014: easily grimes
kascadev8: im taking Buckley's spot, I will make sure grundy and fin macrae play
Raspel31: As I come out of my tantric half time meditation- I think- yes, stupid buy Heeney. And so we grow.
bhg26: heeney losing points at half time, come on
navy_blues: lol coach kasca gee u would abuse your players
CozzieCan: @bgh heís touched it 3 times lol , wouldnít expect any less
Pies20: I don't think I've ever scene Phillip's with a sun next to his name🤔
kascadev8: @navy i demand good quality, not spuds. i would be a great coach
bhg26: I swear every time we smother it, it just goes straight into their hands
BestCoast: As flies to wanton boys, we are for the Gods. They kill us for the sport
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
bhg26: Reeves should be on 67
Torz: Amartey passes it to Newc. Good teamwork boys.
kascadev8: newcombe has actually looked pretty good
Apachecats: I'll have whatever your having BC.
kascadev8: could buy a drink every time heeney touches the ball.. wont be a very expensive night out
Gotigres: Wow, beauty Newk
sMiles: newcombe needs a haircut ... just saying
bhg26: Its like buddy is our only forward, dont kick it to anyone else
Bazza2014: bestcoke eagles
Apachecats: Heeney is a teaser.
BestCoast: You better believe it Bazza 100% Peruvian
Beast_Mode: need to settle down with newc, had 9 tackles not going to do that every week. Just one kick lol
Raspel31: Gloucester was always a bit of a rogue BC- love you Newcs.
Pies20: Jitah who's still got him? Glad i do tonight and how long do we hang onto him?
kascadev8: impey turn around muppet you could have gotten a disposal
beerent11: Heeney is the definition of trap apache
bhg26: If he plays like this for us Pies, rest of the year
Wo0lfee: Frost is such a hard ar$e
phivee: frost is a flog
bhg26: Sorry i havent been paying attention, is Heeney a trap?
BestCoast: Indeed Raspel and a good trotting track as well
Gotigres: Newcombe just took the ball off Mills
DrSeuss: So glad Lloyd is back on - but be great if he could get some more marks - canít rely on Kosi helping with his score
Apachecats: Betting Swans will still get up in this.
Pies20: Hopefully he does bhg, frost is a hard nut-flog
kascadev8: good thing titch is scoring well tonight, someones gotta make up for the heeney mills impey horrorshow
rupertmarn: Call the search and rescue, Heeney has gone missing.
bhg26: Can the swans stop only kicking it to buddy, we have other forwards
Migz: heeney is a good 1 on 1 marker, why dont sydney ever kick it to him in isolation?!
BestCoast: No injuries keep Seagull from his SC duties
MrWalrus: Not sure id be calling Mills or Impey a horrorshow
kascadev8: @Migz he's dropped 3 easy marks tonight already haha
Pies20: No chips when there is to much pressure
beerent11: 10 tackles for newc
Migz: aww shower. ive only tuned in from half time. he always lets me down, even when i talk him up
bhg26: He is still the best mark in the comp kasca
bhg26: Doesnt beat my 21 in under 13s beer
bhg26: Uh, didnt Newcombe handball that? ill take it
BestCoast: Has a never happy unless his premos are on 125 at quarter time
kascadev8: i look a bit like heeney, so this yucky performance from him upsets me so far
sMiles: think Heeney's finger hand is the problem. He'l be good after the bye
navy_blues: um wouldnt say best mark in comp bhg
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
Pies20: Who heeney you got to be joking bhg
The Hawker: Good intensity Newc
BestCoast: Kasca*
Torz: Any danger of a tackle Newk
Raspel31: He has a hand with fingers sMiles?
duckky: Newcomb 12 tackles so far. Doesn't Libba hold the record?
Ash777: newk going to break the most tackles in a game at this rate.
kascadev8: @Best you would be correct, but if it makes everyone else feel better than id say thats a win
DrSeuss: Damn Nuke
Bazza2014: no free to phillips
Silz90: Libby is so underrated love that bloke
bhg26: Flowering great stuff there belly, how is that not a free? Frost you flog
BigChief: No free to Bell for that?
