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Fansports Network: CricketFan launches

FanFooty welcomes CricketFan, a sister site about fantasy cricket

I am proud to announce today that after ten years of running FanFooty as a mostly solo exercise, a long-held dream has come to life today with the launch of CricketFan, which will hopefully be to fantasy cricket what FF has been to fantasy Australian football.

CricketFan will be run by Darius Wyatt, whom some of you might remember as being an occasional liveblogger for FanFooty under the name of darius. He’s an Adelaide lad with a long history of obsession with fantasy sports of all types, with cricket being his passion as it is for so many of us. You can read his launch article over there.

CF is mainly a blog at the moment, and Darius has prepared some essential reading for you to pore over as you get ready for the summer of cricket. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be testing live fantasy scoring in preparation for the forthcoming Big Bash League, which is where the real action is in fantasy cricket during Australian seasons, and will be populating the sort of databases you’re used to seeing with FF.

You might notice links to another site in the Fansports Network to FanLeague, which will be the rugby league version of FF, of course focused on the NRL. That site is up now, and does have searchable player profiles with historical data back to 2011, but not all of the features are live yet so some links are not working. I’ll launch that officially later on, when it’s all ready to go.

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