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Chat log from R19 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Collingwood

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Collingwood, R19 of 2023

OffaStep: Carn the Pies!
beerent11: 90% chance of 20-40mm in Manchester today
J.Worrall: Go Port!
OffaStep: Carn the Mancunian rain clouds!
original: should’t howe be wearing a white sleeve?
PigeonPies: big fine original
DukeNewc: Tag on Naicos, anyone have a VC/C on him?
beerent11: Sleeve police on the job
OffaStep: Took Tingles, Duke. Might have has Doch or Disco instead but happy.
TimT14: Suspect a draw is on the cards here
DukeNewc: Offastep. I did the same, not sure who wouldn’t take a 130…
OffaStep: Yup. Opp took a punt on Dunkley over Bont VC.
sc_god: port are up for this
DukeNewc: Cmon DCam, back to the form you had early year
OffaStep: Steele and Pendles… Vets standing up.
PigeonPies: fk rozee is a gun
PigeonPies: smart from dixon
Raspel31: Rather fine work Rozee old boy.
OffaStep: So many guns out tonight.
PigeonPies: mcstay looks up and about
Hughsy: this is gonna be good.
PigeonPies: looking the goods so far hughsy
original: killing me houston with that free and dumb kick
navy_blues: lol duursma
PigeonPies: burzzy showing him how to bounce
ralfsmiff4: remember when duursma butters and rozee were all on the same level in their debut year lol
ralfsmiff4: duursma used to do the bow and arrow
sc_god: duursma has been injured a lot tho
PigeonPies: oh come on when do they ever pay that
PigeonPies: maybe bc he tapped it, probably makes sense
Ash777: didn’t disguise it at all
OffaStep: Too blatant to not pay.
sc_god: it was there, players never tap it out like that. thats probably why lol
thesilentl: Will see it 20 times this game, hope the umps are.hapoy calling them all
DukeNewc: There’s the inconsistency as well, they had to pay that, only fair.
PigeonPies: yeah, agreed once i saw the replay
original: was pretty blatant from daicos. normally he is way smarter
OffaStep: Bloody great quarter of footy.
bhg26: Kick the ball DCam! Otherwise nice quarter
Hughsy: Good work DCAM
DrSeuss: Exactly bhg – if DC gets a freeby at least kick the freaking ball
PigeonPies: port should get grundy
bhg26: Its like he doesnt think about us sc owners. Selfish i say!
PigeonPies: they have spud rucks
DrSeuss: Grundy would be a great pick up for Port
ceaserr16: God Power supporters are a different breed. I hope we beat them and piss on their parade tonight
original: that free before QT was not for Darcy Cameron
PigeonPies: first time elliott isnt selfish
PigeonPies: yep daisy thomas just said the same lol
thesilentl: A lot of players being pushed in the back this game, not being called either way
original: gee tom mitchell been down lately
thesilentl: This is ridiculous, it’s raining and they are calling everything deliberate
navy_blues: this is wwet weather footy this insufficient attempt is overkill
PigeonPies: it is getting a bit ridiculous lol
Hughsy: they have to be consistent
OffaStep: Umpires doing their best to flower up a great game of footy.
PigeonPies: titch washed
Ash777: I like it. fuck. stop them just soccering it to gain meterage
PigeonPies: true ash
thesilentl: @ash777 i disagree. Gainiing territory is part of the game. The rule was’t to stop 40m kicks going out at all
PigeonPies: wtf titch lol
OffaStep: No issue with the Naicos call, McCreery was bordeline (Cox was up the boundary), Aliir call was rough.
navy_blues: u havent played wet weather footy Ash?
original: titch lol wtf
Ash777: aliir call was correct
PigeonPies: luke darcy is such a shit commentator, so monotone
PigeonPies: aliir call is the rule. lol
original: Pigeon i’ll take him over jobe watson
PigeonPies: jobe i hardly even count, bloke doesnt know where he is
OffaStep: Was correct but rough. Not as if he ran three metres past the mark.
Ash777: the arrow is back1
PigeonPies: coxy coxy coxy
Dondeal: If Butters disposal was better he’d be on track for 200
DukeNewc: Pigeon. He sounds like a washed up talkshow host, sounds like he doesn’t care. Makes it boring.
PigeonPies: exactly duke, terrible
Ash777: as long as it’s not bt
DukeNewc: And then there is Underwood, she is another level of bad. If she commentates, TV volume goes off.
beerent11: Looks like our draft matchup might be close exatek. If you?re out there.
original: muppett for cox surely
Dondeal: Can’t believe Kelly still gets a gig. That would have to know fans can’t stand her
PigeonPies: i love murphy, gun defender
Ash777: underwood is only good hosting fox footy break crap
OffaStep: Can’t stop thinking about what Darcy and Underwood would sound like flowering now.
