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Chat log from R1 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Adelaide, R1 of 2023

duckky: Hello
Jaypa: Giants Footy
PAFC4eva: Gday duckky should be good game this one gws by a whisker
frenzy: howdy
pcaman2003: Afternoon! Got C on Laird .Have Green and Kelly. Hopefully 3 good picks
MrWalrus: Arvo all, C Laird too
Pavs: Afternoon with you pcaman like a good score from Captain Laird as well
MrWalrus: I’m interested to see if the crows really have improved, they can’t be worse and they have lots of high picks maturing
pcaman2003: Good luck Pavs.Fingers crossed.
Smurf_x: I don’t see Adelaide losing this
pcaman2003: Geez Kelly! 6 touches for 7 pts and 3 clangers already. Smarten up quick lad.
BigChief: Perryman done for the day already?
pcaman2003: Yes Chief!
bc__: Lift Jelly. I went you C over Laird
thommoae: Giants footy hard to watch at present.
MrWalrus: Crows pressure and attack on the ball been really good
MrWalrus: Also looks like a lot of the kids have bulked up
Dredd: Crows a big smokey for the 8.. they are going to be great to watch this year
Jaypa: we look so weak
sfenda1: green looks like he was worth the hype
Cottees: Dredd. That is what I thought predicting this years top 8. Gave them 8th
navy_blues: nice grab
BigChief: Fair grab Harry.
Jaypa: HH Mark of the year
pcaman2003: sfenda1. Sreller year coming up hopefully. One of my 1st picks this year.
pcaman2003: Kelly 100%TOG for only 11pts very disappointing.
MrWalrus: Jumped over ROB’s head, not sure you can take a better grab than that
TimT14: Lift Kelly need a big score from you today
navy_blues: omg king is in love with rankine reminds me of bruce and dusty
Cottees: THat passage explains Giants first quarter. lol
Dredd: Bruce and Rioli you mean navy
BigChief: Dermie and Cyril
thommoae: Well … one highlight for that quarter.
navy_blues: that too dredd
pcaman2003: Dredd.. Def Bruce and Rioli.He was besotted poor fella.
PAFC4eva: No perryman should be good for callaghan
Number 8: Two tackles from the Giants in an entire quarter … wow
MrWalrus: Solid start Laird, can’t complain about that
Cottees: PAFC. Callaghan did start doing stuff when Perryman went off ey. True
Pavs: Easing his in to it Walrus. Like it
PAFC4eva: But i dont have him Cottees 🙁
Cottees: 🙁 But surely you have JHF as a Port supporter
PAFC4eva: No but in 2 weeks maybe ?
Cottees: Fair call
BigChief: OMG GWS in for very long year. I wonder if Kingsley is thinking “what have I done”
PAFC4eva: Orange tsunami more like ripple
navy_blues: whats with all of the handballs over the shoulder by gws
pcaman2003: Chief. Even we might beat them this year ,
wadaramus: Why does Nicks insist on playing Dawson so deep in defence?
BigChief: I tipped you blokes to beat Ess @pcaman
wadaramus: He’s too good and should be further up the ground.
Cottees: Hawks might be 17th! yay! lol
Jaypa: Hawks have Norf and the eagles covered surely
pcaman2003: Brave Chief! Don’t think we’ll win too much this year, but hope I’m wrong
MrWalrus: Is there a better kixk in the comp than Fogarty? Add Tex & Dawson for 3 of the top 5
pcaman2003: Jaypa. WC maybe easier for us than North,but too early to tell.
colin wood: Good afternoon lads & happy Supercoaching for season 2023
Dredd: Everyone would have us covered if we play like we did yesterday every week.. putrid effort
pcaman2003: And to you also colin wood.
BigChief: Dredd your 2nd 1/4 was pretty good. Other 3 not so much
Jaypa: i find it easier to tip against Norf each week, chances they only win 2-3 times and who knows when that will be
pcaman2003: Dredd. Can’t really disagree with you there.
Jaypa: we look the same at this rate, dog water
pcaman2003: Lift C Laird. You too Kelly.
PAFC4eva: Nothing wrong with that game yesterday Dredd
BigChief: Okay Laird 12 HB for the qtr is not good enough.
