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Chat log from R6 of 2024: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R6 of 2024

Jack SC: Let’s go Serong
clay007: Cmon Jackson, need 120 from you and 150 from serong
clay007: Fair start from Yeo Yeo My Goodness
Stu7: Young, Fyfe, Yeo & Reid for me
Birdman18: Early sub potentially
Jack SC: Amiss down is very bad news for Jackson ownwrs
clay007: Sorry stu, need young to have a quiet one
Stu7: All good Clay we all have ?em lol
Jack SC: Not sure how Yeo has 22 from 2 touches, even with a goal
JaiDay12: Clay I don’t think one asked for your opinion
StuL: young is going to keep punishing us who traded him
Beast_Mode: surpised darcy not injured yet
BigChief: And who asked for yours JaiDay?
JaiDay12: He’s silly enough not to own a high earner like Young.
naicosfan: whats going on with reid
clay007: That is so true Stu. I panic traded him and have regretted it for weeks. I have learnt from that.
Birdman18: Serong getting points on the bench
biggs2dujj: If Sharp was Bont, he’d be on 40 right now
Jack SC: Jackson going to drop like a rock after this game inc 40 game
naicosfan: onya injury risk
BigChief: So you have never made a bad trade JaiDay? Mr perfect is in the house chat.
JaiDay12: I never make errors.
TigerTime1: Lets go Serong. Traded you in instead of Steele. So far so good.
clay007: Glad you said it chief. I love people who attack people’s team selections. Mr Perfect is in the house.
Hazza09: Jackson is finshed
Beast_Mode: jacko cooked, only held him cause its wce
Jack SC: JaiDay, imagine being such a prick
clay007: Who would you trade him for beast? I’m in the same boat.
naicosfan: theres spuds calling jackson a top 6 fwd with shrek in the team
Birdman18: Serong is a King
BigChief: JaiDay must be leading SC or AF whichever he plays with zero mistakes. What a legend.
JaiDay12: You aren’t the brightest light in the room Mr. Chief
Stu7: Come on Young off the pine
slydon: he has his moments big chief
slydon: how does it feel being given legend status chief?
Stu7: Yeo gone cold
clay007: Where has this jaiday guy come from? He has come in swinging!
Birdman18: Reid!
Pavs: I think the 12 after Jaiday’s name is his age so we should let him off.
StuL: fyfe is his usual butchering self by the look of it
slydon: jackson has been shocking so far, hating the contest
Troglodyte: Yes Pavs, got to support the future generation of plonkers on here
Pavs: Great word plonker. lol
JaiDay12: Slightly rich from you Trog
biggs2dujj: CD clearly traded Sharp out
Jack SC: Reid 29 points in 3 minutes
original: Lol wtf happened to sharp
naicosfan: 3 clangers say otherwise biggs
Troglodyte: Just telling it as it is kid 😉
J_Herer: lol Eagles dominating
original: Time to trade Jackson
Jack SC: Ok Reid is Kotd… What is going on. 35 points already
BigChief: slydon my nickname not after Dustall.
JaiDay12: Sorry Trog, hope you can clean up the pretzels and doritos off your keyboard
naicosfan: harley reid is a gun
Jack SC: What the fuck is going on 50 points to Reid in legit 4 minutes.
Birdman18: More like 48 in 5 minutes Jack
TigerTime1: Reid gets put FF, kicks 2 and assists another. what a gun
naicosfan: he went from -2 to 48 in 5 mins
slydon: 4 touches people
slydon: that is unreal
Troglodyte: All good champ, whatever I miss the dog will finish off
Jack SC: Bird man he was on -2 so it was 50. If you’re going to correct people. Be right.
pcaman2003: Reid and Yeo making owners very happy. Keep it up lads.
Birdman18: He’s such an impact player. He’s going to be huge if he keeps developing in the next few years
GinniFan: Holy Reid!!
