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Chat log from R1 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Essendon

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Essendon, R1 of 2023

Bazza2023: afternoon peeps, looking fwd to see the baby hawkies
Legix: Go big Worps
pcaman2003: Legix. With you on Worps. Need Mackenzie to do well also.
Harambe: Worpel 100% DE, just an elite ball user
navy_blues: kelly down pca
Troglodyte: Who’s Maginness playing on?
Bazza2023: tagging zerrett
Bazza2023: hawks all at sea at the moment.
Bazza2023: thats why Hawks got Karlos!
Bazza2023: Hawks settled winning midfield now
Bazza2023: Mackenzie what a start
navy_blues: this cam mckenzie could be rising star winner this year
Bazza2023: huge start
pcaman2003: Wowee! Been away last 20 mins. Mackenzie you little ripper.. Help make up for Kelly and Laird
Bazza2023: hawks mids on top, not getting carried away
pcaman2003: And go Worps.
Cottees: man, mackenzie is on my bench. I need his points 🙁
Harambe: Mover over Grawndy, Draper and Phillips a massive 0 disposals between them
BigChief: @navy did you not see Sheezel’s game?
navy_blues: yes chief but that was 9nly against wc no one on him this guy is winning it in midfield
Troglodyte: Macka is only playing against Essenden
BRAZZERS: mate essendon aint much better than north lol
Migz: thats a shocking hair do
Bazza2023: apparently easier to rack them up from HBF i.e Naicos.
Bazza2023: Hawks are half Boxhill to be fair
navy_blues: its only round 1 but watch him i like what i see
devize: new FF ui sucks and buggy as. bring back the old one.
MrWalrus: Sheezel wasn’t just racking cheapies though
MrWalrus: Early but looks like a good crop of players this season
Bazza2023: walrus shouldnt you be in a fish and chips basket?
Bazza2023: CJ gold
sfenda1: nice run cj
Bazza2023: CJ 2 career goals, both the same
pcaman2003: Win or lose, I see positives with the new young guys.Pleased so far.
Bazza2023: for sure pca
Bazza2023: backline looking short when weed and draper is there
pcaman2003: Yes! Tall opponents show us up.
Bazza2023: turf is attrocious , dont care what anyone says, so many slips
Bazza2023: 4th game on it
Collywoble: Hawks are terrible
DrSeuss: Geez Worpel went backwards after 1/4 time – even losing points at half time
Bazza2023: Hawks trailling badly, one good qtr, i reckon bombers will blow them away, if they dont tighten up
pcaman2003: Collywoble. & Bazza Not great but but let’s see if they improve 2nd half. 2nd qtr was not too good.
Cottees: As a hawks supporter. Not looking forward to this year. But have Setterfield and Ridley so those goals are fine lol
Bazza2023: worpels field kicking letting him down again and again
Bazza2023: laverde $$$$ 4 umps and they miss someone deliberately tripping
Cottees: wtf is wrong with this ump. misses the trip than misses the high? lol
Bazza2023: hawks all at sea at the moment.
Bazza2023: KOSI subbed
Cottees: season over hawks. terrible lol. see you next year
Bazza2023: season was always going to be tough, but a betetr effort would be nice
Bazza2023: cottees through the jam out of the cupboard already
Cottees: Yeah knew we would struggle. But this bad, especially against an average team of Essendon? lol
Bazza2023: threw*
Troglodyte: Zerrett off leash?
Cottees: Yeah Bazza, I get angry quickly lol
Bazza2023: yeah tag broke
Bazza2023: cottees we all should be aware of where they are in the rebuild, but goals are coming way too easy from simple mistakes
Cottees: Yeah I am okay with a loss especially where we are at. But this effort is not even vfl level
BRAZZERS: this could be a 100 plus
Raspel31: Kept the faith with The Riddler.
Baldfrog: Well there goes Navy’s multi
Bazza2023: kicking thru the corridor is pathetic when its 1 on 3
navy_blues: yep
Bazza2023: well i did say it was half boxhill earlier. the good from hawks is great, the bad is very poor
Bazza2023: wingard now injured with KOSI
Baldfrog: Pcaman u need to stop using Chinese voodoo dolls they don’t work
Bazza2023: holding the man anyone???
Cottees: wingard getting mugged? lol
BigChief: No free to Wingard?
Troglodyte: Hawks taking umps from Port now too
pcaman2003: Bald. Already binned the usesless thing. New one next week
pcaman2003: least Mackenzie is a shining light.
runners47: Get a move on, Shiel!
BRAZZERS: you have shiel? surely you taking the piss
Depressed: Just finished work as a hawthorn supporter wtf am I looking at
Cottees: Depression depressed. is what you’re looking at
pcaman2003: Depressed. You’re looking at unaccountability. Poor efforts from many.
Troglodyte: Geez the crowd got excited for Hardwick’s goal
Depressed: We genuinely have no forward target….
BRAZZERS: tipppppaaaaa
Troglodyte: Is Tippa related to Stewie Dew by any chance?
pcaman2003: This is embarrassing. Spoon anyone ?
Cottees: Be lucky to get the spoon pca. 19th I reckon
Malaka: Just thought I’d pop in for a quick gloat.
Bazza2023: hey pusta, its just box hill bud… bottom 4 four both and we look like getting some wooden accessories
Jaypa: I thought we looked shower, sorry hawks boys
mattmac24: C’mon Merrett.. just crack the ton please
Malaka: Bazza, are you saying the Hawks would’ve lost 40 goals if they’d played a top side?
Bazza2023: possibly, continually going through the centre to no-one or 1 on 2 and 3s yes, easter monday will see no rebirth, just m
Bazza2023: more death
Bazza2023: this wasnt last years game plan that beat the cats etc, i know the oldies are gone, but wow….very poor decisions
BRAZZERS: hawks have good kids, future is good. the the key possies not good
Malaka: Well, I’m happy with the Bomber sitting atop the ladder, even if it is only for a week.
Bazza2023: well i havent been able to chat for two years, just observed due to Montys resetting of password issues harder to hack
Bazza2023: than the pentagon and might as well lose the password again
Bazza2023: Bombers flag fav after beating the suns next week…heheh
BRAZZERS: you really are a malaka mate

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