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Chat log from R17 of 2023: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R17 of 2023

Cottees: I see that everyone is keen as for this game haha
Pavs: I’m here danger game for the Cats. All games are a danger game actually
FoopyTime: just here to see lilboomer hopefully have a good start to a long career
Cottees: Well Pavs. Apparently Danger getting tagged ooof
Stu7: Goooo Stewart
dodgybros: Baby Boomer looks the goods
TheLegend6: Go Norf
Stu7: Afternoon all
Stu7: Go Stewy you good thing
Stu7: Stay on the bench Thomas you good thing
bhg26: Fuck off Corr those are sheezels kickouts
Stu7: Go Cooper
navy_blues: if cats cant win this by 10+ goals something is wrong
2Ph0nes: ziebs might be coming on early
navy_blues: stewart wont see the ball much today by the looks of this
original: plz sub zieb on. but let sheezel get to 25touches
original: time to do something hawkins ffs
Pavs: Couple of things. Gotigres said about Steele being iron deficient yesterday. I got that joke about an hour ago. Nice
Pavs: Also I said I went up 1000 for 2440 last week
original: wow hawkins sure did respond to me quickly
Cottees: hahhaha poor Pavs – to be fair, was good
OffaStep: Not looking great for him, Navy. I’ve got him V opps LDU. Any other round, I’d be very confident.
OffaStep: Ziegull on already!
Pavs: Nope actually went down 300. Screwed that up also. Think i might have had a stroke 🙂
original: AND ziebell got subbed on. i am magic today
Stu7: Anyone tell
navy_blues: geelong letting LDU run loose by the looks of it
original: get another goal hawkins. go on
Stu7: Anyone tell me why Stewart is not scoring?
JockMcPie: balls not going down there
Pavs: Going ok now Stu
Gotigres: Thanks Pavs 🙂
original: wow everything i ask for is happening. are we all seeing this?
Pavs: Was very good Gotigres took me a while but it was a lo moment for me.
bushranger: Original, you are magic
sfenda1: can you ask for a blues victory original?
Stu7: Cheers Jock
Stu7: Cheers Pav
Pavs: I suggest you don’t waste it on the footy Original. Think bigger picture 🙂
original: Sfenda if only the gods listened to me for those requests
TheLegend6: This might get really ugly
Cottees: na Legend, North just giving Cats false hope
circle52: Is Danger injured spent a lot of time on the pine.
Hazza09: Original can you ask for Stewart to get the ball ffs
original: danger 45%TOG. be more selfish next qtr
Pavs: Circle where has the Purple name gone? Same Circle52?
Pavs: Not injured by the way
original: purple name game been gone for years hasn’t it? used tothrive on it in 2009
TheLegend6: Bring back the PNG!
Pavs: Was Purple yesterday if it is the same guy.
original: Hawkins, about time you got another goal
TheLegend6: Miers could become SC relevant next season
original: that danger Handball is worth what 2-3sc? unreal
Stu7: Stewart do so
Stu7: Stewart come on I need you to score
Hazza09: Stewart back on the bench
Pavs: Thjought that about Atkins this year Legend. Been a bit dissapointing
Hazza09: Stewart not taking kick ins anymore?
Troglodyte: There’s a frew empty seats for today’s blockbuster…
Troglodyte: few*
Number 8: Trog, my son was saying it was going to cost him nearly $100 for a seat at KP today
Number 8: Clubs/stadia are pricing themselves out of filling stands
Troglodyte: $100 to watch Norf – outrageous!
navy_blues: yeah bumped prices up while fewer seats
Number 8: Needless to say, my son is watching the game on TV instead
OffaStep: Cats sharing kick in duties a fair bit recently, Hazza. Stewart is often the kick in target as you’ve likely noticed).
navy_blues: and so many empty seats lol
Troglodyte: I was making a dad joke about one of the stands but got crickets
dodgybros: what will be the ground capacity once finished at GMLMNOP?
Pavs: Sorry Trog I will get it tomorrow 🙂
JohnHoward: mcdonlad and simpkin have to be up theere with the worst choice of captains, closely followed by trengove
original: get back on sheezel. get another goal hawk
Troglodyte: Its just your home ground Pavs – maybe in a week or so we can try again
original: ziebell getting no CD love. sure 3 clangers but 3 marks, a free, 8 disposals for 17 sc? plz
2Ph0nes: lol ziebell having a mare, score fair imo
Troglodyte: Anyone keen for a “civilised” discussion on ruck’s HOTA scoring?
