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Chat log from R1 of 2023: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Chat log for St Kilda vs Fremantle, R1 of 2023

MrWalrus: Brodie TOG a bit low
bullet08: bytel going with brayshaw aorund the gorund
wadaramus: Currently 100% MrWalrus?!
Wends: Have Marshall, with Serong my PoD in this one… See if he’ll be a Rd 2 corrective trade.
Troglodyte: Come on Marshall, lets get down to business
navy_blues: wow freo cmon
TimT14: Saints will run out of legs at this pace
Wends: Early doors but that Serong experiment is ovah.. o.v.a.h.
frenzy: one very average human, ovah
Wends: heh, hate to say it but that’s how he’s playing at this point
Troglodyte: Good to see Steele has improved over practice match
DrSeuss: Any time now Brayshaw – Freo just kicking it around down back?
Troglodyte: Why is Flea-mantle doing junktime when they are behind?
BRAZZERS: ross is flooding already lol
Migz: Ross is top 3 in most boring coaches in the last 20 years.
Troglodyte: The green maggots wrecking the game again
navy_blues: lol saints need to shut their mouths
Migz: oh i completely forgot omeara joined freo
MrWalrus: This umpiring is shocking
Wends: My guy missed that junk time memo…
Troglodyte: Its on par with the Port first half for sure
beerent11: Saints have 1st qtr scores and freo have half time scores
bullet08: theres the evening up
BRAZZERS: was there tho, good umpiring
beerent11: Saints are being pumped by big cox
Migz: fyfes disposal is what will always keep him from being one of best of the era
bullet08: someone tell fox that bytel isnt byrnes
Baldfrog: Anything wrong with Marshall not usually this quiet
beerent11: Spoken like a true eagle migz
BRAZZERS: thats childish beer, i expect better. dont stoop to my level mate
Baldfrog: Haha well said Brazzers
BRAZZERS: marshall done fuck all
beerent11: Playing against a better ruckman baldy
Migz: i like to think i’m pretty fair beer. compare him to the greats of other clubs. His CP and marking is great
frenzy: Tabs got to half time, no bandaid wow
Protocol: Having one of my best starts, would love for brodie to stay on the ground and get some points haha
navy_blues: fyfe useless
Ash777: get going NWM
Raspel31: Fyfe’s first kick was pretty special though.
Social: Couple more for Freo and Natalie will start getting involved
Harambe: What a useless footballer Fyfe is
Bazza2023: fyfe needs to continue surfing, his time is past
BRAZZERS: lol should be delisted after the game
Ash777: owens the saint!
Bazza2023: if fyfe was milk he would be 4 weeks past the use by date…please throw away.
Ash777: owen the saint goes marching in
Bazza2023: this is a horrible game
Bazza2023: got the hallmarks of a ross lyon nil all draw
pcaman2003: Bazza. Sshh! You might remind them of the previous game.
Jaypa: yeah I was going to say, the hawks man would be the SME of horrible games haha
Bazza2023: previous game was fine, no illusions there, bombers were great to watch, both sides are shit in this one
Baldfrog: Imagine a hawks supporter criticising another teams player wowee
poolboybob: Have the Saints considered a game plan besides kicking the ball to Brennan Cox?
Bazza2023: freo has taken over 50 marks from the backmen…sheesh
Bazza2023: im criticising other teams im criticing the game as a whole, its ordinary to watch, but its a ross lyon family feast
Jaypa: i think the saints boys all brought Cox into their SC sides before this one
Raspel31: AFL gives Hawks fans free internet to prevent self harm and Bazza takes full advantage- just breaking.
Baldfrog: Fyfe says hello
Baldfrog: Bazza feasting on too much wees and poos me thinks
Bazza2023: i havent been able to chat for 2 years at least Baldfrog, due to montys passwrd reset issues, , so im chirpin whilst i c
Collywoble: Ross Lyon worst coach of all time should be fired after round 1 makes you want to bash your head against a brick wall
Collywoble: Boring footy enjoy watching your team play Saints fans thank god I don’t go for you absolute shit show ross lyon dog
Collywoble: No wonder Freo got rid of them after he said a pregnant women’s tits were big after being pregnant what a strange man
Harambe: Cox needs 5 marks this quarter to break the all-time record
Bazza2023: well i didnt put it as colourful as collywoble but i agree
Collywoble: Also a terrible coach and to end it Pies are terrible suck my hairy balls
beerent11: 1st corrective trade Fyfe to sheezel. Purely financial.
