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Chat log from R20 of 2023: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R20 of 2023

exatekk: go crom
PAFC4eva: Round of upsets guess the crom will win evening all
exatekk: go crom
exatekk: hello pafc. Good luck.
PAFC4eva: and you exatekk
TheFlagger: Visentini big job today as the first ruck and second ruck
Pavs: Hi all. Rory love you in my team but rest up this week please.
TheFlagger: the blues broke port
Beast_Mode: JHF you muppet lmao
Bulky: JHF is a total liability.
loginpaul: I love my footy team, loginpaul
loginpaul: Mark Keane is clearly inexperienced though, loginpaul
sheezel420: houstgem keep going
exatekk: i agree loginpaul, exatekk
navy_blues: good pressure by crows navy_blues
beerent11: Ha! Got duursma and spp in draft. Going well
navy_blues: cant do that feels like talkin to myself lol
loginpaul: nvm, Keane is a legend, loginpaul
TheFlagger: bit of boxing cte?
soup: good to see crouch doing alright again
Ash777: double KO
DukeNewc: I’ll one up you beer, I got pedlar and McEntee
exatekk: bang, exatekk
navy_blues: maybe 3rd upset today brewing after freo gws wins
Bulky: JHF recruit of the year. LOL.
exatekk: thats suss…Aliir coming back on…HIA arent that quick
navy_blues: butts has cracked
Ash777: butts sore
Dondeal: Butts cracked…ribs?
Social: Anal fissure Don
Dondeal: Very banged up Butts Social
TheLegend6: Keane is an icon
TheFlagger: dixon getting towelled this quarter is hilarious
OffaStep: Wow. Anal fissure is OK by the filter but I can’t type rehear5e? Go figure.
Social: Chol suffered the same injury at Richmond (post game)
Beast_Mode: if lairds eyes were any closer he’d be a cyclops
Social: Another word you’re allowed to say Offa is Cock. Can be very handy sometimes.
OffaStep: It sure can be, Social! Cheers.
exatekk: wow. we criticizing looks now beast?
Manowar: Koshie good business not signing Hinkley, time to FIRE
TheFlagger: pear win this
loginpaul: go crom, loginpaul
Grimes Jr: Pies a pretty average group
sheezel420: every team is average except norf
Social: Looks like we’ll need for 2 days
exatekk: stop lurking Wookie…
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Social: itsa least worst flag this year Grimes
frenzy: cmon Thilthy, scoreboard buddy
TheOnyas: Onya Texy
exatekk: Tex for PM
PAFC4eva: 54 monty 27 each
soup: tex would have kicked 10 already if he got treated like curnow did
frenzy: sac kenny?
navy_blues: lol how did your frwds go today soup lmao
Beast_Mode: dimma to port
BigChief: 1 goal 5 from J. Cameron I believe navy. hehe
navy_blues: and hawkins 2 goals against freo too
DaicosQB: Grimes is still going on about Collingwood in a different game chat, you need to be put in a home.
Raspel31: Grimes not the most positive of chaps.
Grimes Jr: Xd. Pies won?t win flag. Lol.
navy_blues: better chance to win flagthan richmond grimes hehe
shagga24: C’mon Rory, I need another 25 points out of ya
dodgybros: And will forever be a junior DaicosQB
exatekk: crom
BigChief: Well shit 1 out of 6 in tipping.
Cottees: I have 2 BigChief lmao
Beast_Mode: navy they have 3 flags with their core group, doesnt gwet batter than tthat. when was the baggers last? hehe

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