Pavs: Geelong supporter Trog I’m a bit slow.
original: trog define civilised. i think ruck needs to be dialled back, and kick ins dialled back
Troglodyte: Was just throwing out some foxbait to get the half time entertainment rolling..
Pavs: I’ll inject myself into the discussion a bit later Trog. You Start 🙂
Troglodyte: It’ll be a short discussion as I don’t know the rules
navy_blues: ive backed harry to kick 2+ goals today lol feelin brave
Pavs: In fairness I did say no need for name calling then inferred that he was presenting as a massive tool. Hypocritical me.
Troglodyte: All good mate, I restocked on popcorn so good to go for hopefully more livelier games today
Troglodyte: Come on Mullin time to make some cash
Pavs: Not in the spirit of football Geelong. hehe.
navy_blues: sympkin out
navy_blues: simpkin even lo,
Pavs: He was having a bit of a mare Navy.
navy_blues: out concussed
Hazza09: Put Stewart in the midfield lol
bhg26: Get the ball sheez
Troglodyte: This game is such a snooze, time to summon RooBoyStu or loginpaul
Pavs: Love the action don’t you Trog.
TheLegend6: Find the ball Sheez
Troglodyte: Its the undiagnosed ADHD, just need to be entertained.
Hazza09: Ford tagging Stewart
navy_blues: why do norf persist with stephenson very occasional goal thats about it
Pavs: Greenwood has been the same Navy bit of a passenger.
Dredd: Thomas definitely hasn’t go the right sc points.. 17 touches at 76% and 3 tackles.. come on CD
navy_blues: geelong resting a few maybe for rest of game
navy_blues: you think they would chase the % while they can
Dredd: Just get to 80 Thomas please
Dogs5416: Dress – 4 T/O and only 2 in the first quarter would explain why TT is where he is
Troglodyte: They got a draw Navy, no need for %
Soups07: 4 teams fighting for finals have a draw good chance it will matter
navy_blues: always take %
Troglodyte: they should be fine without it so long as Rohan doesn’t take out anymore teammates
navy_blues: find me 1 coach in the top 12 sides that says % isnt important
soup: if we win by less then 50 its gonna feel like a loss
Troglodyte: Cameron will be flinching at every ginger that runs past when he gets back
navy_blues: and next week they could lose % so take it when u can
Troglodyte: Brissy coach said % not important only this week
Pavs: Not really soup a win is a win.
Dredd: Winning by 80 yesterday felt like a loss so I get you soup hahaha
navy_blues: lol yeah right every year u hear how important % is going into last month of footy
frenzy: geez we going well
Troglodyte: I gave you one coach just like you asked. Shush now, you lost 😉
navy_blues: i doubt fagan would say that
navy_blues: fagan
Pavs: Brissy coaches name on the banned word list
Dredd: hahahah the good old heroan trap..
Pavs: Maybe not
navy_blues: thought i couldnt say fagan for a min there lol
Dredd: Think it’s okay if its a 1 word message? idk
navy_blues: omg
Pavs: Maybe it is
Troglodyte: He literally said “any winning margin will suffice”. Google it
bhg26: Sheezel do something ffs
Troglodyte: Sheezel going home end of season?
Dredd: Downhill skier icons HAHAHA love it! So true
Dredd: Ashcroft will win rising start.. this confirms it
Troglodyte: Didn’t Lewis Taylor win one of those? What happened to him anyway…
soup: love you gryan
Pavs: Playing in Sydney I think Trog?
bhg26: Not anymore pavs
Troglodyte: Cheers Pavs
Dredd: Tbf Trog, he probably let it get to him after beating Bont that year. Never played a good season after that first one
Pavs: Get cut did he bhg
bhg26: Yep Pavs. Killed it every week in the 2s though
Pavs: Just googled it they said something about after a thrashing and grand final bhg
Troglodyte: I’m sure that won
bhg26: Fake news pavs. Dont remember that
Raspel31: Come on England- rain permitting.
Troglodyte: *won’t happen to Ashcroft
Pavs: Can’t trust google bhg. This is a footy chat Rasp 🙂
hmmmm: 30 points in 5 minutes for Stew lol
Raspel31: I meant Bulldog’s ruck- great score- give me a break Pavs.
Pavs: Been a bit hard on you Rasp. Fair call
bhg26: What a shit game for you sheez
Stu7: Stewart wtf fire cracker

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