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Chat log from R17 of 2023: Essendon vs Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Adelaide, R17 of 2023

lana2146: Should be a cracker game go the Dons
lana2146: In for a cracking game go the dons
Dredd: Mini elimination final type game, along with the next game. Great season set up with some cracking games on the run home
Dredd: Crows away from home lol
PAFC4eva: 8 point game this one go the bombers
soup: rids do someting
navy_blues: lol i backed adel
Dredd: Ridley fallen back asleep after a hot patch.. ffs
FoopyTime: bo bombaah
lana2146: Zerrett destroying them
Hazza09: Let?s go Merrett
TheFlagger: typical crom fraud away from home!
Stu7: Evening all
navy_blues: bris aint to good away from home dredd
FoopyTime: that chant is going to haunt my dreams
navy_blues: wheres baldy need him to rev up the crows
Dredd: Navy, we have gone positive with away record 2019, 2021, 2022 (2020 doesn’t count obvs) we aren’t that bad
Dredd: Should go positive again this year.. if you would prefer teams to win more games away than at home then you are silly..
2Ph0nes: the record at the mcg is the only one that really matters
Dredd: After all, you play more games at your home ground than any other.. if you have a bad home record then your a poor team
Raspel31: If Dunks aint back next week- you de nan Zerrett. Go Bombers!
Dredd: Well it would for teams that play 16 games there a year 2phones.. we get 2 HA games there.. hardly get a chance there
2Ph0nes: thats fair dredd, but if you want a premiership you have to win there
Dredd: For sure. It would help getting 3-4 games there. Beating the Dees last year in the SF was massive
FoopyTime: just bring covid back and then bris only have to win in WA
Dredd: Hawks game a mulligan with how many teams struggled after the bye
PigeonPies: brisbane couldve even win it when it was at the gabba
dodgybros: Wright can do no wrong
PigeonPies: couldnt*
Dredd: I mean you have lost the most GF’s out of everyone at your home ground of the MCG Pigeon, pump the breaks..
PigeonPies: yeah, point is home ground advantage is overrated
Dredd: Well its not if 8 other teams use the same ground as a home ground.. we are the only home team at the Gabba..
wadaramus: Holy guacamole, what a quarter!
PigeonPies: doesnt that give you a bigger avantage? lol
Troglodyte: Woops forgot about overlapping Sunday games, been wasting my time watching the other channel
2Ph0nes: crows done well to having in here and weather the storm
Dredd: Everyone played on the Gabba how many times in 2020 Pigeon? A lot more than they do every other year
Raspel31: Great balls of fire- indeed wada.
Dredd: Im sure we’d win quite a few games if we had to play as many games at the G as teams had to play at the Gabba..
Dredd: There was no advantage for us in 2020 cause everyone was playing there.. clearly you don’t see the point.. smh
PigeonPies: lol
PigeonPies: youre literally proving my point
PigeonPies: so how do we have a bigger advantage at the G when half the league play there every week or 2?
FoopyTime: that dont add up dread everyone has to play at the mcg to win a flag
BigChief: Popcorn time Trog.
Dredd: oml.. you said ‘lions couldn’t even win a flag when it was at the Gabba’
TheFlagger: did someone say 1995?
Stu7: Come on Laird
Dredd: Yet everyone had to play x amount more times there then they do now.. which throws out your point that we had advantage.
Troglodyte: Way ahead of you BigChief, microwave humming as we speak
Pavs: Me to Trog can we share the popcorn?
PigeonPies: exactly, you had to share your ground with half the league and folded, the same as the vic team lol
Troglodyte: What happened in 1995?
Troglodyte: Plenty to go around Pavs, so long as this tiff doesn’t go too long
DANGERous: get a move on Ridley
Dredd: So how can you say ‘Lions couldn’t even win a flag at the Gabba’ if we had no advantage..
Dredd: Trying to act like we did HAHAHA
wadaramus: Well, I think allowing Essendon to score 7.6 in one quarter is just unacceptable.
PigeonPies: are you joking?
wadaramus: Do something Nicks.
Dredd: And your ‘so how do we have a bigger advantage at the G when half the league play there every week or 2?’ backs my point
BigChief: 1995 hmmm we won 2 games that year.
Raspel31: O J Simpson found not guilty of murder in 1995 Trog. Just keeping you up to date.
Dredd: Never said you had a bigger advantage though.. pulling words out of the wind now Pies.. come on
dodgybros: Surely Essendon would have the highest win ratio at the G
PAFC4eva: Keep going bombers
2Ph0nes: blues last flag in 95 lmao
Dredd: I said you have lost the most GF’s which have been at your home ground of the G.. again, proving HGA doesn’t matter
PigeonPies: so a month of other teams playing at your ground is the same as you being the only team there for 30 years? got it
Dredd: if other teams play home games there.. like what happened to us in 2020..
PigeonPies: but im the one that said HGA is overrated and you disagreed… are you drunk?
navy_blues: we only lost 2 games in 1995
TheFlagger: fuck me what are you blokes on about
Dredd: No, I said its not overrated if your the only one playing at the ground.. ffs
PigeonPies: this dude has done a complete 180 on what he said
Dredd: you are so fkn clueless Pigeon
PigeonPies: hahaha so it does matter?
Pavs: You one of OJ’s lawyers Rasp?
Dredd: Which, once a fkn again, proves why your stupid ‘Lions couldn’t even win a flag at the Gabba’ is pointless
dodgybros: In other news Ridley must be playing at the Gabba today
PigeonPies: getting so mad because youre wrong
PigeonPies: its ok i’ll let you calm down
Raspel31: Ladies- swap numbers and compare handbags- not another mindless and endless argument please?
wadaramus: If only Adelaide could prevent Essendon from scoring a goal every 30 seconds.
