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Chat log from R13 of 2024: St Kilda vs Gold Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs Gold Coast, R13 of 2024

shancrows: Hey guys would you start Clohsey or take Berry 74 score? Close proj game
shancrows: Hey guys should I play Clohesy or take Berry scor
shancrows: Start Clohsey or take Berry score?? Close proj
BigChief: Cmon Saints. Get me 1 win in tipping PLEASE
2Ph0nes: why is darcy jizzing himself over a spoil
original: how does flanders have a muppet/clanger already? watching and didnt see a stuff up
original: that counting as a second clanger for flanders is absolute BS CD
pcaman2003: original. Missed that 1st one. Got no idea why he got that.
original: bloke running backwards – sticks a hand up to try break up a mark, does it count as a dropped mark?
original: yeh missed first too. but the call of a second one is crazy
shancrows: Apologies for the spam didn’t show up sent
Raspel31: Forty tackles from Rowell tonight and Flamders is innocent!
pcaman2003: Hoping Rowell pulls his finger out after last weeks crapfest.
OffaStep: Is it just me or does Humphrey alwayd kick and handball the absolute bejesus out of it.
BigChief: Will take 115+ from Rowell
pcaman2003: Like your thinking Raspel. 40 tackles sounds good to me.
OffaStep: I’m dying to know now, shan.
BigChief: Get off the fkn bench Steele. Way too early to be sitting.
Pavs: Horrible call goal umpire
bhg26: My god moyle get out of first gear
Legix: Sinclair please do anything
original: justice for flanders please. 2 muppets at max
Pavs: I would take Berry Shancrows what did you do?
shancrows: Went Clohesy please go big
Noxious: Need a big one from Touk tonight please
original: atkins scored 150 DT in reserves today. hope sexton holds spot
Stu7: Tour?s locked down Nox
Noxious: Who’s tagging Miller? Can’t see on phone
OffaStep: Started OK, shan. Best of luck.
BigChief: Windy tagging Miller Nox
Noxious: Don’t even know why I asked, course he is haha
BigChief: OMG that’s crap from umpire. Butler took a dive.
Noxious: No confidence to kick a drop punt that close is crazy
2Ph0nes: lol butler weak as piss
DANGERous: soft from you butler, do better
pcaman2003: With Miller tagged, Rowell should be firing, but he’s not yet.
circle52: Soft free kick results in a goal
Vultures: Sucked in,.,
Stu7: There you go that?s how you do it Max you spud
Raspel31: You’ve noticed pcaman- how astute.
Stu7: Max cutting up the oranges?
BigChief: Howard to be subbed?
Ash777: Lift Wilson!
Pavs: Trying to help out the saints Stu7
Stu7: Seb Toss on early
Stu7: lol Pavs
pcaman2003: Raspel. Shucks! I know!
BigChief: Do something positive Marshall
DANGERous: lift roma
original: im a broken record. but flanders should be higher
Raspel31: Only 3 tackles left to go for Rowell- looking good.
FreeHughsy: wm turned into mr consistent
Hazza09: do something Wilson ffs
BigChief: I think your maffs is slightly wrong Raspel.
Stu7: Half time Saints up by 28, 3/4 time up by 20 final loss by 18 lol
Roarix: Keep going NWM.. not feeling like a bad pick after all after having him since rd 3
Raspel31: Um Yep BigChief- seven on my keyboard not working. Fine call.
Stu7: WM has been great this year
BigChief: haha Raspel. That makes your prev comment make sense now LOL
slydon: marshall, quit spudding it up and go do someting
Pavs: Noticed you had an issue with spellcheck last night as well Rasp 🙂
Stu7: Max King needs to go back to the 3rds
wadaramus: AFL footy is aboslute garbage.
FreeHughsy: odds for sexton to get over 500k
wadaramus: Not sure why I keep paying $100 a month for my Crows season ticekt.
bhg26: No way sexton leaves half back, move Flanders into the mid when Powell comes back and drop Graham
bhg26: Although Graham doing alright so far
wadaramus: Can’t bear to give up the seat I have had for 30 odd years.
BigChief: $100 a month wada? They saw you coming mate.
wadaramus: The “AFL” changes shit every week, they have no fucking idea what theya re doing.
wadaramus: BC, that’s what it costs to maintain a season ticket mate.
Stu7: Miller goes next week he is bleeding cash
pcaman2003: Rowell rarely leads for the ball which is disappointing.
Vultures: lol $100/month
BigChief: $1200 a year for a season ticket? Pass.
