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Chat log from R20 of 2023: Geelong vs Fremantle

Chat log for Geelong vs Fremantle, R20 of 2023

frenzy: howdy
lana2146: Ok I got the VC on Stewart while my opps all went Bont so this will be interesting
bushranger: howdy to you Frenzy. And to all good luck
OffaStep: Same, lana. Fingers crossed he monsters it!
Troglodyte: Hey m0nty – what’s with Trader Calvin using FF screenshots and not giving you a shout out? How rude
bushranger: VC choice Stewart or Bont. Went Stewart, fingers crossed
lana2146: Yep good luck offastep we have a good start
Dredd: Stewart 26 already.. felt against Freo, he wouldnt do much.. took Cincotta over Wagner.. bad start
Beast_Mode: lol
Raspel31: Que Seong Serong whatever will be will be.
Nicko006: Get on Jackson you muppet
cherry9: VC Stewart as well. Hoping for a good one after a filthy minute Gulden C last wk
Legix: Get a kick Serong
Dredd: Lift Serong, all my players are going well.. but you. lift
Raspel31: Interesting season so far lads and ladies- many surprises- keep it up.
Manowar: k’mon Dockers!
TheFlagger: hayden young interesting
Dredd: Blicavs gone = Geelong gone.. does all the hard running
TheFlagger: lets go dockers
Raspel31: I feel any chap with an ounce of decency is saying go Dockers.
TheOnyas: Onya Youngy
NewFreoFan: go Dockers
Drizzledee: I almost had a bet on Dockers today paying 9.50 they no chance but play well here
Beast_Mode: stewart was on 65 at 1/4 time! done nothing since, clangers killing him
Raspel31: We from the non owning Stewart corporation applaud this Beast.
pcaman2003: Stewart at qtr time 54, Ryan at half time 37, now look at the points. Stewart is flopping.
Raspel31: well pcaman I have Ryan and you have Stewart- is this an issue?
Beast_Mode: ryan, stewart, serong well done lads keep it going
Beast_Mode: where ryans cape?
pcaman2003: Raspel. I have both.
fundraiser: i?ll be happy if liam henry beats his be 86
Beast_Mode: you also have owens tho..
lana2146: Why Stewart back on bench wtf
Planking: stenglein is a blast from the past monty
Raspel31: Begs the question pcaman-why the moaning??
exatekk: FFS is Stewart Dead?
Stu7: Come on Stewart 120 please
Beast_Mode: surely give j cameron the butcher icon
nbartos: well done freo wharfies LOL
pcaman2003: Keep it up Wagner.and get moving VC Stewart.
naicosfan: Can?t loophole Wagner unfortunately, kid is having a gun of a game
lana2146: My opps had Wagner on bench no emergency ouchhh
pcaman2003: naicosfan. I was fortunate to be able o loop him with Fletcher and Roberts.
Beast_Mode: can only loop wangers score for sicily or dawson, should i ?
Dredd: Bit older than a kid naicos hahaha
Beast_Mode: wagner*
Dredd: Gotta love having constable to loophole players.. had cincotta and wagner emg scores takeable..
Stu7: Ffs Stewart
Stu7: For sure pca money in the bank
pcaman2003: Stewart since qtr time has been abysmal. What went so wrong?
exatekk: would ya loop for Butters or Taranto?
Stu7: No idea pca
Raspel31: don’t have Stewart but angry on your behalf pcaman. Shameful.
TheFlagger: yes dockers
lana2146: Is Stewart injured
Stu7: Taranto
NewFreoFan: This is very stressful
pcaman2003: Raspel. Looks like my C this week will be Tracca. Heaven help me!
Rilian: Rock icon for Pearce..
pcaman2003: Well played Freo. Gutsy win!
NewFreoFan: Heave ho baby
cherry9: Great win dockers
Raspel31: Got stuck with Neale 3 weeks ago pcaman-so very happy with all things English.
pcaman2003: Raspel. English is the man indeed to do the job.

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