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Chat log from R18 of 2023: West Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for West Coast vs Richmond, R18 of 2023

navy_blues: cmon west coast you can do this
bc__: Lol
TimT14: Hahaha I have McGovern in draft…
loginpaul: Daniel Rioli my king
TheLegend6: No way Gov gets a HIA due to a boot to the mouth, absolutely not a concussion risk
Wends: Afternoon all, TT captain… need a Sun arvo support group for trading in Mills instead of my week-long LDU plan arrgh!
exatekk: Pickett stealing goals..
Wends: Also Thelegend… I didn’t see the incident – was there whiplash? that might’ve been why the HIA protocol?
TheLegend6: Didn’t seem like it, regardless he got through it
navy_blues: hope pickett enjoys rest of this years footy cos he might be having new accomodation soon if found guilty
beerent11: Tiges right in this!
TheLegend6: embarrassing yourself navy
navy_blues: lol really legend im not the 1 on charges and did say
navy_blues: If found guilty
Cottees: Legend – why are you even defending him? lol
TheLegend6: just a weird immature comment
TheLegend6: I’m not defending him cottees
soup: is kelly getting played up forward or am i watching this wrong
exatekk: its not immature, most people are dumbfounded he hasnt been sacked,
Cottees: Why comment than? Just leave it?
Raspel31: I feel like a shit just shat in my head.. Okay- nobody a saint but let’s stay on the game.
TheLegend6: Why bring it up in the first place? Got nothing to do with the ga,e.
Hazza09: Get a 50 Maric, not a big ask
Cottees: I mean legend, it is navy hahaha but you aren’t helping the situation by giving attention to navy lol
FlaggersXD: Blues only talking now because they think they are good again
navy_blues: yeah cottees i need attention lolol
Wends: No need for the troll comment in the first place. There’s a minor thing called legal process. Back on the footy pls.
TheLegend6: That’s what happens when you let kids chat with adults hahaha
EvilMonk: It’s good Carlton are going okay again, makes the 9th place more enjoyable at the end of the year xD
TheLegend6: Anyway I need Chesser and Maric to combine for 80 and I absolutely don’t think it’s going to happen.
Wends: Ahh Raspel… need some Berocca just to watch the game eh 🙂
navy_blues: ouch Allen
soup: allen in bad shape
Raspel31: Does beg the question why you still own Chesser and Maric-TheLegend-but I’m too polite to ask.
lana2146: Hahaa good luck with that legend6
Raspel31: Lol Wends- yes- just back from lunch.
TheLegend6: Bench cover (plenty out this week like most) and not enough trades
Stu7: Can anyone shed light on how Hunt can spend 100% time on ground and score 1?
beerent11: Don?t know if the west coast strength and conditioning department keep their jobs next season.
Wends: One of my oppts has now lost Allen and Ginbey… bad luck…
Wends: Are you in WA Rasp, that’s quite the long lunch lol
soup: good man maric keep it up
Cottees: Raspel please keeping hating on Maric – it is working 😉 for my cover of Dunkley
Hazza09: Yes Maric!!
Raspel31: Things looking a bit rosier TheLegend. Get you- 5 outs this week too.
Stu7: ffs Hunt
DukeNewc: The hero we all need Hazza
Raspel31: I aiint no pcaman Cottees- he is the voodoo princess.
JohnHoward: typical pickett trying to STEAL the ball out of riewoldts hands
EvilMonk: He’s laid a tackle now @Stu7 stop complaining xD
Stu7: Awesome Evil thanks
beerent11: Baltais becoming a pretty good footballer
soup: maybe pickett will get a few more possessions when the sun goes down
TheLegend6: Balta could be AA squad of 40 this year
TimT14: Tigers skills are woeful
sc_god: lmao
OffaStep: Two H2H won, one to go. C’mon Maric, just 105 points more!
Wends: Saw someone throwing Soldo’s name in the POD hat this week – not so crazy?
wadaramus: What has happened to Liam Baker, he was a good POD earlier in the year, now I am stuck with a spud.
TheLegend6: Changed role, playing forward instead of back most of the time
fundraiser: best of luck offastep xD
Raspel31: I have finally achieved a spud free team. The odd turnip still kicking around though.
DukeNewc: Wends. There have been a couple of weird shouts this year, a lot of them have done surprisingly well
DukeNewc: I think its a bit late now though, a lot of people don’t have many trades
OffaStep: Cheers, Fund. I live in hope. Just 10 straight kicks.
beerent11: Cmon baker boy
Hazza09: He heard you Wada
pcaman2003: Raspel. You’re lucky. My team is full of Dill Pickles.
sc_god: lol imagine signing hopper for 7 years lmao
Raspel31: I summoned you up pcaman- but Pickles are stayers.
wadaramus: You are such a total complete and utter spunta Liam Baker.
pcaman2003: Wada. Nice alternative to the usual spud name.
beerent11: Nah he?s a gun being played out of position wada.
Wends: True Duke… lots of vanilla at the same time… funny mix.
sc_god: bakers has always been an inconsistant scorer, thats on you. Do better
wadaramus: You are my hero sc_god.
beerent11: *baker
Raspel31: sc-god- keeping us all honest.
beerent11: *inconsistent
wadaramus: Your condescension is so endearing.
pcaman2003: sc-god. I bet you would be the life of any party. We all need a friend like you.
beerent11: *That?s
Wends: + I changed to AFLF from SC/RDT couple of yrs ago… trying to avoid hyper-vigilance all weekend, didnt work out so well
DukeNewc: You seem like a lovely person sc_god
pcaman2003: beer. Don’t forget the !