Dredd: Come on Pies, we need top 2! Best chance to set up a Lions Pies rematch 20 years on
beerent11: Use the mute button on your remote
PigeonPies: titch has been shocking, murphy is dominating
Ash777: the butters n rozee duo
original: tiitch been bad since i traded him in, 4 or so weeks back
PigeonPies: can i blame you then original?
ralfsmiff4: since sidebottom and de goey have returned, i feel like titch has been playing less mid
ralfsmiff4: and lipinski also taking some mid minutes from titch
sc_god: titch sucks at this pace, needs it slower and more contested situations
Hazza09: Going Walsh over Butters last week has pretty much summed up my year
TheFlagger: lycett gives away free kicks at preuss rates
thesilentl: how do you miss that throw
slydon: what a throw
Dredd: Feel like an extra umpire has made them even worse this year.. every game is terribly umpired now
thesilentl: then rioli clearly ducks. noise of affirmation at work as per usual
beerent11: Go junior you good thing!
Ash777: nah the extra umpire has done nothing and the umpiring is still as shit as always
TheFlagger: lachie jones is so bad. his timing is so shit
DrSeuss: Umpiring has continued to be terrible – more rules – less accountability
thesilentl: The extra ump leads to more non calls IMO. Almost like the don’t want to override others umps non calls
Dredd: I literally said that Ash…
beerent11: Yeah because the magpie army have never got any dodgy free kicks for their team huh silentl
Ash777: you said worse I said no change
Gotigres: AFL needs to stop changing the rules or introducing more rules
Dredd: no change is worse hahahaha.. it was meant to make umpiring better and it hasn’t.. smh
Baldfrog: Gil must have rung at 12 time
TheFlagger: come on power!
OffaStep: Yep. They ought to make a rule, Gotigres.
Gotigres: Umpires should not need to identify who is going up in the ruck or always telling players to stand
Gotigres: lol Offa
TheFlagger: so fumbly
thesilentl: Why is that not htb
FoopyTime: fair few unlucky calls going against collingwood tonight
navy_blues: glad naicos aint C this week
Ash777: few non-calls both ways
thesilentl: We get it ash, you hate the pies
DukeNewc: At least DCam is covering for Gulden
TheFlagger: wow port missing easy ones
JayEm: Oleg Markov rocking the Dr Robotnik mo
Ash777: mitchell sub
Dredd: HAHAHAHA was trying to remember what that reminded me of, thank you Jay
sc_god: lol titch subbed
ralfsmiff4: Mitchell subbed off, there goes both my multis and probs my h2h supercoach league
DukeNewc: Houston has been elite the last couple weeks
FoopyTime: wish he wasnt a few weeks ago duke
sc_god: lol bobby you are a massive spud
Ash777: no legged
clay007: Which AFL team did you play for sc_god?
thesilentl: Lol htb just doesn’t apply to port this game
DukeNewc: Ahahaha Boak, comedy of errors
TheFlagger: noble soft as butter
clay007: I wonder how sc_god’s stats compare to Bobby Hills.
bhg26: Players can be criticised clay lol
Baldfrog: Daicos lucky to be on 54 hasnt hit a target all night
navy_blues: yeah big stats that lol
bc__: Get the popcorn on. Daicos show bout to start
TheFlagger: happy darcy cameron 160 day
clay007: I don’t think any player can be called a spud by a person who has not played at the level bhg
bhg26: not going to score now flagger. Cheers
sc_god: my stats are great, i have a masters degree. im elite in my field champ.
bhg26: Oo champ has been dished out!
beerent11: Didn?t know being a knob was a field
TheFlagger: Why the fuck would you drop the daicos tag. idiot
Ash777: a switch has been flipped
devize: the daicos show begins
OffaStep: Got your own place, sc_goo or still at mummy’s?
PigeonPies: so unlucky howe
Urbs: Interesting tactics by Ken, right in Collingwood territory in Q4 too
PigeonPies: fuck what a game this has been
TheFlagger: rozee going head to head now it looks like with daics
TheFlagger: wines legging daics dog
PigeonPies: bro bobby hill is so shit
navy_blues: lol
PigeonPies: navy im glad you say it every week
PigeonPies: idk hhow pies fans think hes good
devize: Josh – tick
PigeonPies: why is de goey getting tagged hes done nothing
TheFlagger: ginni taught him well
devize: Josh – tick. Nick – tick.
