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Chat log from R20 of 2023: Essendon vs Sydney

Chat log for Essendon vs Sydney, R20 of 2023

bushranger: 150 on your 150th Mills
J.Worrall: Let’s go Zerret
pcaman2003: Very ambitious there Bushranger.
navy_blues: at least 15 possies too mills
navy_blues: going for syd but ess big chance as well
TheFlagger: mills tagging?
pcaman2003: Had the C on Tracca, but changed to Zerrett. Hope it doesn’t suck.
sheezel420: where the hell is Lloyd playing? was part of none of that transition
navy_blues: cmon parker get involved
Pavs: CD got the C on Merrett not sure how he gets to that score
dodgybros: Zerrett is on
FoopyTime: langers you sexy beast
Manowar: Mills tagging himself…Loser!
navy_blues: wow papley handballed!
pcaman2003: Pavs. Having 4 cp’s adds good his 5 touches.
Manowar: Horse u idiot do you want to be fired? put someone on Merrett
Grimes Jr: Dons a pretty average group
Stu7: Get off the pine merret
beerent11: Wrong side of the bed this morning manowar?
Stu7: That would be right Rampe has scored half his average already and now on the bench until 3/4 time
TheFlagger: no ridley is a big problem
Stu7: Any idea why merret is on the bench don?t tell me he?s injured
beerent11: Probably having a rest stu
Stu7: Cheers beer good news
pcaman2003: His OG will be fine by qtr time. Just chill!
beerent11: Hey, no worries. Here to help
Raspel31: In all fairness it was a long bench warming Stu.
dodgybros: Rampe preparing for a goal post climb
Stu7: Not wrong Raspa
Pavs: Was going at 40 percent pca. Only 2 hit a target
Stu7: Pull your finger out Mills it?s your 151 th
TheFlagger: gulden quick double goal assist not bad
pcaman2003: Pavs. He had a tackle plus I saw him do a !% er. He may have done others?
navy_blues: wow caldwell out of the blocks
Malaka: Caldwell made somefink out of nuffink.
Stu7: Lol Malaka
dodgybros: Parker spooked
Stu7: Wth Parker
pcaman2003: Nice start Zach. The same for the other 3 qtrs please.
DANGERous: get moving Parish
dodgybros: Someone call Ridley and get him on
TheFlagger: lift zerrett
navy_blues: buddy gone
FoopyTime: merrett about to cop a ryan clarke tag
sheezel420: ok Lloyd you’re redeeming yourself
Beast_Mode: good to see mills having a crack tonight
TheLegend6: Parker?!?!
TheFlagger: might be the last game buddy plays
Stu7: C Zerret need hi to score 200 to make up for the other passengers in my team
Gotigres: I want my 400k back Mills
Stu7: Rampe it up,please
Stu7: Lol Gotigres frustrating hey
TheFlagger: mills forward hahaha
Stu7: Nice win last night Flagger
pcaman2003: Stu7..Zerrett should do well. Although I do have him as C too, so who knows.:)
Stu7: Let?s hope so pca
bushranger: Yep the Mills experiment is over. See ya mate, maybe next year
TheFlagger: cheers Stu knowing carlton though we lose to your mob next week haha. heard king will be back
Stu7: Nice work Zerret from a slow start keep it up lad
circle52: Benching Keays over Mills not looking good, Come on lift Mills
Stu7: Yes mate but we will Ned more that
Stu7: Yes mate but we will need more than King back to beat you guys
Hughsy: I was under the impression that you need to be tackle to give away holding the ball? maybe that was just me
pcaman2003: Stu7. Zach going along sweetly now. Good 1st half.
Beast_Mode: generally you cant jst drop the pill either nackers
Legix: Parker has destroyed my multi
Beast_Mode: you win some, you lose more mate
DANGERous: mills turn up 2nd half please
Stu7: Yes pca humming along nicely
soup: parker get a move on you spoon
soup: but good man errol
Cottees: Gulden is so good
dodgybros: Dons won’t beat West Coke or North at this rate
TheFlagger: good job swans
TheLegend6: 20 more touches parker hahaha
Stu7: Get off the pine Zerret
bc__: Come on Merrett, skipper like performance from now
dodgybros: Wow Wright can actually take a mark
Dondeal: Bout time Poiter
Stu7: Nice work Zerrett
Stu7: Come on Merrett don?t take the foot off the gas please
Dondeal: ffs Peter
DANGERous: cmon Mills and Parish, this is gross
pcaman2003: 140+ at least Merrett. Anything less is a failure. Well, maybe not.
Stu7: Ditto pca
TheOnyas: onya lloydy
Stu7: Lift Rampe & Mills
dodgybros: only a lazy 5 goals Dons cmon
pcaman2003: Stu7. Rampe on the bench with a problem I think.
pluggerpig: Gulden is paying $200 for brownlow. Somewhat underrated.
Stu7: Damn thanks pca
Stu7: Wakey wakey Zerrett
Social: I left Corey Wagner on the bench for you Mills ya cornflake
navy_blues: swans choke coming up
pcaman2003: That really hurts Social. Chin up mate!
soup: chucking the C on gulden might not have been too crazy after all
dodgybros: 3 goals Dons
bhg26: Another choke
bhg26: Can?t be fucking this up anymore
slydon: these cameramen are garbage
Stu7: Ffs Zerrett get on field
bhg26: Any more*
slydon: when the balls moving fast down the wing zoom out so we can see the options ya clowns
DANGERous: alright Mills at least match Keays
Dondeal: fuck you umpire
Stu7: Ffs mills on the pine now lazy pr1ck
bhg26: This is fucking disgraceful
Stu7: Rampe cooked?
soup: sydney you are USELESS
Stu7: Not helpful bhg
pcaman2003: Game on! Swans been watching too many Hawks games.
navy_blues: lol soup freo are good hey
Stu7: Click into 5th Zerrett
pluggerpig: papley with the impossibru expression
pcaman2003: Could fit a basketball in Paps mouth
Gotigres: Mills reminds me of Paddy Dow a couple of years ago
Grimes Jr: Onya dons, the gift that keeps on giving
Dondeal: 4 seconds lost on the clock. bs
bhg26: Bloody hell we made it close
dodgybros: And you will always be a Jr Grimes
sheezel420: Dons wasted half the game but complain about 4 seconds
Stu7: Well done zerrett
pcaman2003: Entertaining!
Stu7: Well done bhg
bhg26: Thanks stu
pcaman2003: Finally crack a decent C in Zerrett.

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