TheLegend6: Lovely Maric, do it again
Troglodyte: What’s sc_dog barking about now?
DukeNewc: You have an obsession with !’s pca
DukeNewc: I could say that you love your expression
Wends: Guys guys, look at us! Squabbling… bickering! We never used to be like *this*! (prize for whoever guesses the quote)
wadaramus: Just being his helpful self, encouraging me to do better.
OffaStep: Rick!
Wends: Offa wins!!
Raspel31: The Young Ones Wends- superb work.
Troglodyte: Just smack him on the snout with a rolled up newspaper. Should quiet him down
pcaman2003: Duke. Trying to respond,but M0nty keeps putting the brakes on me.
Raspel31: Lol Trog.
Wends: Heheh… and the answer is “yes we did.”
pcaman2003: Trog. For sc-god, a steel rolling pin of about 3kg would do a better job.:)
DukeNewc: We aren’t trying to kill anyone here pca…
pcaman2003: Duke. We aren’t? What a shame.
OffaStep: sc-goo loving this chat. The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
Raspel31: My barely adequate psychic defences are crumbling.
Wends: It’s a hippy, isn’t it.
Wends: Wakey wakey TT, PCA, get the pins out…
Stu7: Hint how can it be
Stu7: Hunt
Troglodyte: How does Rioli keep getting pooped on by seagulls?
Raspel31: Atta boy TT.
Wends: Wow pca – new pins with superpowers?
DukeNewc: Sabotage by the toasters trog? They will do anything to somehow win
pcaman2003: Wends. Can’t put pins into my own man Timmy.
DukeNewc: Probably not an adequate target though…
Wends: No I meant the “get moving captn TT!” pins lol
beerent11: You around exatek?
pcaman2003: Misread your comment.Lol! Timmy will ton up easy.
sc_god: genius move to bring in Soldo to cover Dunks
beerent11: Timmy!
TheLegend6: pay advantage, chesser was about to touch it!
bhg26: Did you put the c on him sc god?
exatekk: yeah beer
Raspel31: So Dunks is now a ruck sc_god- I live in awe?
beerent11: You?re lucky to get up in draft this week.
bhg26: Im devastated about the loss of mckay in my draft side beer
exatekk: not wrong! some quality on Jai’s bench LOL
exatekk: i keep having to trade in a free agent just to cover a position
Raspel31: And to think I tipped Wet Toast?
bhg26: They’re due for a win rasp
Wends: Has TT got a game of backgammon going on with a trainer or something… feels like he’s on bench every other minute
Raspel31: But of course I didn’t bhg.
bhg26: Cannot believe that rasp
Raspel31: Fool I am bhg- idiot I am not. Carn TT.!
OffaStep: Just 93 more points, Maric!
Doggie Doo: Dusty has been a forgotten SC player.
Troglodyte: Hey Rasp – seen any Gold Coast bound removalist trucks outside your neighbour’s house?
beerent11: Need a big last qtr telly
Raspel31: I know Trogs- already asked if I can house mind.
TheLegend6: We’re so bad ffs
Cottees: Wet Toast to do a Melbourne and come back and win Legend? lol
Doggie Doo: WC would win the VFL flag
Troglodyte: Rachele the new Barry Hall lol
TheLegend6: Wouldn’t surprise me
hmmmm: there will never be another barry hall
Wends: Owning dusty was an exercise in frustration just one too many times DoggieD
Doggie Doo: Its only 5 goals
TimT14: Tigers need better KPD
TimT14: Ying Yang for hopper
TheLegend6: Come home strong Maric and Chess
Raspel31: You home and hosed TheLegend.
Stu7: Come on Hunt & Baker you dudds
Stu7: Idiot Baker
soup: maric getting burnt in the square hurts the soul
TheLegend6: Eagles coming, nervy times, we are bad
Raspel31: Hunt has had a magnificent tactical game Stu- chill.
beerent11: You put him in your side stu
beerent11: Enjoy the vfl next week Maurice jnr
Stu7: Hey beer I?ve had the dudd in all along he?s been on the cards to get rid of but injuries have held me back
Hughsy: lovely Tkelly
Stu7: No good to me Raspa I need points
Stu7: Both spuds on the bench 🙂
Wends: TT… keep going, would rather not have to get out the Orbit King with yaw control
Doggie Doo: Good work Dusty hitting the ton.
Stu7: Wish I had 4 trades this week that s how good I?m going
beerent11: 71 pretty good stu
Stu7: Hey beer I?ve got him in a fantasy team
Doggie Doo: No 3 votes for Taranto this week. Get your money on naicos
OffaStep: 78 more Maric. Might cop a break on the scaling…
Doggie Doo: Come on Maric do it for offaStep
Wends: TT cmon man!
Stu7: Hunt BE 54 not going to make it
OffaStep: Thanks for the support, Doggie. Quietly confident.
beerent11: Baker you star!
beerent11: Star for baker m0nty
Stu7: Ha ha beer
sc_god: hooper yingyang, double his possies this half
beerent11: *hopper
Wends: Thanks TT for a little last minute Oscar work
beerent11: 😉 stu
TimT14: Called it before sc_god
TheLegend6: Take a bow Maric
sc_god: please forgive me, i dont read the whole chat all game hero
lana2146: 2380 for me and Im pleased with that
Stu7: Nice Lana
Wends: Can’t wait for lockout… Serong back on field and ditch final rook at last. Spritz toime 🙂 saluti!

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