Raspel31: Wada- i am a single mother with 11 children- can you send me ?100 a month?
original: miller did this last week and had a huge last qtr
wadaramus: Laugh at me you corkheads, you obviously have no fucking idea.
Stu7: Sinclair on the powder since 1/4 time
wadaramus: Do any of you have a season ticket?
Vultures: more money than brains
BigChief: You’re the corkhead paying $1200 for a season ticket.
wadaramus: Fuck off Vultures, do you “support” your team?
PAFC4eva: Yeah i do wada not paying that much mate
Harmzy99: Why come on to a forum for AFL and complain about how bad footy is?
TimT14: I pay $800 a season but have reserved level 2 seats at the G and
wadaramus: Oh for fuck sake, it’s for me and my Wife, two season tickets.
elvundir: Can Wilson touch the ball!? this is terrible
OffaStep: I get my fill of watching the footy surrounded by hoipolloi – for free – in the FF chat. 100% barracker.
Vultures: Look, the Crows are flowered.. lol
BigChief: You said for your seat, not seats. So that implied 1 seat.
OffaStep: Complaining about AFL house and one’s own team – perfectly acceptable in any forum.
BigChief: Sorry for not being a mind reader wada.
Vultures: wade’s misery cheers me up
wadaramus: Apoogies BC, I should have been clear that is was for two tix.
wadaramus: THat is a horrible thing to say Vultures!
pcaman2003: Might have to start putting the VC/C on Flanders. He’s Mr reliable.
BigChief: Please don’t pcaman. That might kill him hehe.
Vultures: stuck in my ways, Bont VC & gawn C
elvundir: GC could have been this bad against Essendon last week
Roarix: Sexton my man.. one less trade to worry about.. keeper at F6 when the teams done
Vultures: Don’t have any Crows to waste my time on.. lol
Roarix: NWM still going strong.. star
pcaman2003: BC So true, but I’m a selfish prick 🙂
bhg26: Just need to see what Powell does to the team when he comes back roarix but surely Sexton stays half back
BigChief: Don’t bank on Sexton keeping his spot at HB when Powell returns Roarix.
puckeey: I don’t think wilson knows what colour the footy is
pcaman2003: I think Sexton should be safe. He’s been pretty good lately.
BigChief: Wilson is protesting the Harley suspension.
bhg26: Managed to vc Flanders in fantasy. But who cares about fantasy
Legix: Is the disposal record 54 or 56?
Ash777: Flanders will go back to the midfield maybe
BigChief: Great qtr Marshall. Happier with you now.
original: no chanceflanders goes back to mid. does what he does too well
Pavs: 54 Mitchell
pcaman2003: Go Flanders and Sexton, but for goodness sake Rowell, lift!
Noxious: My team is so cooked, I still don’t have Flanders fml lol
Noxious: But thank God I’ve got Touk Miller
Legix: Cheers Pavs
Stu7: D1ckheads saints
BigChief: 36 to go now Raspel. he is a m0nty from here surely.
Vultures: Suns too hot & cold to have any of their primos
wadaramus: Miller and Green have to go.
pcaman2003: Noxious. Along with 43% of teams who don’t have him, so not alone.
original: touk miller ugly
FreeHughsy: wtf touk
Vultures: exactly FreeH
wadaramus: Anyway, it’s een nice being smashed by you guys, I’m off to enjoy some tuens.
Doggie Doo: How big is Flanders going?
Vultures: Be good Wada
nbartos: Flanders VC – called it last night. Go check
frenzy: that you did Neville
huffpuffly: hello everyone
Pavs: Why check nbartos I believe everything that people say on here 🙂
huffpuffly: flanders is cooking
nbartos: kenoath boyss
McSquire: Had to hold Wilson this week haha. Killing it kid
Vultures: mmmm donuts
Roarix: Watching that Yeo HTB just continues to make me laugh.. what an absolute robbery.. of a result and some sc :/
Vultures: no right to take possession when you’re on the ground, the free was there
Roarix: Anyways always love having the Top 3 supercoach scores in a game.. well done lads.. Rowell join in though thanks
Yelse: just logged on is wilson injured wtf is with that score
Roarix: So players just shouldnt try and win a ground ball anymore vultures? Sending the wrong message completely
Roarix: and he had just laid a tackle.. so laying a tackle rules you out of the play till you return to your feet? no chance
Vultures: Not when they’re on their kness, so no roar..