Beast_Mode: lloyd racking up the contested footy, no seagull tonight
duckky: IMO ... if you kick it along the ground and it hits the post - that should be a clanger
wadaramus: Newk clearly need a handlebar Mo, or he just can't carry the name.
sMiles: bhg26 - unless it is against the lions - these umpires should be investigated
gazza39: Phillips plays in the midfield, but doesn't touch the pill?
Raspel31: It's in his contract wada.
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
Kidult: Bloody Titch, doin as I thought he would in the second half
Gotigres: I have Mills, Impey, Heeney and Newk. Guess who has the highest score.
The Hawker: Titch could be tagged
m0nty: Newcombe looks more like Ilie Nastase
Apachecats: Not many would remember Bewdy Newc ,Apache does.
gazza39: Had CJ and Hardwick, traded CJ....
circle52: Rowbottom appears to running with Titch
BigChief: hahaha that's funny m0nty
kascadev8: @Gotigres i have those 4 and titch haha, not the most fun rn
PJ39301965: Iíve come to clean the pool
pcaman2003: Got Mills 2 weeks ago and then spuds it. What a crazy year
Raspel31: The dodgy Romanian M0nty- you're testing our age.
Bazza2014: apache wouldnt know who rod laver was
duckky: Monty... You are making me feel Ille
navy_blues: eewww bad turnover
Bazza2014: bewdy newk moore of that
kascadev8: selfish from Moore, titch was open
MrWalrus: Go the Ron Jeremy you think PJ?
bhg26: What the flower is 15 metres and what the flower isnt
gazza39: Hawks fit enough to run this out?
Migz: poor hickey was all alone on the wing then, how do they miss the biggest players on the field
Catatafish: Go for the tackle record, Newcombe!
duckky: Most tackles in a game- Ziebell with 19
DrSeuss: Looks like Morris is putting a forward tag on Lloyd
arbel: Heeney doesn't do good with franklin cos all thecseans do is try kick to him
kascadev8: @bhg ill help you out, 22 metres isnt the minimum 15metres but an 8metre kick is far enough
bhg26: flower off Ray!
Bazza2014: free kick razor
BestCoast: Ron the hedgehog Jeremy about to be sentenced to 80 years for rape
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
Bazza2014: is will day okay, took a kock?
bhg26: Sound rights kasca
Raspel31: Have 11 million on Mitchell tonning up- nerves shakey.
Bazza2014: or a knock?
bhg26: You cant make a mistake and penalise us Ray, power off you power hungry piece of shower
gazza39: depends bazza, if he is in to it..
navy_blues: lol bazza
MrWalrus: Papley right to give ray a spray, awful decision and he was right there, that was NOT a handball
Bazza2014: yeah thanks gaz
Gotigres: Wicks gone for a couple of weeks
bhg26: Due to get dropped anyway wicksy
kascadev8: i dont think ive ever paid a free for umpire abuse.. maybe i should start doing that when i want the footy
Apachecats: Cheers Bazza!Bewdy Newc.
Bazza2014: im 97% into a pinot after moving house gimme a break, typing not my forte tonight
navy_blues: wow free kick heaven here for hawks
bhg26: Grow a pair and give us a free
AlsoGmax: Alright, time for me to admit I brought Heeney in after his 135 two weeks ago. I deserve this.
Ash777: how much did razer get paid
Bazza2014: WLD this is a better hawthorn tonight
Kidult: Koschi always has the ball go through his hands and hits his head
AlsoGmax: omg Heeney just touched the ball.
Amare: Umps absolutely destroying Sydney
Wahab_18: Logan go back Fwd and kick a goal for my multi please.. Thanks :)
Bazza2014: heeney=gimping it
Apachecats: Moving house is a mother ,sympathy bazza,kill that Pinot and open another.
Migz: replay show he clearly got a handball away, dont know what the problem is
pcaman2003: Good game Hawks. Keep the pressure up and win some frees.