Dredd: Side note, how fkn good is Pies v Blues gonna be next Friday.. feeling like going for the atmosphere
Baldfrog: Quack quack
PigeonPies: what a tackle howe
OffaStep: Rioli is a flowering dog.
navy_blues: got a few outs now dredd unfortunately
navy_blues: mccreery been good tonight
slydon: howe in trouble for the tackle on PP?
navy_blues: wd bobby lol at last
Dredd: Will get a few back as well though navy. Walsh getting hurt sucks
clay007: Pigeon.. bobby is not flower, just kicked clutch goal. Leave him alone people.
PigeonPies: fk bobby is a gun, my favourite player
FoopyTime: really shouldnt be but i said the same thing about sic so god only knows with the match review commity
TheFlagger: good luck with getting a ticket dredd
navy_blues: rioli be in trouble to i think
PigeonPies: clay that was all mcreery, glad he finished tho
FoopyTime: yeah rioli should be a week atleast
Urbs: Rioli will cop 2, same as Rachele
Urbs: Being exposed as a grub this year
OffaStep: I’d like to see a replay of him on Lipinski just before.
slydon: time stamp for rioli? i missed it
FoopyTime: the dudes a drug cheat hes already confirmed a grub
TheFlagger: lol
Harambe: Should be called Powerade Rioli, he didn’t even use his Willie for that drug test
PigeonPies: what a crumb spp
bhg26: Now i can watch this game. What have i missed?
PigeonPies: lead changes
FoopyTime: a good game tbh
OffaStep: Finals footy.
Dredd: Do what you do best Pies, run over them now. Stop playing with your food
Baldfrog: Yeah it is foopy
DrSeuss: Why would the pies take off Cameron at this stage of the game when he has dominated the ruck
PigeonPies: why tf is crisp made to stand there??? hahaha
TheFlagger: dixon limps every fuckin game get up
PigeonPies: was 10 meters off the mark
Dredd: Still 4:30 Seuss, Im sure he’ll come back on as soon as they can make the change. Ruckman are slow and hard to rotate
Gotigres: Great game this
Oddsy5: agreed seuss but i reckon resting him for a last ditch effort in clutch time
Harambe: A Good Day To Pie Hard
TheFlagger: he likes that spot
PigeonPies: cameron back on is huge
PigeonPies: nice harambe
DrSeuss: Good call gents – back on now – lucky they got that stopped and a goal to boot
devize: copy pasta jamie elliot vs essendon last year
TimT14: Common draw
Dredd: Elliot is just clutch.. done it so many times now
FoopyTime: we always catching strays n its not even our game
Dredd: Hahahaha stiff Foopy
PigeonPies: who wins, spp or maynard ina scuffle?
Harambe: Haven’t cheered for Collingwood since the 2018 prelim, it feels so wrong
frenzy: how long to go
PigeonPies: minute
FoopyTime: i want port to win this one cause i see it being both of these teams playing in the gf
TheFlagger: game over
Hazza09: Cameron going backwards ffs
circle52: same Harambe
Pavs: Cameron gone from 141 to 129?
shagga24: going backwards fast
PigeonPies: lets fucking go
PigeonPies: what a game
shagga24: got up to 140
Dredd: Think we are turning it on at the right time Foopy.. just gotta cut the stupid fadeouts outs.. we’d beat Port
Raspel31: Everyone going backwards Hazza- long qtr.
TheFlagger: 160 might not happen
Ash777: oh dear port crowed it
devize: never any doubt tbh
Hughsy: Why Tf is Cameron going backwards while winning the ruck
Harambe: Port are in deep sh1t if they finish 3rd and have to play at the Gabba in Week 1
Hazza09: Dcam should have been a 150 easy
PigeonPies: adams dropping an f bomb, love to see it
Dredd: Port crumbling.. overrated imo. 6 teams have a better %.. going backwards from top 6 offence and defence.. straight sets
PigeonPies: i love fly, going to every port player, great human
Dredd: Need them to lose 2 more Harambe.. I’ll back Geelong in Geelong, need Crows to pull another showdown special
Harambe: We just need 1 more win than them from here Dredd. We play Pies at Docklands, winnable I reckon
kano: haha Dredd
kano: good old straight sets brisbane, and the fans talk an unbelievable amount of shit
Harambe: Kano, you talk a lot for a Nigerian city
sc_god: Harambe you forgot brisbane are garbage mate, will not get within 50 points
kano: Pies the best team and it isnt close. Brisbane dont scare anyone away from brisbane
sc_god: is port played the brisbane bears in the granny brissy get pumped
kano: but at least they have locked up hipwood until 2043

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