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Chat log from R20 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Western Sydney, R20 of 2023

frenzy: howdy
Troglodyte: Starting the chat off with a bang hey frenzy
lana2146: Go the Giants
frenzy: yep,tipped gws
Troglodyte: Thought Bont was gonna get smashed today, so much for a rivalry
bushranger: I have Briggs, opponenthas English. Go big bad Briggsy
Beast_Mode: tipped the doggies, having my best tipping ever
Tea_Bagger: Let?s go Bonk!
Dredd: Get off the bench English!
Manowar: C on Bont top spot sealed now!
Raspel31: Ah- and to not vc Bont- life in a nutshell.
Beast_Mode: failed with naicos vc, put the c on bonty tho
Raspel31: English as vc looking a bit healthier?
Dredd: English flying now.. thank you good sir, VC looking better now
bhg26: Come on Briggs catch up to english or at least try and stop him
Raspel31: I’d really rather he didn’t bhg- but so flow the sands of time.
Urbs: Looks like Gardner and Riccardi went to go get some donuts together
Beast_Mode: this is why english iss the best ruckman in the league and it’s not close
Raspel31: I’ve decided to donate my English points to charity.
TheFlagger: VC english almost makes up for cerra hamstring
circle52: looks like Ward has gone to Bont.
bc__: Stop benching Angwin
bhg26: Giants just kicking it to english
Raspel31: Think most of us have Bont and English circle- down to vc.
TheFlagger: Taylor is a freak
bhg26: Yeah off to the bench briggs you dud
Pavs: Ton up English. Love it
TheFlagger: fuck yea english
Raspel31: Off the bench English you muppet!
Dredd: Oh my English! Insane.. + Bont, Libba, Stewart, Serong, Wagner, Cogs.. boy oh boy
Beast_Mode: briggs is cactus, getting embarrassed out there
lana2146: Come on English slow first half mate
bhg26: Briggs i want another 66 points in this quarter
bhg26: Lucky i dont have jelly on field
Drizzledee: Kick it English lol
Drizzledee: Stupid ash I finally ditch him and he does this.
Manowar: might put the C on English today
Drizzledee: Yeh I did English c , wasted my vc on naicos so was either tt or English
ausgooner: i thought i was so clever putting the vc on stewart instead of english
Raspel31: I made a huge error last night watching The Ashes. I forgot to make English vc instead od c- and so roll the sands of ti
Legix: Cmon Jelly
Stu7: Come on Greene you spud
bhg26: That?s sad to see
Raspel31: GWS miss Green’s quick hands- as do I.
Stu7: Go Macrae you good thing
Stu7: Stay low Bont
Drizzledee: English is cooked
bushranger: Iam so sad I dont haveEnglish. AND cannot get him
Raspel31: Lightly souffled Drizzle- he’ll be back.
bhg26: Same here bushranger, but at least I have Briggs
Stu7: Ffs Daniel
bushranger: Me too bhg, going ok the big fella
Stu7: Good come back Greene
bhg26: He has been good, not so much today
Stu7: Yes lock down Bont
Urbs: Ward tag going very well so far. Big cooler for Bont
Drizzledee: Hope English gets 150 what do ppl rkn
Raspel31: Mistake to cap English with a huge score- think tactically.
Stu7: You little tvrd Daniel do something
original: Bont putting on a clinic in going missing
bhg26: Briggs and Jelly would have massive scores if they knew how to kick
original: Bont C after Naicos could cope last night
bhg26: Cmon Bont all I ask is that you get 10 disposals and 3 goals this quarter get going
sheezel420: Briggs > Bont confirmed
lana2146: Think might have to captain Neale or Dunks because Bont n Stewart no good
Raspel31: Cap Neale at your peril lana- 75 3 weeks ago. Sticking with English. Is English- is good.
lana2146: Whats Himmelberg playing forward
Urbs: Himmel playing defence, just playing loose now
Stu7: You?re gone next week helmet head
TheFlagger: wow
lana2146: About to be 3 underdogs in a row win
TheFlagger: race for the 8 will be insane
Raspel31: Might have to rage trade English next week if Doggies can’t pull this off.
TheFlagger: briggs immense
lana2146: Excellent comeback GWS probably the form team of the comp
bhg26: Fair enough Rasp
TheFlagger: only 40 points in a halff piss poor from no speaka
lana2146: English just scored 15 points in 1 minute
Stu7: Nice work Kelly, Greene and Coni
bhg26: Not quite enough Jelly for me to take you over day

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