Migz: razor made the correct call.
Gotigres: Me too AlsoGmax. I can understand why he was so cheap.
bhg26: We hurt Rays feelings so now we are definitely not getting any more frees
Migz: if thats not a handball better go back and take away 1000 handballs hodgeys ever done
DrSeuss: Get a freaking touch Lloyd ffs. Meanwhile Mills going bonkers in the last 5 minutes. Oh and Kosi done nothing for 45mins
navy_blues: this newc is impressive 1st time ive seen a 1st gamer with 12 tackles
srj2409: Lloyd scored 30 points that quarter. Tough crowd
kascadev8: i must say, i do love this footy google ad
pcaman2003: @navy. And on track for 16.
kascadev8: @Migz and you'd be resetting Clarrys career handball count to 0
Gotigres: At least Heeney is making it easy to get rid of him for next week
navy_blues: yep still another qtr
Snarfy: Shortys suffering from small man syndrome should not be allowed to be umpires. Bad mix!
Raspel31: Yes, I cop to being short of mental agility for bringing in Heeney- hawk, spit. But some brought in Buddy?
Bazza2014: just carcked the second apache
Bazza2014: or cracked
Bazza2014: pasmear shouldnt have yelled at razor
Bazza2014: you know who i larf at nick riewoldt
Bazza2014: cark narker said buddy would kick sheisse loads
Gotigres: 60 this qtr vc Mills and I might take your score
Apachecats: Rasp ,I bought SPP so know where you are ,sucks.
kascadev8: phillips you spud flower off, youve been useless all year and now you decide to do something
beerent11: Lots of people traded out grundy and Zorko
navy_blues: newc on bench lol
m0nty: Buddy could still kick six from here
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
rupertmarn: Is Heeney the most over-rated player in the league?
VodkaHawk: So this is what it looks like when the real Hawks turn up
Bazza2014: gane far from over
bhg26: Take Razors mic off
Gotigres: Burgoyne on Heeney has the easiest job in the league
bhg26: or just get rid of him, id prefer that
kascadev8: bhg im sorry for razors behaviour, i kicked the footy and it hit him in the face at training a few weeks ago
DrSeuss: power off Morris you hack - get off Lloyd - get onto Mills
Bazza2014: fair call monty
Yelse: don't like reeves chance of getting ceglar out
Bazza2014: but doubt it
navy_blues: this is the most kicks ive ever seen titch have lol
Migz: look at that, even when heeney is gonna mark it, his team mates spoil it
rupertmarn: This is what is sounds like, when swans cry..
Bazza2014: cegs career on the line needs 100 games for life member
m0nty: tackle of the night by Mitchell!
Bazza2014: is it just me or the free kicks not going our way?
Raspel31: I for one have no regrets about bringing in Heeney- I needed a tax write off.
Snarfy: Ray drives a 10 tonne truck. Needs it to carry his ego around with him.
Bazza2014: hahahah@rasp
Apachecats: 22 point lead is nothing ,Swannies will get up.
Bazza2014: just b4 the financial year rasp, good move
sMiles: Umpires crueled Swans tonight
kascadev8: good to see heeney take a mark... still waiting for it
Bazza2014: luvin your work razor
circle52: Nice to see deliberaate consistent not
navy_blues: razor might be hawk supporter lol
bhg26: Razor is flowering cheating! That is flowering ridiculous
BigChief: It really was a brilliant mark Kasca :)
PJ39301965: Wtf is this showere
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
sMiles: Newcombe looks stupid
bhg26: if the commentators are on our side, the umpiring is showerhouse
VodkaHawk: Lmao, razor has screwed the Hawks soooo many times, he is 100% not a Hawk supporter
Bulky: Sydney have been terrible but the umpiring has been disgraceful.
