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Chat log from R18 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R18 of 2023

frenzy: go well Cooper
Cottees: Well, I hope Sicily continues his previous form. Also let’s hope he doesn’t tackle lol
Manowar: J. Sicily not good so far today
andychiz: agreed frenzy, what score would you be happy with
bhg26: Sheez your teammates are in the blue and white
Hazza09: Think there is a fwd tag on Sicily
TheLegend6: Early injury! Get JZ on!
TimT14: Huge double header today 😁
Legix: Ford tagging Sicily 🙁
Dredd: Hawks tagging Thomas HAHAHA can this sc weekend be any worse..
Legix: Dredd you’d think LDU would cop the tag
sc_god: sheezel up and about! needs 100 possies to ton up! lol
Cottees: Sicily huuuuuge today!
runners47: So far, good move choosing Sicily over Docherty – NOT
Cottees: Hawks solid goal kicking today. 10 scoring shots to 2 and winning by 18 lol
DukeNewc: I’m sceptical on the tag decision on Thomas over LDU
navy_blues: hawks should have this sealed up already
navy_blues: laugh if norf won
sc_god: no north player should be tagged, sam mitchell taking the piss
navy_blues: lets go norf
naicosfan: Lovely goal by ldu
navy_blues: goal cos 2 hawks players spoiled each other for mark
sheezel420: LDU and Sheezel keep going gems
Cottees: 3.10, I’d kick more accurate than this ffs
Gotigres: This is a sic joke
navy_blues: go norf go
naicosfan: Go norf
pcaman2003: Real amateur hour footy from the Hawks. Don’t deserve to win at this rate.
sc_god: lol sheezel tagged now
Dredd: Aight lets go Thomas.. tag is off so its go time!
naicosfan: Wardlaw down.. not good for me
Dredd: another 3 weeks for Sicily for that on Thomas
sc_god: everyone wants to do that to thomas tho
Dredd: I am joking,, shouldnt get hawks fans upset hahaha
Cottees: increasing our lead 1 point at a time!
beerent11: Very funny supercoach. To get ziebell on the ground for me, you injure my serong cover. Hilarious.
Cottees: Yes Greene, great point to increase our lead lol
naicosfan: Pretty sure it was maginess cottees.
DukeNewc: For anyone that cares, hawks are kicking at 23.08% at goal
pcaman2003: Well! That was a debacle of a half.
pcaman2003: Duke. Surprising the figure is that high. Feels more like 5%.:(
DukeNewc: Pca, cottees. It’s hawthorn, expect the unexpected
thommoae: I care! Thanks for sharing, Duke!
beerent11: We love our Kmart naicos at norf
frenzy: horfawn to kick away
navy_blues: 3.14 going well
pcaman2003: frenz. Lol! Kick away point by point, only to lose by a point.
Hazza09: Wow Ziebell tagging Sicily
Hazza09: Get moving Weddle ffs
DukeNewc: No problem thommoae, I’ll see what they end up with at the final siren
pcaman2003: ime o get involved Weddle. 3 touches no where near enough.
DukeNewc: No more tag Tarryn, get on your bike
Hazza09: Tough times Pca when you have 5 players out and relying on Weddle
navy_blues: rats gave goal kicking lessons at half time by the looks of it
navy_blues: not lol
pcaman2003: Hazza. So true! Finding cover is very difficult.
DukeNewc: Hazza. The bottom 3 is the epitome of tough times
Hazza09: It?s a hard watch today with Harvey and Weddle and Maric to come
beerent11: So don?t watch it
pcaman2003: Worps heading for his highest score. Anyone here have him?
elvundir: just checking in.,, what is going on here? zieball sub? mitchell managed ? ill take mullins 4 i guess 🙁
DukeNewc: Would be very surprised
DukeNewc: Pca*
beerent11: Never known a round like this
blashtroko: sicily in the guts
pcaman2003: beer. Tell me about it. I’m 3rd playing 13th and may yet lose it’s that close.
hmmmm: did anyone go in on the sicdog this week?
Soups07: i didnt hold sicily for this bullshit
beerent11: Pca, so far this round, Lloyd, dcam, dunks, ziegull, wardlaw, green , serong and a Marshall egg.
beerent11: But I know there?s plenty in the same boat. Just felt like a whinge. I usually try not to.
pcaman2003: Get going again last qtr Sheezel.
TheLegend6: 6615 people traded in Sic this week, 22k held him
fundraiser: very glad i traded sicily out in round 15
runners47: Yes, have Worpel, pcaman – promoted him off the bench to starter in Draft, on a whim
runners47: Problem is I also went sicdawg too…
bhg26: Yeah reckon you?ve got every right to beer
pcaman2003: beer. Quite understandable! A most frustrating round for many.
beerent11: Sicily must talk so much trash
fundraiser: next week, do i trade in docherty, daniel, or w-milera
beerent11: Funny thing is, my team is so poddy, I?ve gone from trailing in all my leagues to leading them all.
beerent11: I?d go for the smallest one fundraiser
TheLegend6: Ziebell is horrible
pcaman2003: beer. Fair dinks? That’s so weird.
beerent11: Probably not after this game pcaman
fundraiser: beer do you mean cheapest? or smallest in size
beerent11: The latter
beerent11: The most expensive by cm in height.
Dredd: North suck when they leave Thomas out of the midifeld and chuck him off HB or HF.. deserve to lose every week
sc_god: ypu only saying that because you still have in in your SC team lol
fundraiser: does anyone know if sheldrick is back next week
pcaman2003: At least get past 50 Weddle.
navy_blues: im keeping 12 trades for injuries next year lol
pcaman2003: Ton up Sheezel.You were 68 at half time.
navy_blues: i dont mind bailey scott has a good future ahead
DukeNewc: I don’t understand that Dredd, and Thomas is a solid inside mid.
circle52: @fundraiser – From reports would say no as it was mooted not short term
Dredd: Its actually a fact scgod.. smh

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