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Chat log from R19 of 2023: Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Essendon vs Western Bulldogs, R19 of 2023

FoopyTime: evening boys
frenzy: howdy
OffaStep: Quiet in here tonight, Foopy.
OffaStep: Howdy, frenzy. Hoping for a huge one from VC English.
Social: I think everyone?s in Bali
Social: I am anyway
Baldfrog: If only someone cared Social
frenzy: no anti Social behaviour, keep ya cloths on Lol
OffaStep: Bintang and Friday night footy. Nice.
FoopyTime: ok bomba this is a much better start than last week
Baldfrog: STD’s and friday night footy even better
circle52: Evening all VC on Bont
OffaStep: I hear if you rinse it in Bintang, you’re safe.
sc_god: thanks circle, been waiting allw eek to know who your captain was mate, phew what a relief! I can relax now
DrSeuss: Zerrett still with a hangover from his dismal 200th game? Looking disinterested outside of packs
OffaStep: Hot start, sc_goo
Baldfrog: No doubt Social has tried it Offa we will wait for his verdict
Raspel31: Evening ladies- my bad- brought in Zerrett for Green. Whoops.
Stu7: Evening all
TheFlagger: come on dogs wake up
TheFlagger: this short kick game sucks
DukeNewc: C on English against Phillips
beerent11: *all week
TheFlagger: bold not going the vc must have a lot of belief duke
Stu7: What?s the go with VC Zerret?
Baldfrog: Why are they booing Khamas?
Social: I rinse it in Bintang regardless so hard to tell..
frenzy: u spell checker you beer, Lol
DukeNewc: Was a typp flasher,
DukeNewc: *was a typo flagger, thanks for the pick up
beerent11: Spell checker_god
DrSeuss: Stu7 – hasn’t looked interested so far – very slow start and Bombers backs just playing kick to kick
m0nty: I imagine they are just say Buuuu
Stu7: Cheers Dr
Baldfrog: Ok Cheers M0nty
DukeNewc: I love how the featured player is just JAKE STRINGER in coloured letters.
OffaStep: Man of the world, social. I just use VB.
FoopyTime: i hope there just saying buuuu
Baldfrog: Only thing VB is good for
TheFlagger: English getting towelled by flippa you love to see it
beerent11: Nah I use it mix berley too baldfrog
Baldfrog: Berley Bras Beer?
frenzy: if it was SAB, it would be the best
Baldfrog: If you mean Coopers pale ale then yes frenzy
Hughsy: I love Ridley
DrSeuss: Buku with as many hitouts as English lol
sc_god: how does a mid group of bont, macca, treloar, liber get smacked in the guts
FoopyTime: we got the future goat hobbs
TheFlagger: Lol booing weightman hilarious
Baldfrog: So we will see a GoatHobbs on FF soon Foopy?
dodgybros: Double points for the double handed bounce
TheFlagger: carn the bont
FoopyTime: foppy ff goathobbs alt incoming
DrSeuss: VC English looking like a great option so far – Zerrett not doing much better
PigeonPies: i hope poulter makes us regret delisting him, still unsure why we did
Stu7: It?s a sh1t show Dr
Hughsy: Why are the umpires being so inconsistent with the calls
FoopyTime: afl umpiring in general tbh im just happy we dont have razor tonight
FoopyTime: if you know an umpire by name you know theyre a garbage ump
Baldfrog: Because Hughesy 4 isn’t better than 3
Baldfrog: Rekon Merideth is worse Floopy
Dondeal: Calls that but not against Weightman. Useless flog umpire
TimT14: Hosking is the worst umpire
Stu7: Ffs merret
circle52: Reckopn Nicholls is worst of the lot though
TheFlagger: bit of a momentum shift
Hughsy: This umpiring, I can?t watch this
Baldfrog: So the lady ump is alright fellas lol
circle52: TBH though the inconsistency in umpiring this year appears worse even with 4 umpires
Wends: Evening all. + so far – Bont VC; – still have Macrae & it’s quite the frustration.
Baldfrog: Agree circle wish they would go back to one or two no better these days
NickyD: Is Zerrett waring another number tonight? Can’t see the 7 anywhere
TheFlagger: how tf is oskar baker playing over bailey williams
circle52: Not the only one with Macrae Wends and I am stuck with him due to little trades
DrSeuss: Bevo is the answer to your question Flagger.
OffaStep: Think the crowd are saying “toooo”, as in “too buku”
Baldfrog: Well heard today that swelling in lairds shoulder hasnt gone down so we might need another trade after next week
Wends: It’s like one of those bad dreams circle, where you’re trying to run but legs going nowhere lol
DrSeuss: Zerrett still getting over his leather allergy from last week NickyD
Dondeal: If you are going to pay dragging it in then pay every time you useless flogs
DANGERous: i think i broke Merrett
PigeonPies: wtf merrett
Pavs: That ridley Kid going ok Flagger 🙂
PigeonPies: cmon merrett
Hughsy: Zerrett heard yous
NickyD: DrSeuss fortunately Zerret remembered how to kick.
DrSeuss: If only he can remember how to kick and get involved in the 2nd half
Ash777: first time seeing dons play this season. not liking how brad is coaching them
Social: Yeah Merrett looking quite discombobulated after last week
TheFlagger: was waiting for that Pavs
Gotigres: Has Raspel been banned for talking about the cricket too much?
