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Chat log from R6 of 2024: Brisbane vs Geelong

Chat log for Brisbane vs Geelong, R6 of 2024

J.Worrall: Carna Roys!
royboy16: yep, big game!
soup: Wish I could watch, go well fellas
soup: And stay low stewie
BigChief: Brisbane by 32. Don’t see them dropping another game at home.
SonOfAGun.: Weather looking bad!!
Birdman18: Hope so chief
Gelly: go no players in this one
Gelly: got*
clay007: Who is going to switch to the derby clash when it starts. I only have 1 player in this and 3 in that one
BigChief: I have 2 in this and 1 in other.
Stu7: I will be Clay
clay007: Let me guess big chief, dunkley and stewart
clay007: Do you have a few in that game stu7
original: Sorry friends, hoping for an early sub so clark doesn?t lose too much
BigChief: clay no and no. Holmes and Dempsey and Dogga in other.
Raspel31: Amazing handball to Neale for 9 points.
clay007: Why do they call Jackson, dogga?
StuL: We dont win in Brisbane apparently. Not since 2020
Stu7: Yes Clay, Reid, Fyfe, Yeo and Young
clay007: I prefer watching games with my players in it. Only dempsey for here. Serong, Jackson, Fyfe and Reid in other.
clay007: Is Stu7 and stuL the same guy?
RooBoyStu: Carlton for the rest of the year only leave Vic 3 times, they even don’t go to the Cattery, they play Cats at MCG twice
Stu7: See you at the other game Clay
RooBoyStu: Easy draw for Blues
Stu7: No clay
Jack SC: Zorko hasn’t hit a target and is on 21????
OffaStep: Had a mullet that flopped around like a K.C Cavvie’s ears, Clay.
clay007: lol stu7
BigChief: clay his hair flops about like dogs ears.
Jack SC: Hawkins -12!
Zutroyz: This umpiring is worse than the weather in Brisbane
StuL: Come on Tom.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Tom Hawkins whinges about a 100m penalty to Zorko to gift a goal. Shush Tom.
Jack SC: Wait what he just gained 9
clay007: Well that is an amazing nickname and clever..thanks offa and chieftan
BigChief: 100m penalty on Cats. Ouch as 1st 50 was soft. 2nd 1 was there.
clay007: I’m with you Jack. Zorko’s scoring hard to fathom
StuL: Not liking this game so far. We’re not in it
suns4ever: Reminder geelong hasn’t beaten a team that currently has a winning record this year… Frauds
Beast_Mode: 24pts for one kick, impressive!
BigChief: For all of Bris dominance Cats still in this.
clay007: You are definitely getting dominated stu, but the scoreboard is not getting away from you. Carn the cats!
Closer: where was our 50 for the late one on Dempsey? literally exactly the same as their first one
Roarix: There?s your one gift Geelong.. youre welcome
Beast_Mode: why is jhye sub again? lol, it didnt work last week
Birdman18: Hopefully the derby is a better game than this
clay007: Fair crowd considering the conditions. It wasn’t that long ago they used to put some sort of tarp across the seats.
StuL: Come on Dempsey. Enough rest.
suns4ever: That was Port not the lions clay
Roarix: Weather gods really turn it on for Geelong.. disgusting disadvantage
flibbity: clay wasnt that port?
Zutroyz: Free kick Brisbane
clay007: Are you sure suns, the lions were a backet case before Charlie Cameron and others arrived.
BigChief: I don’t remember Bris ever using the tarps like Port did.
Beast_Mode: geez youd be filthy if u traded holmes this week
suns4ever: It was when Port was a basket case before the AFL saved them with handouts
flibbity: dunno pies and port share a jumper, surely you would know?
clay007: You guys must be right.
clay007: lol flibbity
PAFC4eva: What handouts would that be suns
beerent11: Traded him for Walsh beast. I?m doing ok. He does this every week and finishes on 95.
flibbity: cats lookling great this year
BigChief: He might get to 100 this week beer. As long as he get to 83
Beast_Mode: scarlett alexis
Jack SC: lol port didn’t get any extra picks during our down time. Wtf
StuL: Good qtr Dempsey
beerent11: Hope he does big chief. He?s a gun.
Troglodyte: He must have shot over to Wikipedia to check the facts PAFC4eva, be back shortly…
AussieLion: Enjoying the Cats supporters complaining about the free kicks. Dear me
PAFC4eva: Think the suns get more handouts than anybody
navy_blues: evening all
clay007: Great win Navy.
