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Chat log from R13 of 2024: Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Sydney vs Geelong, R13 of 2024

frenzy: howdy
LionBoy: Hi frenz. Quiet afternoon. 🙂
navy_blues: hi guys
LionBoy: Went for Gulden over Warner this week. Sorry Eric owners.
bhg26: Whos eric
LionBoy: Errol sorry
Noxious: Afternoon all
LionBoy: His second cousin is Eric. I always mix em up
BigChief: Eric Shitwood maybe?
Noxious: Go Grundy, Blakey and Heeney
Stu7: Heeney & Dumpsey
LionBoy: 6 goals BC
Stu7: Hey Nox
bhg26: Im sure umps have a vendetta against grundy
BigChief: Blind Squirrell LB
Noxious: Hey Stu
LionBoy: Get on quick for the Coleman BC
BigChief: He won’t get a kick for the next 4 weeks.
Ninty: Great start by Grundy as captain
bhg26: Warner gets pinged there and we couldnt get that blatant htb
LionBoy: Weight of evidence on your side. But can only hope.
BigChief: Would love huge scores from VC Heeney and Holmes.
navy_blues: wasnt htb hadnt controlled it bhg
Silz90: Vc on heeney
navy_blues: brilliant goal
BigChief: Wake up Sydney.
Noxious: Nice goal stengle
Stu7: I brought Heeney in this week sorry everyone
LionBoy: Wake up swans.
Noxious: Grundy loves starting negative
LionBoy: Great minds. 🙂
Stu7: I?ve got 1/12 tips over the last 2 rounds unbelievable
BigChief: Grundy loves scg, so should go 110+ against Stanley
Silz90: Clark will score 20 today. And stuff his cash gen again
Roarix: Tipped the Bombers against GC at GC? Can see with the rest.. brutal Stu
SonOfAGun.: Smells like the 2022 grand final
clay007: The competition needs the swans to lose today.
Roarix: You dont see any other HB get tagged liek Stewart does.. frustrating doesnt describe it..
Ninty: We have found another with Mullin, looking great today
Roarix: Think everyone would prefer the cats to lose to keep them in the pool with a number of others clay
Roarix: Swans can keep the gap they have.. at least the cats are catchable
StuL: i think we woupd
bhg26: I mean this is the same start we had against carlton but geelong look on
StuL: i think we want us to win
Gotigres: For the love of humanity Clark, do something
clay007: I understand that concept roarix, but the swans have this air of invincibility about em.
Roarix: Also, how do we get Huddo and Howie on the same call but cop the garbage of the Hawks Giants call team..
Stu7: Not wrong Roarix
clay007: You ended up floggin the blues bhg. The swans won’t go away.
Roarix: Rather have them peak now and die out come finals clay
clay007: I like that idea roarix. lol
Gotigres: I didn’t mean go to the bench Clark!
shancrows: Brought Heeney in this week 🙁
Noxious: Horse wont be happy
FreeHughsy: could this be the round where i go 0/8 in tips
BigChief: Swans looking slow today. Cats not allowing any run.
navy_blues: syd look like they are being to fancy with the ball getting caught htb
Legix: Get off the pine Warner
Stu7: I?m on my way FreeHughsy
Noxious: Keep going Grundy
Stu7: Blame me Shan
cmperrfect: get a kick Heeney
BigChief: Stop picking splinters Heeney.
hinsch: Got Heeny, W Dawson and Ridley in this week sorry to everybody about that
Hazza09: I wish English got the same points as grundy does
Stu7: You ba5tard hinsch
soup: Not sure if we look great or Sydney look poopoo
frenzy: would love a Heeney stinker
bhg26: Both can be true soup
Gotigres: I already have one score of 0 Clark, so do something
Noxious: English mopes around the ground and does nothing, Grundy gets involved
BigChief: top 18 remember Gotigres
BigChief: That can’t be classed as a clanger to Holmes.
Gotigres: Yes, lucky BigChief
LionBoy: Any tempted by the low BE for Warner this week ?
original: Jhye clark captain. What was I thinking
StuL: My season is stuffed anyway. Dawson is the final stuff up.