Birdman18: Wasn’t correcting Jack mate. Just replying to your 29 points in 2 minutes comment
navy_blues: stewart down in rooms
Jack SC: Ahh fair Birdman, apologies for being such a d1ck in reply
teachrtony: CD will shave 10-12 points off Reid’s score next quarter.
clay007: The eagles have responded well in the last few weeks.
StuL: is jackson cactus with Darcy in? Looks like it
Jack SC: Not if he keeps this up
teachrtony: True that Jack.
teachrtony: I don’t have him lol, might be wishfull thinking.
navy_blues: oh my go wc !
naicosfan: how is harley reid fair, he has exceeded expectations
Jack SC: He’s F6 until you have 21 other premo’s
StuL: Who tipped the eagles? I bet they were juicy odds
clay007: Can Freo win from here?
BigChief: OMG Freo. have they actually turned up?
pcaman2003: Is Freo tanking? They’re worse than the Hawks tonight., and that’s something.
suns4ever: Might have to start Captaining Reid lol
Beast_Mode: reid ripping this to shreads
Birdman18: I might just keep Reid all season anyway just because I love watching him
Beast_Mode: tigers broke wce
Beast_Mode: lol
RooBoyStu: GOD has the C on Reid lol
BigChief: Dogga looks to have no interest in the 5 mins I have watched.
StuL: Fyfe must be getting close to the chop
original: Was going to go c on Reid but took vc Bailey dale
BigChief: VC Dale into C Dawson original?
Ash777: have they swapped tops or something?
RooBoyStu: Tassie will win their first flag before Freo lol
Social: Reid should get his BE at this rate
Stu7: Come on Young lift
BigChief: BE or proj Social?
GJayBee: Reid to be F6 at this rate
Stu7: That?s it young
GJayBee: Brayshaw is being mean to me
Social: Either of both BC, I’m just happy to have in him in my money league and my oppo doesn’t
clay007: Is serong ok, been off for a long time?
Manowar: Freo way to go, hit rell hard down below!
naicosfan: dogga change my mind on not trading you out next week
BigChief: Haha Social. Also Stewart and Big O subbed at 1/2 time in other game.
Social: long way to go
Getup: Weird season anyone’s chance 🤔
StuL: yay jackson.
DidgeBird: Need Jackson to beat Yeo and I’m happy
GJayBee: Good call Getup
naicosfan: freo back to their last seasons form? inconsistent?
beerent11: GOD Probably has the c on Reid.
GJayBee: I was at Pies V Port, Houston is a GUN
StuL: 150 will do Reid. It doesnt work like thaf i suppose
GOD: Harley, GOD has the C on you tonight!
Jawslon: GOD would never be a carlton fan
beerent11: Thought as much. Amen.
Pavs: Different GOD that one 🙂
naicosfan: reid slowing down yeo, this is great
pcaman2003: Yeo gone very quiet. Is he being tagged?
Jack SC: Yeah 88 for a half is so shit
northball: ryans score a joke given watermans given him a bath
RooBoyStu: Jawslon GOD would never be a toothless tiger fan either lol
clay007: Read the room jack…sarcasm.
Beast_Mode: good comeback from jacko
Getup: Waterman on 🔥 last 2weeks
Jack SC: Mine was sarcasm as well…
clay007: Sorry jack, my bad
naicosfan: waterman showing last week wasnt a fluke
naicosfan: need more from gov ryan and jackson
naicosfan: reid keep jetting on
Birdman18: I’m hoping sharp picks up or his cash gen is gone too
Ash777: might as well give Reid that rising star now.
beerent11: I think witherden is hurting McGovern a bit naicos. Jez had all the kick ins before he came in.
beerent11: We?re gonna be in strife if theses rookies keep killing their cash gen
Pavs: A smart person would realize this beer and maybe set their sights a bit lower than premo’s
Pavs: Not me though. I’m clueless
beerent11: Looks like Harley talks a bit of trash too
Zutroyz: Looks like I traded Reid a few weeks too early
StuL: Bloody hell Fyfe. Two points per possession. i.look forward to trading you
Jack SC: Reid even playing for my team!!! Giving my captain a HTB!
StuL: yay Sharp
beerent11: J sharp!