Noxious: Yeo free may not have been there but the wardlaw high 2 seconds beforehand was
Vultures: I’ll pay that Nox
Raspel31: Traded out Flanders this week- damn.
bhg26: 1 touch in this half flanders you fell off
Cam123: Touk killing me this year. Has to go
Noxious: Can windhager fuck off please, Touk is killing me
Vultures: But it’s not the ones they miss but the ones they pay
Roarix: Feel those types of highs are 50/50s these days.. but laying a tackle, winning the ball and getting tackled immediately
Noxious: Not taking the bait this time Raspel
Roarix: is not HTB.. could tell he was trying to HTB straight away as well
poolboybob: Windhager is a legitimately excellent tagger
Pavs: Ball up
bhg26: Did you also captain darcy wilson rasp
Roarix: trying to HB*
Noxious: Harley must’ve really rattled Wilson
Raspel31: How did you know bhg?
slydon: this yellow team are making up the rules as they go at this point
Ash777: Wilson must be injured surely.
original: great play rowell you spud
Vultures: Wilson is pretending to be invisible
bhg26: Pretending vultures? Hes succeeding
Pavs: He is very good at it Vultures
PAFC4eva: Doing a great job of it Vultures lucky best 18
Roarix: W decision dumping him a couple weeks back.. ty Wilson
nbartos: can GC win this?
Brian00173: Don’t think so Ash. His tog % is not getting smaller
Vultures: Obviously Wilson has it down pat.. lol Incidently I’ve got him
original: please give miller nightmare icon. wtf was that
Brian00173: Traded Wilson this week…….to Dawson in the last game…fml
Noxious: Even when Touk does get the ball he’s just shellshocked
Legix: Haven?t seen a triple donut in a while
bhg26: Like for like brian
Roarix: Abd mr suns4ever was laughing at people having Comben still.. at least he touched the ball today
Vultures: Nice work, Brian
2Ph0nes: stay low wilson, oppo has you
original: windhager back to the ball stopping miller. thats a free these days
Silz90: Powell getting suspended helped sexton ffs
Roarix: Imagine Wilson having 1 touch to kick the winner lol
Yelse: wilson better get me 40 already have dawson on zero
poolboybob: I traded out Wilson for Wil Dawson and so far they are on the same score
bhg26: There he is
slydon: lets go marshall keep goig!
Noxious: Wilson’s lucky Dougal Howard did his hammy or he’d be gone
Roarix: Dw, he just had one
original: good wilson
Vultures: I blinked & missed him..
Noxious: Touk had a terrible game last week then racked it up in the last 3 minutes im hoping for the same lol
bhg26: Ned Moyle was gone next week for me regardless but come on do something
gazza39: Wilson still concussed?
Vultures: lol ineffective handball for Wilson
Roarix: Rookie injuries have been a joke this year.. just non stop[
Roarix: Wilson on fire! 3 touches in 3 min
Raspel31: Hmm- going to have to clone a Sun or tw= next weef- but whom.
Cam123: 7 goals will win the game, terrible stuff
Silz90: Just waiting for someone to say, as if you still have Wilson
Vultures: Uwland ?
frenzy: clone or cull rasp
Silz90: Fiorini subbed out
Roarix: Fiorini subbed over Long, Holman, Berry? Yep interesting call
Roarix: Humphrey also, just 2 touches btw Dimma.. some real impact their v a guy with 16 touches.. smh
Raspel31: Cull frenzy- thanks. Been at a weddng today.
sheezel420: Fiorini was having a good game, shocking sub
frenzy: ur third yeah
BigChief: You got married today Raspel? And she let you on here. Got a keeper 🙂
original: flanders not done much this qtr. LIFT
Roarix: Hey Rowell, any chance of getting into the game.. Green, Rowell killing me.. lucky I got 3 votes L Neale this wekk
Roarix: week*
original: wilson hahaha
pcaman2003: Don’t think Wilson will quite make my best 18.
Raspel31: No 3rd time lucky BigChief.
slydon: can we put the ghost on flanders? been absent this qtr
pcaman2003: Rowell having 2 consecutive shower games. Bit of a worry!
Legix: Good man Rowell
OffaStep: Flanders running with Wilson?
Roarix: Thank you Matt.. now, again
Raspel31: Thanks for the pep talk pacman.
Legix: Someone had to take action OffaStep
Silz90: I love when we bag players (me included) then they kick a goal like Rowell lol
original: where the hell is flanders
Roarix: Love getting rid of Rayner and Higgins in draft.. both piling on 100s this week.. smh
Silz90: Then he gives another free come on mate Ur killing us 🙁
Roarix: Andddd then he does that.. well done Matt
pcaman2003: He’s out the back talking to Homer and Marge.