Dredd: Everything wrong about it.. 3 gun mids shown up by a 19 yr cry baby wanting his mommy.. disgusting from our blokes
MrWalrus: Laird will be fine
pcaman2003: Jaypa. Might be a few teams including us at that bottom level. I
Baldfrog: Mummy you flog yank wannabe
PAFC4eva: Mummys boy did alright hope its not flash in the pan stuff
Baldfrog: He’ll go alright PAFC don’t worry
MrWalrus: I stand by my alleged spud walrus icon, Rachelle may be a better player than Naicos long term
Baldfrog: Hardest part is for us being able to keep him Walrus
pcaman2003: Kelly and Green DE and clangers hurting a bit.
MrWalrus: Win games Bald, that seems to be the most important key to retention
Jaypa: Finn Callaghan is going to be a stud, uses the ball so well
Dredd: Just needs to get more of it Jaypa.. ball use was very good in that passage before
Drak: Adelaide have cooked themselves. That was terrible. Zero defending then
Social: Afternoon chasps
Jaypa: never mind hahaha
MrWalrus: Lol, that was embarrassing
MrWalrus: How does a professional miss everything from there
pcaman2003: Should’ve put the C on Green instead of Laird.. Unless Laird gets 100 in the 2nd half.
PAFC4eva: Coughing up extra for laird not looking good could be worst if he was capt opps
Pavs: very underwhelming so far Laird
MrWalrus: He’s certainly capable of a 100pt half, still expecting over 100 minimum
Cottees: Fantastic stuff Green and Dawson! Callaghan getting the job done, wish you got the goal. Come on C Laird!
pcaman2003: PAFC. Hopefully this will be his bad game the year .Early days!
Baldfrog: GWS do tag the best players as well
MrWalrus: Also didn’t pay up for just the first half of the first game of the year
navy_blues: just put a multi with hawks winning pca so get voodoo doll out plz lol
Cottees: Isn’t Laird historically a slow starter? Second half is his best?
Baldfrog: Hawks should win easily shouldn’t they? Ess missing 1/2 a team
Cottees: Good luck Navy 😉 Hawks got this for you
MrWalrus: Yep Cottees, goes all day
PAFC4eva: Be happy with a 100 at this stage
navy_blues: yes peter wright out is mainly why i went hawks
Baldfrog: M0nty is it possible to have the round games above the current game so we don’t have to go back to main page?
Social: Wondering the same thing Baldy
navy_blues: i 2nd that baldy
pcaman2003: navy. Just got your message for Voodoo treatment..Will activate!
navy_blues: ty
Baldfrog: Really think it’s overkill pcaman lol
pcaman2003: I thought it was just me missing the teams headers top of page.
Social: bombers fwd line looking very light on
pcaman2003: Baldy. Ypou can never have too much voodoo, especially when inflicting much!
BigChief: Okay Lairdy we would all like at an 80 point 2nd half thanks.
zadolinnyj: How do you go to other games. Lot harder then previous
MrWalrus: Just do multiple tabs
zadolinnyj: Ta mate
TheOnyas: onya greenys
thommoae: Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
Baldfrog: Your not out of it thommoae we can lose the impossible
pcaman2003: Kelly on the move at last, but where are you Rory L?
Fatbar5tad: Laird on the Bench again. Is he crook or something?
Cottees: Laird seems to be on bench a lot 🙁
thommoae: Great Scott! A pulse!
Social: cockadoodledoo
Legix: Keays being wasted sitting in the forward line
Legix: needs to be on ball
MrWalrus: He was like 90% TOG first quarter too, might be something wrong
pcaman2003: Maybe Laird affected by the heat?
navy_blues: all crows hard work 1st half gone up in smoke
mattmac24: Does ROB lose points for that? Lol
pcaman2003: Kelly take a bow champ. 34pts so far this qtr. Gr8 comeback!
DrSeuss: Geez Laird is looking slow and off the pace
Social: @pca dya reckon Day will get some mid time?
pcaman2003: Possibly Social. Mitchell will probably run quite a few through the mid this year.
Fatbar5tad: captain Laird tops off a brilliant round 1
BigChief: Enjoy you holiday McAdam.
Fatbar5tad: far out nice holiday coming up there
Jaypa: mcadam is a flop, big holiday
mattmac24: That’ll be a long holiday for McAdam. Shocking
MrWalrus: Didn’t get him high, cracking bump
Cottees: Man I had a feeling I should of captained Green over Laird 🙁
navy_blues: laird still on bench geez
BigChief: You really deserve that spud icon MrSpud.
navy_blues: laird would be on ground if he was ok to win some ball for crows
BRAZZERS: lol spud farmer
Cottees: Yeah Laird definitely feeling something. Probably the heat but who knows
pcaman2003: Laird even with 80%TOG, score is RS. He’s just not right.