Roarix: Went 3 Votes L.Neale instead Lion.. think I made the right call
circle52: Not easy when you have 2 DNO and a 0 and waiting on tomorrws team
StuL: I like going for players but its ruined.
thommoae: Count me in, LionBoy.
cmperrfect: Geelong play SCG well. Smaller ground like GMHBA
bhg26: This is absolutely fucking deplorable
thommoae: Are you hating it with every fibre of your being bhg?
Kidult: Clark u Kent! Time to put your Superman cape on!
LionBoy: Went Errol instead. Feeling like a genius now. But hands are trembling..
BigChief: cmp they have not play GMHBA well recently though.
LionBoy: Neale the better move me thinks Roar
Hazza09: Piss off grundy
Noxious: The ball and the goal posts are magnetised together
StuL: Damn you Grundy
LionBoy: Wonder if Lions kicking coach is working part time in Sydney?
Ninty: Clark tackle, yes boy
cmperrfect: true Chief. not the fortress it used to be
Noxious: Lions? More like Ports, I witnessed Hipwood kick a bag the other night
original: Can anyone confirm if Clark is actually there
StuL: Go us
Noxious: Clarks doing marginally better going into halftime than Wilson did last night
sheezel420: Surely everyone is out of the gauntlet this week?
BigChief: Clark got a kick 🙂
puckeey: he got a tackle original
LionBoy: Best game of his career Nox.
StuL: Dempsey back to being a spud
BigChief: I was out last week Sheezel.
LionBoy: Errol hit a target !!
cmperrfect: 2nd spot looking good Stu
circle52: Not wrong there Lionboy.
bhg26: Amartey is our only forward taking marks inside 50. Finally kicks a goal and get taken off, stuff rotations keep him on
LionBoy: Warner being tagged ??
Ninty: Miers, Mullin and MOC all bagged by our supporters and they?re our current top 3
bhg26: We are really good at hitting geelong defenders on the lead
bhg26: They dont even have to break stride
soup: All the Warner melts realising hes not gonna kick 4 goals every week
Noxious: Thats better swans
StuL: boo
Devero_D: Warner will be fine, the Cats have been playing out of their minds.
bhg26: Yeah he only averages 25 touches and 1.5 goals a game soup
StuL: come on cats.
BigChief: OMG the Swans kicked goals.
sheezel420: Warner is a fake premo, needs like 3 goals to score well
StuL: Dempsey back to beIng a spud again.
otis: C?mon Clark. Do something!
sheezel420: Well he shut me up lol
bhg26: Goals like those sheez?
Noxious: He might just get them this game lol what a gun
Legix: Good lad Warner
LionBoy: lol sheez
Fizzy343: warner melts on top
circle52: @ninty supporters can be cruel Hopwood was Lions whipping boy and still is by some comments
Devero_D: I hate when fake premos score on the run from 50m.
frenzy: pumpkins on the menu
Noxious: There goes the fake premo again haha
LionBoy: Game on.
soup: Geez yeah I really should have shut up
Stu7: Heeney goooooo
StuL: this game is like our seay
Devero_D: All in good fun soup.
puckeey: The cats are falling off the face of the earth
LionBoy: Heaney you star
Noxious: Heeney must’ve read this chat on the bench
LionBoy: Heeney
Legix: Heeney is a freak
Devero_D: There was zero chance the Cats could have kept up that pressure for 4Q.
Ninty: Yikes. When a team has momentum they have MOMENTUM. bloody hell.
Noxious: Isaac Brownlow Heeney
miersmessi: if you look at pretenders in the dictionary you?ll see Geelong as its definition
Ninty: Definitely couldn?t keep up the same pressure for all 4. Need HT to come quickly
StuL: At leayt
StuL: At least i have Heeney
navy_blues: syd playing to their strengths now fast direct footy
Ninty: who are you miersmessi? We don?t claim you
miersmessi: Goddamn i forgot to captain Grundy when I saw Stanley was playing
Cam123: Moved C from Heeney to Gawn….