Bazza2014: razor is on our membership
Kidult: Wasn't a free. Was the only angle the ball could go to avoid the opponent
Bazza2014: true dat vodka!
kascadev8: if heeney gets to 75 ill run outside at 2am
BestCoast: Vodka the little flog Razor hates us
Bazza2014: anyone smelling it
bhg26: This game is flowered, im now convinced the AFL is corrupt
srj2409: Goodnight Sydney
Hazza09: Donít stop now CJ
VodkaHawk: Iím pretty sure he goes for Geelong?
BestCoast: With a mankini Kasca
Bazza2014: great mark jaeger, might have a shot now
kascadev8: rampe has outscored impey and 2x heeney combined. that is laughable
bhg26: Another one
Apachecats: That's it ,fat lady on the podium.
circle52: Think Razor tosses a coin at the start to see which team he will cruel aso he can bask in the attention
swandane: want me to call the wambulance bhg?
kascadev8: @Vodka after training with razor, i can say he doesnt
DrSeuss: Ok Lloyd and Newc - big finishes please. Especially you Lloyd
Gotigres: Bye bye Heeney. Bye bye Impey. Means I will hang on to Grundy
Bazza2014: fair call vodka, he has raped us so many times on easter monday
bhg26: You watching the game swandane?
Bazza2014: will day youll be a star
Apachecats: Only interest now is how many CJ gets.
Yelse: everyone giving heeney shower what about impey
Bazza2014: anyone else smelling it???
wadaramus: The margin is too great to blame the umps for the result.
Apachecats: Mills VC sucks.
BestCoast: Red Rover
wadaramus: I can hear it Bazza.
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
bhg26: It is when we cannot buy a free
oc16: needed to trade impey last week
BestCoast: Bazza what is the rock cooking
pcaman2003: Newcombe is super impressive. Glad I got him in now.
Bazza2014: i smell upset, been telling my family chat for 90 minutes
Yelse: what score do you take mitchel over gawn C
arbel: Don't go for either team but can't believe how one sided the umpiring has been
Bazza2014: lol@bestcoast
Beast_Mode: its not razors fault sydney played like shower
Torz: Pathetic throw in
wadaramus: I agree Ray is a wonka, but still can't blame him for the result.
BestCoast: Yelse the standard 130+
sMiles: yep - there has been a fix - needs to be an inquiry
kascadev8: mitch 145 id say
Wo0lfee: Yelse, this has been answered to death...125+
Bazza2014: so happy, such a shower move today, rained all day in hobart today, and now this ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
wadaramus: Peoples Elbow baby!
navy_blues: um i will say if free kick count was same in your selected teams match lot of you would be complaining
bhg26: Im off to bed
DrSeuss: Lloydís score is terrible for 25 possies. No marks and too many FA - not good Gulling tonight
PJ39301965: @ Beast yes we did. Umps donít help. Frustration sets in and you ge backwards
bhg26: We arent making the 8
Bazza2014: someone say percentage booster?
kascadev8: go away phillips, you continue to aggravate me
pcaman2003: @Beast. You won't stop hearing about it from the Swan supporters. They need some excuse.
circle52: @ Yelse Gawn has a 127 average so would be looking at 130+
Kidult: I would take 120
wadaramus: Enjoy the win Bazza.
BestCoast: Smackdown Hotel ya big jabroni
Bazza2014: i am, thankyou
Yelse: don't forget grundy not playing i was thinking 140+
Bazza2014: wont be many this year
Bazza2014: bad form swanettes, maybe you shouldve wore arm bands for geoffrey
Silz90: Yikes to people who got in Heeney last week. Do u trade or leave him in now
Raspel31: Pundits predict Gawn to go huge against Pies without a ruck- so I'd stick with Mitchell.
kascadev8: any chance mills and heeney can combine for a few minutes.. and then impey and newk do it for a couple mids
srj2409: 3 games clear of 9th bhg26. Bombers have tough games coming up. 4 games effectively with percent ahead of rest
Gotigres: Did he die Bazza?
rupertmarn: Trade Heeney .
Bazza2014: yes mate
Bazza2014: great carlton supporter geoffrey, but bought the swanettes
Raspel31: Only a bit Gotigres.