Vultures: yeah Rayner pulled his finger out this week
bhg26: Moyle is the suckiest suck that ever sucked
Roarix: Itll go back in for the next month so its okay from a getting rid of him prespective
BigChief: Why would you have Moyle? Not a great cash cow.
bhg26: He made 73k last week and has a -27 breakeven this week
Silz90: Swallow outscoring miller
FreeHughsy: he had a avg of 90 and had played two games, he was bc, having said that i stayed away
original: good boy flanders
Amare: two garbage teams trying to outchoke each other
BigChief: Waste of 2 trades to gain 100k imo.
Vultures: Gawn & Xerri from the getgo.. yay !
bhg26: He was originally cover for meek, but then meek was injured this week as well
Roarix: Speaking of cash gens.. how good is picking Garcia.. the Dogs one of course. Another solid score last night
slydon: i hope for your sake bhg hes not a r1/2
Cam123: Humphrey having a blinder
slydon: oof
bhg26: Hes Grundy next week sly
BigChief: I fielded Freijah over R. Garcia 🙁
Getup: Plenty of points to go keep going Sinclair vc 💪
BigChief: I have had Gawn and Marshall since start, so happy most weeks.
slydon: can we get some other angles of that rowell goal? i have a feeling it clipped the base of the post…
Vultures: wish I had Bulldog’s Gallagher from the getgo.. There’s the prize cashy
Roarix: Well had to do both with 5 Power Dockers players out
slydon: marshall c, lets go bby
slydon: stop taking points away from my C!
Zutroyz: Does anyone enjoy watching Ross Lyon teams play?
Getup: Haha amare they one of these teams cleaned your mob up by plenty just saying 😉
Roarix: One score over 61 Vultures.. what a star aye
original: hugo garcia in next week. 15 disposals a goal and 100+ DT points. will take someones spot
bhg26: Hes done that now his last 3 vfl games original
BigChief: Zutroy not even the fans of his teams like watching.
PigeonPies: 3 goals original
nbartos: why is W Dawsons score of 0 counting in SC?
Roarix: How is Crouch not getting a game over Ross btw.. Ross a fraud compared to Crouch.. Ross must hate him
original: no high fend? lol
Vultures: Roar, I’m talking cash cow
BigChief: Vultures made 100k in 13 games. Yep brilliant cashy
Roarix: Crouch goes in before Garcia..
Zutroyz: How does the AFL schedule this dross tonight BC? And have 1 v 3 at nap time tomorrow
BigChief: because he played nbartos.
Roarix: And Vultures is having a laugh I think BC
slydon: lol these king twins suck ass. idk how hes keeping up with curnow
Vultures: Lot more at fantasy.. Do do super
TheOnyas: Onya Dowy
Silz90: Why do I have graham still fml
original: dont watch much gc but Uwland has done a few good things
BigChief: You answered yourself Zu. It’s the AFL hehe
original: was the umpires call really touched? lol
Raspel31: Harddwick was my neighbour for many months- shared beers- get Sexton off the bench.
BigChief: Josh Battle has impressed me this year. Not fantasy wise just how he plays.
frenzy: fmd ton up sexton
BigChief: Mr or Mrs Hardwick Raspel? Is she your new wife?
TimT14: Weird flex Rasp
EvilMonk: @Silz only had a BE of 60, definitely better to sell Wilson/Clohesy etc. He’s a def sell next week though
Vultures: Wilson BE is 90 odd, he’s doomed
original: HTB ridiculous tbh
Raspel31: Damo was actually living directly across the street from me – But another story. Go Suns!
original: no flanders not bench now
poolboybob: Clearly someone from champion data already traded out Sexton
OffaStep: A final 10 mins like last week and Miller could crack 60.
BigChief: Cmon Steele get involved more.
Vultures: I shared a cab with Hug Weaving.. Just saying.. lol
original: cos 60 will be in our top 18 anyway
BigChief: poolboy look at all of his stats before commenting mate.
Silz90: That’s true monk, downgrading to that adelaide rookie
original: get up hill
Roarix: Suns wouldnt want to drop this one.. need to actually win an away game
original: tht knee woulda hurt tho
poolboybob: Where?s the fun in that?
EvilMonk: @Silz I got Dawson from Norf, so I’m boned. Few holes now and not many trades left, rip
Legix: Good stuff Miller
Roarix: Most did Monk.. McNeil wasnt great last night and will probs get dropped.. choosing either is tragic
BigChief: +30 for that Touk goal?