Noxious: Moved VC from Heeney to Grundy, could be worse
miersmessi: Hahaha ninty be realistic mate we?re in our transition year we overperformed at the start of the year
obione05: Grundy VC
BigChief: The “fake” premo has 15 disp and a goal. Not too bad a half hey.
Manowar: J. Clark still suspended?
Ninty: You are a pathetic supporter
Devero_D: I think he gets it BC haha
pcaman2003: Grundy score hilarious. Jumped heaps on a few ineffective tapouts.
miersmessi: Shut
Ninty: Clark on target to beat his BE, stress less
Cascadian: Just traded in Blakey and Gulden 45 seconds before the bounce. Very happy so far
Stu7: Cats are doing a St Kilda
Manowar: yeah, I just traded in Grundy & Heeney before the bounce.
Cascadian: pcaman yes I agree mate. I traded Grundy out last week for English
Stu7: Dempsey what a spud
pcaman2003: Cascadian. Have English and not impressed this week.
Hazza09: Grundys score is a joke
cmperrfect: Grundy to English. Waste of a trade.
Hazza09: English would be on 40 with grundys stats todays
sheezel420: I don’t have Grundy but he probably has heaps of HTA, that hitout to Heeney would’ve been like 8 points alone
Devero_D: contested possessions, tackles, HTA … they all add up.
Devero_D: I could be wrong, but English doesn’t get on the ground and get the CPs.
2Ph0nes: of course its a waste of a trade, but thats all on you champ. upgrading a player avg 109 to 112 lol
pcaman2003: So does 40%DE and 3 clangers count too.
Manowar: yeah and English is yet to have a bye..Dumb trade big mistake
2Ph0nes: grundy should only be upgraded to gawn no one else, better to keep him otherwise
2Ph0nes: grundy has had 4 score invlements and 4 intercept possies which has piumped up his score along with the HTA.
2Ph0nes: his score is fair
Gotigres: Oh wow Clark. Well done. You’ve reached 9sc. Onwards and upwards to double figures thanks.
navy_blues: look at whole stats phones not just positive lol
Cam123: Rohan will get subbed on, kicked a goal and do a hammy
bhg26: Hes had 8 hitouts to advantage, thats already 40 points
StuL: Go Stengle
bhg26: I think we have a scoring end
pcaman2003: bhg. That’s what CD probably says, but my eyes say differently
navy_blues: 3 clangers and only 40%DE would take a fair few points off??
original: What odds will you give me Jhye Clark is subbed
navy_blues: anyway just thought it was funny how phones forgot that part in his summary
Noxious: And he started negative too, so he’d be well over a ton if not for his negatives
circle52: I am probably noit the only one who traded Grundy to English at some stage.
original: Hoping Clark at least gets his Be lol
Gotigres: Stewart will probably crawl to an 80 from here
bhg26: Stop taking Amartey off its been 4 minutes!
Noxious: Bhg they’re probably taking him off so he can explain to other players how to kick goals
2Ph0nes: i didnt forget champ, he’s scored 60pts from incepts and HTA alone
Noxious: Stupid question but does grabbing it out of the ruck count as a hit out or just a disposal?
2Ph0nes: i dont even have grundy fyi
Legix: Holmes getting burned by team mates all game
Roarix: Cheapies for Stewart! We love it
Ninty: Clark waxing now; just try to stop him
Devero_D: it woul dbe a contested possession and disposal.
BigChief: Not a hit out Nox and depends if they get a kick or HB away.
StuL: Trading Grundy was another winning move
Devero_D: Also, I think they gave Grundy a clanger for the underground handball to Heeney … That’s wild.
Ninty: Why would anyone trade Grundy. Gawn and Grundy clear combo this year
pcaman2003: From 76 to 119 in less than 7 mins. Insane!