Sainterz12: If Bytel keeps getting games he?s a must have
Jaypa: who let the don fans out? they beat hawthorn round 1 who looked LOST
Raspel31: Been fascinating knowing you Collywobble.
Bazza2023: dons will be 3 zip, flag favs. GC then saints
Pies20: Yeah same beer have sheezel but fyfe flower me worpel did ok mid price
Depressed: boy oh boy wowee arent i glad Cox can fix up my other poo defenders
navy_blues: your twin brother rasp??
Pies20: Wouldn’t mind Marshall doing something either
BRAZZERS: ladies and gentlemen, this is a prime example as to why you don’t do crack
Pies20: Brazzer totally agree colly cooked
Raspel31: You didn’t have Sheezel beer? Surprised- but I too am an idiot and have Fyfe- so cheap- now we see why.
Bazza2023: watching hawks is a prime example you should do crack.
Bazza2023: cant complain saw highs and lows and every GF since 78
Baldfrog: What about Ice Brazzers keeps Geelong alive
Raspel31: Lol navy.
Pies20: Crow’s impressive today baldy 🤣
Bazza2023: too soon pies.
Baldfrog: Collywobble you have Brad Scott wouldn’t fill me with confidence
Baldfrog: Has your new tooth broken through yet pies20?
Jaypa: Crows looked great in the first quarter, if Rankine could kick couldve sealed it by half time
Pies20: Yeah finally!!!
BRAZZERS: lmao bazza
Baldfrog: Need a photo m8
Baldfrog: Bazza you must be glad the hawks won
Raspel31: Collywobble’s inciteful comments have strangely ceased.
Jaypa: Tabs stiff to be subbed, Fyfe was doing his best
Bazza2023: at least the Hawks didnt choke when clearly the crows were cookin but 5 injuries to GWS mustve been the catalyst for win
Baldfrog: You never got close enough to choke lol
Bazza2023: plus boxhill seconds won
Pies20: Says alot about the crows bazz
BigChief: Fyfe forward = big fail.
Bazza2023: choked, i think mcadam gets a holiday as well, mustve been a good watch
beerent11: Byrnes in everything.
Pies20: Anyone else have fyfe??
Bazza2023: so many bandaids and red crosses on GWS, and still won!! how could that be, mustve ran out of legs not used to the heat
Bazza2023: fyfe no. never, even if he was rookie cheap
circle52: I will put my hand up but he will be Sheezel next week
beerent11: Yep pies.
sMiles: Brought Fyfe in SC because of last minute Yep shuffle
BigChief: I have Fyfe on my bench in draft.
sfenda1: does anyone know what that white stuff on the field is?
Protocol: Brodie on the bench again, i shoulda known lol
Pies20: Got sheezel circle but have fyfe, 2k average score this week?
Bazza2023: i think a crow gotmurdered
BRAZZERS: fyfe cant kick, forward is a terrible idea
Raspel31: Can’t believe how many didn’t have Sheezel- though I’m obviously of very low intelligence as I had Fyfe. Gawn- simply Ga
Baldfrog: After today it was a hawk
wadaramus: How is Brayshaw only 69 sc with 26 d’s and 7 tackles?
beerent11: He was high priced and I didn?t know he was gonna play a naicos role raspel. Thought he was playing out of a forward pkt
BigChief: Wada he has 6 muppets and at least 1 50m penalty
wadaramus: Me too beer!
Pies20: How good is naicos beer
wadaramus: Totally unfair BC.
beerent11: Pretty, pretty, pretty good pies.
BRAZZERS: brayshaw has butchered the ball as well
wadaramus: Byrnes has 6 muppets and is on 94?
Raspel31: Hindsight an easy thing beer- already planning to bring in Fyfe in 2024.
Pies20: Freo any chance of winning??
Depressed: Cox making up for Jones and stewart but my poor lil serong
Ash777: kick the goal NWM!
Ash777: damn
BigChief: Yeah but no 50m penalty. I believe they aew huge – points.
Protocol: I dont understand how brodie can go to bench 3 times a quarter lmao, they gotta stop this man
BRAZZERS: ross lyon gun coach
m0nty: I want to give the star to Ross Lyon
beerent11: Few very popular players underperforming in rnd 1
Collywoble: If I was a Saints fan I would rather lose to watch better quality football holy fuck that was a boring game
Collywoble: Ross Lyon should be put down like a dog jesus
Raspel31: Lol M0nty. And Collywobble finest insights.
beerent11: Knows how to win with whatever he has
Collywoble: Doesn’t know how to win a flag
Jaypa: Collywobble you are a credit to your race
BRAZZERS: did rossy sleep with your missus?

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