Bazza2014: i have the C on gawny
Apachecats: Heeney 9 touches -big night out.
Social: All Hawtjorn is doing is helping Richmond to make top 4
Gotigres: Oh, cheers Bazza
CozzieCan: Impey gets a pass this week , I wouldnít trade him just yet
BestCoast: Was all porky that Geoff owned the Swans
Bazza2014: in all due respect i really believe the free kick count is wrong, shouldve been 33-11
pcaman2003: Be good if Lloyd and Mills crack the ton.
kascadev8: my anger amuses all of you, i shall keep heeney for a little longer
bhg26: The way were playing srj, that gap is going to start shrinking
PJ39301965: I havenít said that @Bazza just be consistent
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
VodkaHawk: Lol @ Bazza
Bazza2014: nah sorry swans supporters, its been a little one sided, id be the first to say, but the frees given are correct, possib
CozzieCan: Out with the hairbrush in with Newcombe
Raspel31: All friends here ladies. Hand bags away.
BigChief: Sucked in Taylor you muppet.
Bazza2014: best 12 disposal game ive seen and ive seen hawks games since the 70s
Silz90: Taylor is finished. Did he win the rising star I canít remember lol
navy_blues: lloyd not even near the ball and score going up
Bazza2014: should be 28-16
Apachecats: Frees have been there agree.
Bazza2014: lewy taylor is fat
pcaman2003: Pap smear strangely quiet.
kascadev8: rasp ill smack u with the purse hhaha
Bazza2014: see hickey drops it like a hot potatoe, no free
bhg26: you want to talk about not getting frees bazza
Bazza2014: how many inside 50s for swanettes?
Bazza2014: id be happy to have a discussion bhg
Raspel31: When we get home kasca. I'm stuck with Max as I went Lloyd but I think i'D STICK WITH tITCH.
pcaman2003: Can we forget about the bloody frees? Sick of hearing it
bhg26: that number would be single digits bazza
Bazza2014: hawks and bombers supporters agreeing, cant be a good sign
bhg26: free kick hawthorn pcaman :)
Bazza2014: hawks have in all due respect flogged a side who thought would turn up and win
VodkaHawk: Be fair Bazza, if free were 100% correct this game, the margin would be around 36 points
robbieg: nothing to do with the frees, hawks winning almost every stat
Beast_Mode: good lloyd for the ton, nice junk
kascadev8: good work phillips u spud, i dont have u for 1 game and ur going 90+ bugger off rat
pcaman2003: bhg26. Big win Hawthorn.
AlsoGmax: Great handball, bro. Valuable.
Bazza2014: frees arent a barometer for a win
Bazza2014: flogged, contested, clearances hit outs
Bazza2014: were a happy team tonight @monty
kascadev8: no bazza, rhys mathieson is a barometer for a win
pcaman2003: LLoyd and Mills tonned,so I'm happy.
Bazza2014: bewdy newk
bhg26: Hawthorn have been pretty good, we have been absolutely flowering showerhouse. One of our worst games in recent memory
kascadev8: we're a happy team at hawthorn, heeney didnt touch the ball.. you can sing that in tune lmao
bhg26: not pretty good, very good actually
robbieg: does reeves even play next week? we beat bombers rd 1 with big boy and ceglar..
Bazza2014: was very unsydney like
Raspel31: If you're happy, I'm happy pcaman.
pcaman2003: bhg26. Screwed my tipping up a bit. No one expected the Hawks to do this.
Wahab_18: Just coz my opp didn't have Lloyd today He got no points for seagulling lol
bhg26: Anyone who tipped hawthorn misclicked pcaman
bhg26: We bloody need the bye, the boys look a bit tired
pcaman2003: I'm glad Raspel. Cheers!
bhg26: thank you Jiath, newcombe and lloyd, bad impey and bad heeney
kascadev8: thanks heeney, multiply u 3 times and ur still worse than rampe's score. flower
Bazza2014: cats and dogs not fighting rasp...scary shower
Social: are we seeing a Hawthorn free kick renaissance?