Social: Rachele Rachele
zadolinnyj: Was. Chest that bump
MrWalrus: From you 2 that’s a compliment
BRAZZERS: he’s just playing poorly, so he’s the only player on the ground playing bad because of the heat? lol ok
Troglodyte: Afternoon lads
MrWalrus: He normally plays 90+ TOG, something clearly not right
mattmac24: Possibly Brazzers. Could just be that one unlucky player that gets worse than the rest by the heat
Cottees: Brazzers, everyone deals with heat differently
Raspel31: Tom Green- from good to better, best.
Troglodyte: Kingsley said during the week he was going to play someone on Laird
BRAZZERS: Obviously something wrong but don’t think its the heat, maybe he’s crook
Jaypa: Tom Green CHAS, lock it in
mattmac24: No one is actually sticking to Laird though, just not playing his best footy
Cottees: Yeah could definitely be a niggle, crook, heat, or combination of a few. Who knows
MrWalrus: Yeah doesn’t look injured just knackered, big hangover?
BigChief: Hope Nicks is just saving Laird for huge last qtr.
Troglodyte: The heat wouldn’t be helping. Wines was the same yesterday
MrWalrus: Won’t beat LDU Jaypa
Cottees: BigChief, Laird 100 point quarter?
Jaypa: @spudboy who??
Bazza2023: is Laird still on holidays?
BigChief: Fingers crossed Cottees
BRAZZERS: ripper game
Social: Maybe dropped a couple of crook chipolatas at the Parramatta Travelodge
Bazza2023: go cogs
zadolinnyj: Time for the proper crow mids to get in there. No clearances
BRAZZERS: kelly dead
BigChief: Kelly in trouble. Has not moved.
Harambe: Sloane has knocked out two GWS players today
MrWalrus: Don’t know who LDU is, calls me spudboy…..
Cottees: Oh no Kelly
MrWalrus: Having a great week apart from Stewart, C Laird and now Kelly
BRAZZERS: im glad its falling apart for you spuf farmer, made my weekend actually
zadolinnyj: Laird not well. Shuffling out there
MrWalrus: Stewart was VC too, I’m pleased that you feel that way Pornhub
frenzy: feel sorry for whitfield and kelly owners
Migz: last year laird could not get away from the ball last year. since i tuned in hes given away a free kick and 1 tackle. w
BRAZZERS: Kelly always been unlucky with his health thats why i avoid
Harambe: Someone out there owns Stewart, Xerri, Whitfield and Kelly
Legix: Rachele having a great game
Fatbar5tad: And Jones
Wends: Afternoon all, bad luck to Kelly owners, seemed on track for a big one
mattmac24: Playing footy in 30?+ weather is cause for disaster. So many players struggling
Byzell56: laird has gone missing since half time
Jaypa: nick haynes heart m0nty
Migz: laird is a penguin confirmed.
MrWalrus: He was 30 at quarter time
navy_blues: they have been training in it all summer tho
Stephen001: Got Laird as captain, need to change next week.
pcaman2003: Been away last 20 mins. What happened to Kelly?
travo: well done Haynes
mattmac24: Big difference between training in it and playing in it Navy.
BigChief: Laird pretty much done for the day. Back on the pine.
BRAZZERS: he got ktfo
Malaka: The million dollar flop.
Byzell56: laird got a touch, hallelujah
Bazza2023: go cogs
Malaka: Glad I took VC Taranto’s score in AF and RDT, but P’m stuck with Laird in SC.
BRAZZERS: thanks for letting us know mate
Cottees: Yeah apparently I should of took Docs VC
navy_blues: king hasnt said nothin bout rankine since he gone missing lol
frenzy: classy win giants
Bazza2023: fair win GWS, i wrote them off at HT
mattmac24: Callaghan quietly making a good score but I wonder if that’s only due to other players being injured
zadolinnyj: Well that was a quick sc season fail
Jaypa: huge win
Wends: Pedlar on field for me next week instead of bench 😐
travo: its a big big sound !
MrWalrus: Stewart then Laird C, season over before end of R1
Social: That’s the last time Laird goes silly at the breakfast buffet
MrWalrus: Pedlar onfield is my lowest scoring F

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