Pavs: About time Sharp continue on
clay007: Fyfe is getting stitched by cd stu. I have yet to see him stuff up. If he was butters or bont, his score would be huge
BigChief: How is shrek not inj yet?
JayEm: Who replaced West Coast with whatever this team it is we’re seeing now
StuL: cats are winning btw. who said we are too old?
clay007: Good call jayem
Gotigres: Going well now Sharp.
Gotigres: Tigers played them into form JayEm
dezlav: Can anyone tell me what Reid had for breakfast??? Going great guns.
StuL: does Jackson have to go?
slydon: im having the same dilemna StuL
RuffLeader: Still, trending poorly, but still probably ends the year close to top 6 forwards, currently 4th Ruck and 3rd FWD
dezlav: I’m gonna pull the trigger Stul.
Kidult: Keep Jackson now after his price has dropped twice and lower than what you initially paid
navy_blues: if u trade jackson then shrek prob get inj the next week lol
TheFilth: West coast’s final – the derby
TheFilth: Jackson 4 Englsh
TheFilth: navy_blues – evil thought
TheFilth: sorry – Jackson 2 Englsh
Zutroyz: Got the vc on Serong. Go big
Hazza09: think its time to trade Dogga
TheFilth: Kidult – as long as English has doopped more han Jackson in price-
Stu7: Come on Fyfe
TheFilth: **dropped
Pavs: Fyfe has no confidence in himself. Nothing like the old Fyfe.
TigerTime1: Reid what a grab
beerent11: This kid is unreal
pcaman2003: Reid the beast. Wowee!
naicosfan: what cant this kid do
GinniFan: Reid omg
clay007: Reid has changed the belief of this list. Wow
Zutroyz: Do I burn a trade and bring Reid back in?
slydon: reid has single handedly embarrassed freo
beerent11: The old Fyfe destroyed his body when he was all they had pavs.
Birdman18: This Reid bloke. Arrogant as but he’s good
Pavs: True beer just wont take the game on anymore.
TheFilth: Harley Reid & Sam Clohesy may be keepers – bonus
sheezel420: Not sure how he’s arrogant
Silz90: I was the idiot who traded Reid lol but I burnt a trade this week and got him back
StuL: It would be handy if Reid is a keeper
RuffLeader: So Reid might be pretty good
beerent11: We aussies love to give a compliment and an insult at the same time sheezel420.
pcaman2003: Freo has lots of soul searching to do. They’ve capitulated badly.
Stu7: Touch it young
beerent11: He?s good, but dot dot dot.
valiantPT: Somebody give Harley Reid his 10 mil contract
TheFilth: agree sheezel420 – arrogant?= media hype
BigChief: Is that why Raspel can’t do both in the 1 sentence beer?
beerent11: Wonder what the highest ever rookie score is.
Pavs: Just making sure people don’t get a big head beer 🙂
Raspel31: Missed that BigChief?
Pavs: I think Rowell went big didn’t he?
beerent11: Just had a look. Mat Rowell 171 is what I found.
beerent11: That?s called a drive by raspel. Uncalled for.
BigChief: Yep I went whack LOL.
slydon: Give harley X factor as well. hes the diff
youthuck: oh no the cones are out
BigChief: Raspel beer said we aussies love to give a compliment and an insult at the same time
Raspel31: No- I actually got it BigChief- but thanks.
J.Worrall: Come on, Young & Jacksons!
navy_blues: what a flogging
BigChief: haha Raspel 🙂
BigChief: Okay Dogga lift.
TheFilth: iRaspel31 – thanks idiot
tajtaj16: Come on mcgovern go 110
beerent11: Game on
Ash777: that’s going to be a week for barrass
StuL: Damn it Young.
Dondeal: Schofield is a flog
Beast_Mode: lol beer
TheFilth: BigChief – thanks idiot
BigChief: If Cameron got off then Barrass has no issues.
Raspel31: Lovely to be abused for saying nothing. Jackson to Heeney methinks.
beerent11: Pull your head in TheFilth.
navy_blues: cameron shouldnt of got off tho chief
StuL: 150 will do Reid.
