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Chat log from R20 of 2023: Collingwood vs Carlton

Chat log for Collingwood vs Carlton, R20 of 2023

J.Worrall: Bluebaggers
navy_blues: lets dee how good/bad blues are tonight
navy_blues: see
Gotigres: Hopefully a good game
circle52: Looping Cripps – May be mad but coming off the injury a concern
Gotigres: Put the vc on Naicos at the last minute
bhg26: Bringing in Jelly for Ashcroft this week. Im ready to get hurt again
ralfsmiff4: 205 straight games for Crisp. In this day and age, that is absurd
bhg26: Lovely DCam
DrSeuss: Did the same Gotigres – fingers crossed
ralfsmiff4: All for a guy who was steak knives in the Dayne Beams trade to Brisbane, an afterthought
dodgybros: All that Pepsi helped Crisp ralf
Gotigres: We will sink or swim together Dr
Grimes Jr: Haha quaynor for aa. Laughable call JB
navy_blues: omg
Gotigres: 100m lol
TheFlagger: ffs
Nurfed: muppet act!
bhg26: Absolute moron
TheFlagger: weit bag everywhere
Gotigres: Anybody else having problems with jerking on the screen? Or is it just me?
navy_blues: plz dont turn this in to a freekickcollingwood game
TheFlagger: what the fuck
OffaStep: Pies lacking a bit of the usual fluency so far tonight.
bhg26: What is de koning supposed to do
Nurfed: oh beau
circle52: as an independent observer agree what could TDK do. BS Free
Pavs: Lol Gotigres jerking on the screen. But mine is fine
Grimes Jr: They get a lot, the pies
DrSeuss: Naicos playing at half forward Gotigres – not so great at the moment
TheFlagger: murphy is such a soft cunt
navy_blues: lol JB calling martin motlop
Gotigres: Not good Dr
bhg26: Thats ambitious moore
DrSeuss: Not good for Collingwood Gotigres – might need him helping them come out of defense ASAP
navy_blues: in the back by maynard
Gotigres: Agreed Dr
navy_blues: maybe not
TheFlagger: ffs
navy_blues: omg ump
dodgybros: Look at the replay umpiring, oh wait 200 metre penalty
navy_blues: 50m for cant tell me to look at the screen lmao
Grimes Jr: Amazing how good a run the pies get with the umps
Beast_Mode: greating umpiring, bad discipline blues
Pavs: Consistency umpires please
Nurfed: maybe carlton shouldn’t be so dissentive!
Grimes Jr: Bakes would?ve kicked that cerra. Very average pickup
lana2146: I got the Blues winning tonight
Gotigres: I think there was a bit of a problem with Foxtel but it seems better now
navy_blues: might as well give collingwood game now umps
BigChief: 100% freekickcollingwood @Navy.
navy_blues: never heard of a 50m for that
DrSeuss: Obviously should have put the VC on DC instead GT
Beast_Mode: whats wrong with titch? he’s going at 100% effiency with 0 clangers wtf
navy_blues: well we know the game resjult already even inventing new rules
beerent11: Haha. 28m gained beast mode. 4m per possie. Classic titch.
bhg26: Its been a rule navy. I remember Titch did it last year and was penalised
navy_blues: players do it every week bhg
original: umpires loving the pies. just call it even pls
navy_blues: ive never seen it paid b4
Pavs: Did you finish in the top 5 last week Beast Mode?
navy_blues: if that was sydney penalised you would be going off
bhg26: Probably navy
bhg26: And probably navy
NickyD: 2 frees for the blues, you’re lucky to get that. Be grateful. We are generous.
OffaStep: Flowery decisions favour teams every week but you can’t possibly believe that umpires favour certain teams, can you?
clay007: Hi All, lots of juicy debates early, fantastic.
navy_blues: no free curnow
NickyD: OffaStep – the jig is up. They’re onto us.
clay007: Navy-you are gonna blow a puffa valve at this rate.
Grimes Jr: The funny thing is Collingwood won?t win the flag
Gotigres: Time will tell Dr
OffaStep: Lol Nicky.
Grimes Jr: Lol softest push in back of all time
wadaramus: Extract the digit Docherty!
bhg26: Wowee
CobraKai: What’s with the Doc? Got him as my VC…
navy_blues: time for cricket this is bs
Grimes Jr: Jeez Maynard is a mega flog
NickyD: Carlton free kick? Umpire is sure to be deregistered next week.
Beast_Mode: this is pathetic by the baggers
TheLegend6: Dunno about this umpiring
Pavs: Pretty sure I don’t know the rules of this game called football.
dodgybros: At least Carlton and playing hard footy navy
OffaStep: Controversial opinion, Legend. Lol.
ralfsmiff4: Wow Newman was incredibly stiff there. What a joke. Clearly handballed it as the pressure came
bhg26: A Carlton free in front of goal? Surely an error
ralfsmiff4: The 360-degree nature of this game makes it impossible to umpire. Let’s get 8 umps for 2024! More angles lmao
OffaStep: You know what would make this game chat more interesting? If we try to identify every bad decision the umps make.
clay007: This is a great game of footy, but somehow, umpiring the big topic.
bhg26: Fanfooty can handle that offa
davywap: Talk about soft pushes in the back
bhg26: cant*
Gotigres: lol Offa
Raspel31: Almost as exciting as watching England beat Denmark- except less blondes.