Roarix: Fk you Miller
Noxious: Go Miller haha +50 please
original: hahaha MILLER WOW two weeks in a row
Vultures: Not many seasons go without running out of trades in SC.. Hence Fantasy
suns4ever: Uwland has survived multiple weeks thanks to injuries and yes I am claiming I’m a genius
Ash777: yeah dont choose mcneil. Is only in because of injury.
BigChief: Vultures this is why SC is a better game. You actually need to plan.
Brian00173: Miller jumped from 35 to 60
Roarix: Gets dropped now Ash, forgot who he replaced that concussed but he comes back in for McNeil
bhg26: Wtf Moyle
Roarix: Rowell is such a fraud
slydon: must be cold, ump has an inny…
frenzy: been huge bhg
original: BRING it home flanders ffs
Silz90: How bad is the Dawson injury I could use him to swap fisher from fwd to def
Roarix: Really flanders! couldnt hit that one to Rowell
Roarix: ffs man
BigChief: Massive last qtr bhg for sure.
Vultures: I had Uwland.. Had
original: moyle been huge late
Ash777: He replaced Scott. Richards also comes in.
Roarix: Uwland going bananas.. hell be swooped in every draft league this week
Noxious: He had a sling on in the north melbourne photos silz
Raspel31: As a newbie can I take the cap off Bont and put on Flanders? Aking for a friend.
bhg26: Hes looked absolutely nothing like it and has had a 60 point quarter
Roarix: Yeah thats it, Scott will defs come back in
bhg26: I mean nothing like it before this quarter
slydon: woweee yellow team at it again
BigChief: Only because you are a newbie you can just this once Raspel.
Ash777: that was no free
Getup: That’s bullshower call and i tipped the sts
Roarix: So the umps are back at it again..
original: meh free. king starts it, 50/50 both ways
Roarix: Hate to be an interstate team this weekend.. 3 games in a row now
Raspel31: Phew BigChief
BigChief: Both holding. Poor decision.
suns4ever: Horrible free
Silz90: Come on suns let’s hope Rowell kicks the winner
Roarix: Fk NWM went to sleep as well.. what a joke
Silz90: Put mac andrew forward
Roarix: Yes Silz pleaseeee.. come on Rowell
soup: Where’s the spud that said moyle wasn’t a good cash cow
Brian00173: Dow 9 contested possies. Don’t remember seeing that much at the Blues…..
Vultures: Don’t be greedy Roar
TimT14: 3 games today all decided bys single umpiring decisions
FreeHughsy: own up bc
original: brian ya kidding riht, poor joke
frenzy: lol
Roarix: Rowell was right there! Ffs just give the hands so he can have a shot from 50.. ffs
OffaStep: I assumed BC was being sarcastic.
original: flander +5 for free kick for and effective kick? no way
Silz90: Graham to 66 wtf I’ll take it
Raspel31: Rowell is a worry moving on?
BigChief: Where is the spud who called CD cowards?
Vultures: Saints escape
original: game is already over sc limit, everyone scaling down
pcaman2003: Rowell = Spud x 2 = Double Spud.
Roarix: How did Rowell not get given the HB recieve 55 out with a min to go
Brian00173: sorry original…lol
Thedude24: that free to max king is an absolute joke. Honestly, footy is seriously unwatchable these days
Noxious: Scoops will love this
slydon: what a shit game
Roarix: Drop points off Miller for that now!
Ash777: proof umps can win games
BigChief: And I still say 2 bad trades for Moyle to gain 100k when He will be dropped after their bye.
suns4ever: All games today basically decided by average umpiring decisions at the death lol
Getup: I’ll take the vc Sinclair well done 👏
Silz90: Scoopps
Fordy13: that’s about 3 games decided by a free kick this week already
RuffLeader: Umpires have given teams wins three times this weekend, it?s been five games, AFL is dying before our eyes
original: how many did the umpires decide tho
Roarix: Umpires on fire.. 3 games in a row
bhg26: 130k plus now chief
BigChief: ohhh 130k whoop whoop.
FreeHughsy: suns4ever, you are last team that gets to complain about umpiring tbh
Manowar: Great win St Kilda,7 goals wow! your brilliant Ross
suns4ever: Yes I’m an actual suns supporter
Roarix: Hughsy still hurt from last week.. you did kick poorly at goal dont forget
bhg26: Again he was only initially cover for meek, but ill take 130k
FreeHughsy: good stuff bhg
suns4ever: Also Sam draper in Adelaide mate?
FreeHughsy: what about that lmao
Vultures: Umpires are only human
cherry9: Anyone VC that ump? Winner, happy days
Manowar: I’ll take the vc B. Uwland well done
Manowar: No not human, cheats!

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