Pavs: I was lurking mate. Soz
Dondeal: Front on contact wiped from the rule book for this game
wadaramus: Looks like the VC has been wasted on Merrett 🙁
Raspel31: Anyone for cricket?
Wends: O Macrae, you’ve done it again…
DrSeuss: So the Bombers strategy is just to kick it to each other down back?
Stu7: No Raspa unless you?re English
Gotigres: lol Wends
Pavs: Swap you a Cummings for who ever you like Rasp
Pavs: *Cummins
Baldfrog: Bart or James Pavs?
Raspel31: Nice late save Pavs. Step up Zerrett.
Gotigres: vc Bont was looking ok for a while, but he has drifted out of the game
DrSeuss: Zerrett try to do something other than just handball? Maybe tackle? Take a mark? Just LIFT
DrSeuss: I guess heading to the bench is something different
Wends: The reverse moz from you there Gotigres 🙂
Raspel31: Brilliant timing Gotigres and DrSeuss.
TheFlagger: essington back in business
Wends: Yes, and Dr 🙂 Can you do anything about no. 11 – Gaff-lite?
TheFlagger: cometh the hour cometh the bont
Gotigres: Thanks Raspel and Wends
dodgybros: Hind to save the day
FoopyTime: in hind we trust
Dredd: Got Ridley, Bont, English and Libba.. going well. Also got Merrett.. lift son!
RooBoyStu: Biden’s Bombers tonight lol
TheFlagger: wow hind the sub what happened to him
TheFlagger: yes bairstow
sc_god: porky bairstow
DukeNewc: He has the stereotypical cricket fat bod sc_god
Raspel31: Loved Tubby’s comment last night- ;Australia lost the last test as they failed to score enough runs off the bat’ Genius.
nbartos: bairstow lucky flog
Stu7: Yeah Raspa some of the comments are so dumb
sc_god: whats the weather forcast for day 4 and 5?
beerent11: Wet wet wet
TheFlagger: all time choke for the convicts
dodgybros: Bombers tanking for Harley Reid draft pick
sc_god: good news
Raspel31: Tubby followed up with ‘To maintain a lead you need to keep the opposition behind you’ I n awe Stu.
beerent11: Love is all around
beerent11: Missing Nathan Lyon
nbartos: one good lucky day and the poms show there faces
FoopyTime: thankyou guelfi my multi is back on baby
beerent11: Yeah can?t remember flogger, I mean flagger bringing up cricket once.
sc_god: lol richo you muppet, merret doesnt have 7 tackles
DukeNewc: Libba’s score is bouncing around a bit
Gotigres: I’m getting 2 donuts plus Chesser’s 20 odd this week
Gotigres: Ridley down
sc_god: ridders tombstone
TheLegend6: Quads are a bad injury too
TheFlagger: ridley is superman he’ll somehow play next week
FoopyTime: please no ridds
Dondeal: Season for Ridley
TheFlagger: must not be in these chats often beerent
nbartos: is stringer injured?? slack fk
FoopyTime: naa stringer is just doing stringer things does nothing for 80min then goes stupid
FoopyTime: im still waiting for him to do the going stupid part tho
DrSeuss: Stringer got the first clearance of the game – clocked off after that
clay007: Great game by Libba. He should reward himself with a random tat.
Gotigres: Macrae 68 games in a row with 20+ possies
soup: If only CD scored libba like they did with bont
sc_god: thanks gotiges, maybe not everyone has channel 7..
nbartos: zerret bench ffs
Wends: V happy I didn’t give in to fomo and go Merrett over Parish for Laird
Stu7: Stay on the bench Bonty
beerent11: Awkward English vc score.
clay007: Great comeback by Zerrett. Raised the bat. Looking for Macrae to do the same.
Nicko006: Bit of junk time would be nice Merrett
beerent11: Those 4 points were worth it
Dredd: Fk me Ridley.. does it look that bad guys?
beerent11: Not awkward now
runners47: Some more junk for you too, Bont!
BettsMagic: Equivalent to a hammy BeeRent
BettsMagic: Strained his quad whilst kicking and could hardly walk
xodeus9: caleb daniel score pretty stiff
runners47: Take the VC on Bont??
clay007: Agreed xodeus9, I thought Cox was stiff also.
Ash777: thanks vc english
Raspel31: After getting stuck with Neale last week-sticking with England beer. Whoops-English.
beerent11: I?m taking English runners. Bont only 6 points less
lana2146: Quad strains around 2 weeks I had 1
Stu7: Good stuff beer
frenzy: nice game Jake Kelly
Roksta: Bont star libba good though
nbartos: 100%beerent
TheLegend6: Torn quad can be anywhere from 4-12
BettsMagic: A strain is different to a tear. Dunno what he did exactly. Either way it’s similar to a hammy in recovery and rehab.
lana2146: Didnt look torn
beerent11: Can we just play the ashes in England every time. Always a much better series.
Social: Fanks Timerfie
runners47: Fair enough beerent – don’t have a choice here, but Bont will be fine
Social: That was quite the shellacking in the end
J.Worrall: Ridley BoG!

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