Gotigres: omg Clark, whatever you did, do it again
Noxious: Thanks guys
bhg26: deserved every one of those points pcaman
Manowar: C on Grundy, winning!
original: Cape for clark
StuL: because im an idiot ninty
Noxious: Yeah Grundy is going nuts
BigChief: I never had Grundy, started Gawn and Romar. Might be a bad decision but I like Romar.
pcaman2003: Not doubting he’s getting heavily involved. Playing well!
Roarix: Brodie cant be stopped.. repaying the faith to us all who kept him all year
EvilMonk: I started Grundy Xerri then “upgraded” Xerri to Romar. Regrets
Raspel31: Rhis Geeney chap rather useful eh what?
bhg26: Quick get off the ground amartey
Noxious: Amartey getting ready for a rest on the bench
Noxious: Maybe not
Noxious: Warner needs new boots
sheezel420: Clark for Brownlow
original: jez cameron gone to sleep? cmon man (draft)
Gotigres: Sydney should try a surprise tactic and sub out Grundy.
Devero_D: Where did the 5th Grundy clanger come from? He just came on the ground.
pcaman2003: Nice comeback from Clark this qtr. Keep going young man.
Birdman18: Clark is going to ton up if he keeps this up in the last quarter
bhg26: Cool so we get a mark but now all our options will be manned up, love score reviews
original: dont stop tom stewart
Noxious: Stop losing points Grundy
Roarix: GoTigers with the great call before.. Stewart has died and limping to 80
Gotigres: Bye bye Stewart
StuL: Why tag Stewart?
Noxious: Did you not watch the Geelong Adelaide game Stul?
lana2146: Every time I look Grundy losing points why
FreeHughsy: ears too big
Roarix: Fk off Guthrie.. why are you taking the kick-in
lana2146: Come on Swannies smash em
SonOfAGun.: The pap
Roarix: Yep nice you clown Guthrie.. let Stewart take the kick-ins thanks
lana2146: You beauuuttty paps
StuL: bugger off papley. trouble now.
Roarix: Gulden more sc than Heeney how?
original: cats are pretenders. no danger no cats. only beat us due to crazy accuracy and frees. sry StuL lol
Roarix: Can Gulden fk off.. there is no way hes legit on 101.. scale him down now!
Gotigres: Just realised Clark will play another full game. He might get to 75
miersmessi: wow the commentators can?t get enough of sydney
Noxious: 104 just for you Roarix lol
lana2146: Calm down Roarix its only super coach
shancrows: Holmes you’re killing me -_-
pcaman2003: Hope so Gotigres.
Roarix: At 96% TOG, think I have to get him actually.. wtf only key position players have TOG’s that high
miersmessi: Tough to be score well Shan when all he can do is kick it to a big pack to clear the area
Ninty: Still can?t believe Grundy making his way to Sydney. Melb have just made them the best team like that.
Manowar: very observant
Ninty: Gulden said he wants to play 100%
miersmessi: Haha roarix gulden has said he would like to play 100% of games because he?s that fit
BigChief: Roarix Gryan on 100% TOG atm
Roarix: Ghee would hate to be his teammate.. game time hog..
BigChief: Okay VC Heeney cape qtr please.
Roarix: Yeah and hows his influence been since QT chief.. even the best need a spell, key positions are different for structure
StuL: This is no good
Roarix: Guess my point is a guy like Warner is getting 22% less game time and is having just as much influence..
Roarix: Cut Gulden down to 88% and Warner up to 82% and Im sure Warner would be 35+
bhg26: I love Jordon
Number 8: Cats have dropped their bundle
Number 8: They need a lot more out of Bruhn and Bowes
DaMeatloaf: Blitz a shadow of himself
BigChief: Cmon Heeney, you can rest at FF not the pine.
Roarix: Fk you Stewart
LionBoy: Great work Swans. You can have that first spot. Make the fight for the second spot way open..
Yelse: all i need is Duncan 20 disposals to win multi but he been on bench so long ?injured?