Stu7: Yeo & Young off the pine
Pavs: Been drinking Filth? Maybe slow down
Urbs: Looks like the witches hats have kicked Freo into gear
Ninty: can?t see Eagles losing again this year #harley
BigChief: Agreed navy. Barrass has a cleaner record so should be fine. Also Walters is fine as well.
Silz90: Too many trolls settle champ
TheFilth: Luke Ryan – capt *sob*
StuL: Freo arent coming back. What are they getting excited about?
Silz90: Cmon serong lift
BigChief: Waterman been good again esp on Pearce
Stu7: Young doesn?t get enough game time
navy_blues: looking frwd to gc v syd should be a good game
beerent11: I chose not to board the yeo train at the start of the year. Still stoked to see him back and firing. Great player.
Stu7: I took the risk beer and it paid off
beerent11: Could this be Fyfes 3rd 69 for the year?
beerent11: Kudos stu7
OffaStep: I’m betting he’s had a lot more than that, Beer, sexy man that he is.
BigChief: Well done to those who had the guts to pick Yeo.
pcaman2003: beer. He just loves those 69ers
Beast_Mode: fyfe sc not fair
Yelse: why would young spend 10 mins on the pine
Cyberdyne: waterman gives me fraser gehrig vibes
Stu7: Pca I was waiting for it lol
Stu7: Young you?re killing me
pcaman2003: Someone had to Stu7. May as well be me.
StuL: Great win by the cats
beerent11: Great call cyberdyne. You win.
beerent11: Don?t have to watch that replay now stul.
StuL: Go Reid
OffaStep: Gehrig and Waterman both give me roided up Seinfeld vibes.
Ash777: Reid’s first medal
BigChief: clay who said earlier it was stupid to not have Young? Was it JaiDay?
youthuck: Watch serong finish on bont’s 125 smh
BigChief: Beer Holmes 98. Yet another 90+
clay007: Great work Big chief. He must have gone to bed early.
Raspel31: You must be the only one here with Reid StuL.
slydon: taking walshs vc i think so far
Stu7: Great 3 of my 4 players benched wtf
beerent11: Pretty consistent big chief. Good d6
pcaman2003: slydon. I’ve done the same. Good safe score.
naicosfan: reid a possible POD for next week?
BigChief: Be mad not to take 130 slydon.
clay007: jaiday never ever made a mistake Big Chief
BigChief: hehe clay. That backfired on him.
Ash777: wtf is wrong with young
BigChief: I think you are correct beer. Will enjoy having him in def next week.
clay007: What is the definition of a troll?
clay007: Ash, his tog is 58
Yelse: young hasn’t played this qrt besides first 2 mins wtf
BigChief: Young must be inj to be off this long.
Stu7: This is bvllsh1t
Ash777: clay he hasn’t moved from the bench
Beast_Mode: he’s injured
StuL: Junk it up Ryan.
clay007: Did you go to the game today Yelse?
beerent11: Great work by Fyfe to get to the 80?s
Ash777: damn that sux
clay007: Good point ash, must be something, yet nothing mentioned by comms
Pavs: Ryan was on the bench when the junking was happening StuL
Yelse: @ clay007 was at work today but will be at the anzac game
Ash777: comms has been poor as freo this game
StuL: Good result for Fyfe I concur.
clay007: You are a lucky man Yelse, could not get tickets this year. Went today, amazing comeback by the pies
BigChief: Nice work Dogga. Will take all the junk time points.
frenzy: #wetoast seagulls
Ash777: good job jackson
Beast_Mode: yeo gun, good job lad
Birdman18: Sharp traded this week. Has a breakeven of 69 now
BigChief: Safe to say tipping in the bin this year.
Beast_Mode: how do you know b/e’s birdman?
Manowar: Sharp gone blunt, trade time!
Ash777: footywire beast
Birdman18: Just typed it in Beast
Torz: Birdman that was his projected, his BE was only 33
Pavs: Must be DT Birdman?

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