NickyD: No bigger flog than Owies. Except Cotchin.
TheLegend6: No need for Cotch slander tonight
Grimes Jr: Haha I think ur forgetting peddles nickyd
ralfsmiff4: Live ladder in Q2. You love to see it. Never change, Ch 7!
OffaStep: Blues looking much slicker and more dangerous than us tonight.
navy_blues: no dissent against cox lol
NickyD: Come on umpires, you’re letting Carlton get away!
navy_blues: offa remember carlton play 1 or maybe 2 good qtrs a game not often 4 good ones
clay007: I thought you were watching the cricket navy cos you are sick of this bs.
navy_blues: i am clay lol
Ash777: pies getting an ump ride a bit
clay007: Blues are looking very good navy.
OffaStep: I’ve learned not to write us off, navy but your blokes are hungry. Good to see a little spite in the old rivalry.
Gotigres: Is there no soccer on tonight?
Grimes Jr: Reckon this will show other sides that if u play hard against the pies they crumble
Beast_Mode: lol crippa you spud
navy_blues: was bad handball by owies beast
bhg26: Nick Daicos is an absolute spud (hes my vc)
OffaStep: I reckon we’ve toughed out just a couple these last two years, Grimes…
beerent11: Lovely naicos
Ash777: great return for cerra
Grimes Jr: Fumble it daicos u flog!
bhg26: This is what happens when i try to be different
Hazza09: Get involved Hewitt ffs
DrSeuss: Naicos having no influence or involvement so far – might need to move him back for a bit Fly
Grimes Jr: Move him back for some soft ones seuss
DrSeuss: Hewett just loves the bench Hazza
thommoae: Oh, you’re different without trying, bhg – don’t worry about that:)
dodgybros: Faicos showing why he is browlow favourite
bhg26: Thanks thommoae!
Raspel31: The free world all wants a Blue’s victory against the powers of evil but early days chaps.
DrSeuss: Correct Grimes – needs some nice clean touches – very fumbly tonight
Ash777: 2nd game in a row naicos has been poor so far
Pavs: Did i hear that someone has 1 Million on Collingwood for this game?
CobraKai: Come on Doc!
clay007: Blues pressure has been immense. Pies having trouble moving the ball. Can they sustain it?
beerent11: Ha everyone falling over themselves to bag out naicos. Fan footy, more like fickle footy. Am I right?
clay007: Agree beer!
DrSeuss: haha how am I bagging out Naicos? Simply suggesting he isn’t having his usual impact tonight – not fickle – observant
Roksta: Just people calling out what they see beer…
Roksta: He’s struggling under pressure tonight
bhg26: You sure Roksta? He just got a kick at half time
Roksta: Few fumbles and putting team mates under the pump when pressured. He’s only young it’s understandable
Tea_Bagger: Tonight?s been an absolute horror for the umps
frenzy: like that every week Tea bag
clay007: Do you think the umpires win games of footy tea bag. Blues better side right now and it shows.
OffaStep: Similar stats to Crippa, Roksta. Pies often put team mates under pressure with their style when opp pressure is high.
Roksta: Cerra is everywhere
nbartos: Naicos needs some uppers i see
Tea_Bagger: They don?t win games James Bond but they have a huge impact on the results
DrSeuss: Blues have been very good Clay – will be interesting to see if they can repeat it – Pies will get better in the 2nd
Gotigres: Gold, Gold for Australia
clay007: No they don’t tea bag. The best team always wins, simple. Pies made more mistakes than umps.
beerent11: Nah it?s just something to whinge about
clay007: I agree beer, where did the term, White Maggot come from, the whinging from the outer.
Roksta: Few of the decisions in the first q were questionable
Roksta: 2nd q was even
Grimes Jr: Pies to win. Umps to get ?em home in a close on
clay007: Agreed Roksta, but some of the disposals by players was questionable. Best side in front right now.
clay007: Funny stuff grimes
bhg26: Hodge just said all-australian winger for Jaicos as if all-australian is picked based on position
Roksta: Pies come from behind constantly. My money is on them still
beerent11: Funny how the best teams always get favoured by the umpires.
nbartos: aus need to up the RR to at least 3 an over but keep this frustration going – sorry footy back on
clay007: BT just put the moz on Murphy’s kick. Commentary clanger -8pts
Ash777: pretty rare for pendles to mess that set shot up
Grimes Jr: Pies r cooked for year
BigChief: Cerra subbed is huge
EvilMonk: As opposed to Hawthorn? @ Grimes Jr muppet
Ash777: nooo cerra 🙁
bhg26: Wtf Cerra subbed
beerent11: Awesome catch by root. But what the fuck was bairstow doing
DrSeuss: Should have taken the handball Naicos
Raspel31: Had to pop out. Who’s winning?
bhg26: Football Rasp
wadaramus: Doesn’t matter who wins, just whether you entertain or not.
dodgybros: He kicked that 2 acres out of bounds
navy_blues: lol ok wada remember that at showdown
wadaramus: Bums on seats, how will you be remembered, winning is superfluous.