PAFC4eva: He might be there for a while
J_Herer: Eagles will need all the handouts over the next few years, their list is woeful
navy_blues: i was worried clay but in the end yes stood up
Troglodyte: We can only hope
sheezel420: Dempsey 0% DE, keep going lad
BigChief: Don’t run too far Max, us owners need as many points as possible.
StuL: Come on cats. Too much Brisbane
beerent11: 95 big c
PAFC4eva: Can you hear those crickets to suns
Roarix: Dont wanna pay holding the man? Come on umps
PAFC4eva: Do we trust zorko and bring him in
AussieLion: Cmon Lions another couple of goals
BigChief: beer would you consider Holmes as a dpp def?
beerent11: If you?ve got a good bench pafc4eva, if that is your real name?
beerent11: Yep would be good big c.
beerent11: Defence is stacked this year.
BigChief: I could move Martin, Holmes and Roberts after this week.
clay007: Dempsey scoreless this qtr, what is happening? Watching other game.
PAFC4eva: Why woudlnt be my name beer?
beerent11: Yep I?ve got Martin to move back and defence is just about done.
BigChief: Wet and ball not going near him clay.
Roarix: Neale.. what was that
Zutroyz: Take a bounce in the wet young man
beerent11: I was joking pafc4eva.
navy_blues: wow fletcher
SonOfAGun.: Bwhaha
PAFC4eva: Okay beer that one went straight over my head my bad
AussieLion: Wow Lions wow
navy_blues: stengle did well there
StuL: time to do something this qtr Dempsey
Roarix: Geelong outcoaching.. lengthening the ground to just pump the ball into the space..
beerent11: It was pretty average I admit pafc4eva
Hazza09: Dempsey time to go, thanks for the 150k
Roarix: We are terrible in wet weather. It?s not our conditions at all. Such a shame
Devero_D: Dempsey will get his standard 60.
Raspel31: Don’t tink he touched the ball that quarter Hazza.
navy_blues: stewart in trouble
BigChief: Roarix good with slippery ball (as in dew) not so much with raining weather.
BigChief: Stewart headache.
Manowar: Stewart in concussion protocols
Stu7: Is Stewart okay?
Stu7: Thanks Manowar
BigChief: Stewart will have concussion test at half time. Didn’t look good
navy_blues: yeah stewart needs to have next week off i think
Roarix: Big O done.. he?s was BOG. What a shame
Manowar: bad luck Stewart!
Social: yup
Social: so ggod to see Charlie Cameron out there
Roarix: Sc season is absolute disarray now.. Stewart done, Williams done, Jackson and Sanders to go
BigChief: Damn nice shiner Big O
sheezel420: Is Clark ever gonna come on
AussieLion: Big O bummer.
BigChief: Cats think they are better without him Sheez
StuL: Come on Dempsey.
naicosfan: wow stewart out
naicosfan: this game is a shower show
BigChief: He headbutted the back of Lohmann’s head in a marking contest.
StuL: ffs Dempsey.
Roarix: Thankfully Fort has been a very capable ruckman for us for the next couple of games
Roarix: Look at the weather Naicos.. what do you expect haha. Pies would be playing just as poorly
StuL: Go cats.
BigChief: m0nty I think Hawkins marked behind Payne.
naicosfan: im not watching roarix, i wouldnt have known
Hazza09: ffs Dempsey
beerent11: Is stew just a concussion? Watching the other game.
BigChief: Yeah beer. He headbutted the back of Lohmann’s head in a marking contest.
StuL: ffs Dempsey alright
clay007: You are very sensitive tonight roarix. Are you ok?
Kidult: A goal here for Dempsey would be great to give them the lead
beerent11: Cheers big c
Hazza09: BE of 33 SouL, time to cash in
runners47: C’mon Rayner – get involved!!
StuL: Frustrating game.
BigChief: Okay Max would like you to lift please.
clay007: These are shocking conditions for footy stu. This is like old time footy. Hard and tough
Ash777: that delayed game looked worse for conditions
AussieLion: I know its wet but the Lions skills are ordinary
youthuck: the dart is angry
Jack SC: Zorko plz slow down
Birdman18: Clark is so shower
AussieLion: No Cats supporters complaining about the umps now.