SonOfAGun.: The Pap!
bhg26: Paps youre ridiculous
original: ffs opponent in draft has mcinerny – been AVERAGe all game. turned it on this qtr
Noxious: Geez Papley
original: while i have tom stewart ffs
Legix: Step up Holmes
StuL: this is crap. should have ended the game at half time
TheFilth: Good luck Yelse – Duncan 20…cmon
McSquire: Don?t know what happened first q but Clark looks ok
Vultures: Cats mids are soft, it’s a shame they have some good forwards
Legix: Holmes read my spray
J.Worrall: nice call, Legix
puckeey: About time Holmes
SonOfAGun.: Bit harsh on the Pap?.Monty
Noxious: Nooo Blakey
original: tom stewart no where
Yelse: i am surprised the pies teams not out yet seriously
Vultures: Holmes flinched
StuL: wwe
LionBoy: Wake up Swans. Sleeping again.
Stu7: Not wrong Yelsie
Noxious: 620 for teams no?
StuL: we wont win but we can try
TimT14: Kick the winner warner
Norf17: Traded Gulden last week. Spewing.
Cam123: game so much better than a Saints snooze fest game
Vultures: yep 6:20pm
Noxious: yeah couldnt believe saints v suns was prime time
LionBoy: Just noticed Blakey injury. Serious ?
FreeHughsy: can someone explain why gulden is on 150?
Vultures: nah Lionboy, just sore
bhg26: Hes good at footy hughsy
LionBoy: Ta Vult
Ninty: If only our captain played today, would?ve been handy
Roarix: Yeah I would like to hear that explaination too hughsy..
bhg26: Same if we had our captain ninty
J.Worrall: knock to glute … no ice, so Blakey OK
Roarix: Imagine trading Rowell in over take your pick of who.. kms
frenzy: CD’s team
bhg26: Chad
Noxious: someone said warner needs to kick the winner, there you go
LionBoy: Good call TimT
bhg26: Incredible from mcdonald there
Bulky: Great call @TimT14. Wish granted.
max41: warner bog..most influence
BigChief: All 6 emerg played in 2nds so don’t expect any late changes tonight.
Ninty: dont need him bhg
TimT14: Warner you legend
bhg26: Yeah but wouldnt mind an all australian mid back in the team
max41: the Chad goes alright for a fake premo
LionBoy: CD not all that generous to Warner with that goal.
Ninty: then horse can put Heeney back in the forward pocket
bhg26: Yeah fuck off errol
LionBoy: Ohhhh Errol. Welcome to my team.
Noxious: I would give anything just to be like him
FreeHughsy: ok well that was good gulden
Ninty: Imagine Gulden if he had 100% tog
sheezel420: Max, he’s had a good game and still will barely ton, imagine when he has a bad game
Noxious: hes stealing points from grundy now
Cam123: Bringing Gulden in this week is about the only thing I’ve done right. Tuk Tuk from GC stuffed my round
LionBoy: Ditto ditto Cam
bhg26: Chad stuffed by cd on the match sealing goal, got like 6 points for it
Ninty: Well we had a crack early but were never going to hold these players down. hard to beat with Mills and Parker to come
LionBoy: Low bar but game of the round thus far.
Ninty: gg
Manowar: Stewart pathetic again,
Yelse: f u duncan one disposal ffs
Number 8: Clark’s TOG disappointing given Geelong’s midfield woes
2Ph0nes: lol matching seal, no such thing
lana2146: Why would u have Stewart
2Ph0nes: you dont get xtra ploint for a goal when the team is already up by 2 goals lol
Cam123: Some good attacking footy – are you watching Saints
Roarix: Theyll die at some point the Swans..
sheezel420: Clark spent the last like 15 min of that game on the bench, incredibly stiff
original: you stink stewart ffs
2Ph0nes: why would you have clarry
bhg26: Well still wasnt even given enough points for the goal anyway
lana2146: Whos clarry
BigChief: Time to listen to Gazey whinge LOL
sheezel420: Bhg the goal had zero impact on the result, it got what it deserved
Vultures: clayton
bhg26: 5 points?
Manowar: clayton who dat?
Vultures: oliver lol
BigChief: Another huge score from Grundy at the SCG.
Vultures: Grundy for the Norm Smith

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