Hazza09: Back to the bench you go Hewitt ffs
beerent11: Looks pretty tight in each matchup of the draft finals week one.
beerent11: Set up for a cracking 4th qtr
BigChief: Blues fans nervous yet?
Ash777: blues needed another goal now they’re in the same situation port were
Roksta: Pies by 5 points is my guess
bc__: Wanted a test pies. We got.
hmmmm: that dude with a million bucks on the pies would probably be sweating rn
Cottees: hahahahha Carlton will lose lol
DrSeuss: Collingwood forwards have been woeful in front of goal tonight
Nurfed: we deserve this for being so shoddy in front
exatekk: MIHOCEK, you owe me a tenner you twonk
Grimes Jr: Pies average
beerent11: Disco stew for captain now
navy_blues: cottees u play collingwood next week lets see how you go lmao
Roksta: Well didn’t see this
Cottees: Nvm, collingwood just can’t kick haha
Ash777: $1mil down the drain to whovever did that stupid bet
TheLegend6: game over
Grimes Jr: Haha pies cooked for year. Lol
DrSeuss: Naicos has very much stood back from a few contests tonight – great player – but has had a rough night tonight
beerent11: Blues for the flag!
Cottees: Navy – what does that have to do with it? YOu’re supposedly a top 8 team, we’re rebuilding. Carlton deserve the win obv
beerent11: Sticky tape those memberships back together!
Raspel31: M0nty- as I age my eyesight goes down. Can you post the scores in larger fonts?
FoopyTime: would be ready to neck if i was that guy who put a $1mil on the pies to win this game
DrSeuss: Obviously dissent is the rule for this week
pcaman2003: I’m going out on a limb, but the Blues have a chance here.
navy_blues: u said carlton will lose lol i said lets see how u go against colligwood
bhg26: Decent mark
Beast_Mode: everyone thought the blues would lose tonight
Cottees: Navy – when your play made a bad decision and magpies were lining up right in front. You lucky magpies can’t kick
bhg26: Curnow turning up for ff draft finals
navy_blues: agree beast
Cottees: Also navy, obviously Hawks should and will lose against a premier fav and us rebuilding? what kinda statement is that lo
Beast_Mode: even yourself
FoopyTime: curnow without mckay clogging up his lanes is rediculous
bhg26: Im sure that all blues fans after this game will look at the rest of the season with realistic expectations
dodgybros: Here they come lol
Ash777: can Howe win the game pies
TheLegend6: They couldnt lose it from here, could they?
Cottees: bhg – Carlton supporters are actually so arrogant. Play well few weeks in a row suddenly the shit
Nurfed: great camera work hahahaha
TheLegend6: Darcy Moore getting a bath
dodgybros: TDK does amazing things
Gotigres: I think a Little Leaguer took over the camera Nurfed, as the cameraman was asleep
Ash777: Moore you just lost the game for pies
soup: fraudulent coleman medallist
DrSeuss: Thats the end of that comeback I imagine
BigChief: Blues have done well to shut Naicos out of the game pretty much.
Roksta: Daicos with poo in his pants tonight… not a great vc
bhg26: Moore 8 clangers wow
bhg26: Can Jeremy Howe win the coleman?
dodgybros: Another 2 quick goals and it would be interesting
Ash777: Thank goodness Cerra has tonned despite injured
sheezel420: beautiful work by d cam
beerent11: Cheers Maynard. Nice work.
Raspel31: This is so sad- so very sad- lol.
Nicko006: Roksta.. absolutely shit himself a few times
TheLegend6: Bad result for us
thommoae: Bad result for us too.
exatekk: who bought Hewett in? I could have had Dcam or Jackson, i chose Jackson FML
dodgybros: Off to Lygon anyone
navy_blues: wd boys
Grimes Jr: Fuck off nick! Selfish dog!
bhg26: Bad result for us also
Tea_Bagger: Imagine being premiership fav loosing to a depleted Carlton
bhg26: Fucking collingwood had one job
dodgybros: Faicos owned tonight
exatekk: gotta drop 1 or 2 at the pointy end to realise what you’re doing tea bagger
sheezel420: blues hardly depleted, no walsh about it
Grimes Jr: Hahahaha daicos didn?t want that!
soup: helps when your key forward gets 5 frees for tea bagger
Ash777: depleted carlton? :/
OffaStep: Good win, baggers.
Cottees: Carlton played better tonight but Collingwood couldn’t kick. So good signs but you aint winning premiership lol
DrSeuss: Well played Blues – Pies forwards need kicking practice all week
navy_blues: bagger no need for that collin gwood are on top dont forget
bhg26: No bobby hill no collingwood
sheezel420: so many medals
Tea_Bagger: Apologies, pies will win the flag.
DaicosQB: Did someone unban that Pig grimes just so he could throw some more Collingwood hate?
loginpaul: collingwood fan mad lol

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