Zutroyz: AussieLion if you don’t think you’ve had the rub of the green, I’ve got a bridge to sell you
Roarix: What a surprise Aussie.. getting stitched up a little. But fk we are dumb. Wet weather footy = territory. Man on man
Roarix: You are a clown zutroyz, Cameron tripped McCluggage and gets the HTB.. then rubs him into the dirt twice.. gets a 50m
Roarix: The only thing you?ve spoken about is the umpiring as well Zutroyz.. get a grip
Zutroyz: 3 of your 4 goals are from free Roarix. No need for name calling
Zutroyz: I have a grip Roarix. Take a couple of deep breaths. It’ll help
DrSeuss: Lions playing stupid football – play for territory in the wet. But Roarix makes a very good point, McLuggage was legged
Zutroyz: Probably was DrSuess, but you’ve still had the rub of the green
BigChief: Umpires have been bad for both teams. Not favouring either team imo.
Ash777: muppet andrews
Gotigres: Looks like I will have a midfield loop now. Can’t see Clark getting a game for a while.
DrSeuss: Hardly – but you are a Geelong supporter – so we arent likely to agree on that. How about that 50? Another Geelong gift
Roarix: Yeah how about that one Zutroyz?
AussieLion: Can?t beat straight kicking
StuL: Gee long!
BigChief: That was 50 every day. Andrews not in contest but put arms around Close.
Zutroyz: Just because you’re angry Roarix doesn’t mean you take it out on others
circle52: Drop the ball and you get 50metres. Free kick Geelong.
StuL: Dempsey on the bench again. ffs
Zutroyz: 1st gift DrSuess. Matches the 1st 50 to Zorko. The Hawkins one was there
Ash777: it wasn’t the drop circle it was andrews holding
circle52: Close dropped ballstraight in front of m
DrSeuss: Brisbane playing as if they have never played in the rain
Roarix: You are just a muppet Zutroyz. You have no comment about the game other than umpiring.. go back to being quite
BigChief: No need for insults Roarix. It is against the Fan Footy terms of using the site.
Zutroyz: Name calling again Roarix, very poor
circle52: To be fair though we are playing crsp
Silz90: Go cats. What’s wrong with Dempsey
Roarix: Then we are insulating all the players by giving them muppets no?
AussieLion: As usual, Fagan not throwing the magnets around.
StuL: Feeling better now. Just need Dempsey to do something
BigChief: Roarix read the terms and conditions of Fan Footy.
BigChief: AussieLion he is old fashioned and won’t do it.
Roarix: Looking forward to not hearing from you again Zutroyz
DrSeuss: Lions with too many passengers this year – Starcevich is useless, Charlie has 1 good game every 5, and Hipwood OMFG
circle52: Agree big chief. Been an issue for years with him no plan b
navy_blues: game over
StuL: Yay wooo!
AussieLion: It?s becoming a joke. Out coached again. Mids one way players
Roarix: Cats certainly brought the weather with them.. what a massive home ground advantage killer.. we suck in the wet
Social: wonder if they’ll have a look at Zorko’s left right left right on Bruhn’s head there
Ninty: Carn the Catters #meow
Social: It actually rains more in QLD than VIC
BigChief: Might be time to get an old club champ back as coach. Talking Leppa of course.
Silz90: What happened in Vegas
Ash777: vegas should be banned lol
mattmac24: Imagine thinking Geelong has an advantage playing west weather footy in “sunny” Brisbane.. lol!
StuL: We’re contenders. The doubters can shut up.
Ash777: Leppa doesn’t want to head coach anymore
BigChief: He would be very good at it Ash. Oh well.
Beast_Mode: cats look good, but brissy are a rubbish team this year
BigChief: Did Rayner just kick Blicavs?
clay007: Well said beast
AussieLion: Agree Dr Seuss but our coach wont do a thing about it.
DrSeuss: Cats were looking average until Big O went down – they got momentum and Brisbane started playing stupid footy in the wet
Ash777: Cats would of still won in dry conditions
Roarix: Big O an incredible loss.. bigger than Stewart
Zutroyz: Whoever said Holmes will end up with 90 earlier is Nostradamus
Ash777: have won. cats play smart.
StuL: need 23 points more Dempsey but not gonna happen obviously
BigChief: beer said 95 and I said 100 for Holmes
Ash777: bring back purple name game
Zutroyz: Closest to the pin BigChief
Beast_Mode: zorko been amazing this yr
biggs2dujj: Nice guys finish last
clay007: That is beast zutroyz
Pavs: Nice
StuL: Top of the table. Cant deny us.
tajtaj16: Lohmann 62 or comben?
AussieLion: Well played Geelong. Out played us in all ares of the game.
Social: they make us wear away shorts every week, flower you dillon
royboy16: wouldn’t have minded some defensive efforts and a bit longer game
Beast_Mode: piss weak effort by the bears

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