Stu7: Laird you
Stu7: Laird you old hack
pcaman2003: Sorry! Have I entered a bun fight zone in error? Where r the friends in here?
Dredd: Runs away from the convo because your wrong pies.. classic move
Troglodyte: Agree Rasp. that’s what Norf games are for
PigeonPies: ?? youve spat the dummy mate im fine
PAFC4eva: 10 goal quarter please dons
Urbs: Settle down boys, let’s just watch some good footy yeah?
TheFlagger: huge mismatch bzt on texan
m0nty: come on Crom
Dredd: Hahahaha rightio Pigeon
Raspel31: Lol Trog.
wadaramus: 10m kicks paid as marks now.
Dondeal: Hobbs gonna be a star
pcaman2003: Bombers cruising along without too much trouble.
Raspel31: Agree Dondeal.
navy_blues: hobbs was a ball hog in his younger years lol
pcaman2003: Dondeal. Absolutely! He is well on the way.
lana2146: 16 goals already omg
wadaramus: I love Luke Pedlar, he is a cross between McDermott and McGuinness.
TheFlagger: no butts = no crom
Troglodyte: Lift Keays and Laird… but go Dons
frenzy: Pedlars nickname should be m0nty
wadaramus: Haha frenzy 🙂
navy_blues: 6 tackles already dawson
TheFlagger: dawson became a butcher ever since i got him in
PAFC4eva: Kelly kicking a goal that hurts
Raspel31: How many does Nank get for taking Lloyd out- thug. Go hobbsy.
TheFlagger: can I sue Nank for losing me the 50k?
soup: rids starting to get some cheapies now
Pavs: Ridley warming up now. Nice
Dondeal: That’s quality ball movement
Dondeal: Held Martin’s arm without the ball for about 5 mins
wadaramus: Hey Nicks, your gameplan of letting Essendon score at will is not working.
Pavs: Ridley on fire Flagger. Whoops you traded him. Soz
TheFlagger: lol dont remind me
Dondeal: lol wadaramus
Hazza09: Ridley out of nowhere
pcaman2003: Go Zerrett my star trade in a little while back. Star!
Raspel31: In space no one can hear you scream- good work Ridley.
Troglodyte: Don’t worry wada, Dons are flag favourites so its ok to get thrashed by them
Hazza09: Merrett has to be my best trade in all year
duckky: That made me laugh Trog. 😀
PAFC4eva: I thought crom flag favs?
Soups07: why did i not trust merret
OffaStep: Plot twist, Rasp: Ridley is the alien, just bursts out of the back rather than the front.
Soups07: shouldve captained him
Dredd: From 9th to 5th if they hold the lead to add %.. going to come down to the last round and we love that
Raspel31: Paid Offastep- set Hobbs free.
PAFC4eva: Nice dons should be 8 goals up keep it up
Cottees: That is an insane quarter by Ridley! Thank you mate keep it up
Hughsy: How?s this
Raspel31: It’s been a while since we’ve had a running argument- miss them deeply. So- come on England!
PAFC4eva: Backing england rasp as long as warner leaves his angle grinder in the rooms:)
Raspel31: Surely we got this man PAF- should a coulda?
Troglodyte: Hopefully Crom got a good spray at half time
JohnHoward: rip ridley, poor bloke
Dondeal: Shit luck Riddler
OffaStep: Nooooo! Rids!
pcaman2003: Tough luck for Ridley owners.
PAFC4eva: Dons will miss rids
Dredd: Just had to be Ridley.. not Redman or Zero-Thatcher or Laverde.. sigh 🙁
wadaramus: I just don’t get why there is no 1 on 1 accountability?
wadaramus: It’s non-stop free chippy chippy ball movement?
DrSeuss: Is Keays playing mostly forward this week or just not getting the footy?
mattmac24: It’s nice to have no 1 & 2 on field supercoach wise and 1 as captain!
ralfsmiff4: I saw Rozee do something like Ridley a couple of weeks ago. He ended up coming back on in the same qtr
FoopyTime: looks to be foward
ralfsmiff4: Hopefully it can be the same for Ridley. Wasn’t nice to see
Urbs: Keays fwd tag on Redman
Dredd: No sub activation yet.. maybe hope for Ridley.. seen players react badly and still get back on.. Treloar best example..
pcaman2003: I only wish I had a team full of Zerrett’s
wadaramus: WHy does NIcks keep picking Murphy and McHenry?
ralfsmiff4: Traded in Keays this week lmao sorry everyone
Raspel31: This looks a tad worse ralf.
ralfsmiff4: Hyperextended knees always look very bad (worse than acls sometimes), but often no structural damage
daniel87: oh damn ridely going down is going to lose me at least 4 close matches
DrSeuss: Thanks Urbs – seems to be working for them lol
Dredd: ‘Looks’ is the key word.. might not actually be too bad though. Lets hope
ralfsmiff4: Damn, nice mark by leverde! I always confuse him for ridley. They look like brothers
Dredd: Ridley mah man.. thank fk
daniel87: ridley good to come back heaps good
OffaStep: Yessss!
Urbs: Looks like Ridley is back, just a painful hyper-extension
Raspel31: Good call Dredd.
Dondeal: Hope they don’t regret bringing him on
Hazza09: Flower off Keays
Dredd: He has come back off already.. I just needed an 80 🙁
Stu7: Keays I put the moss on you
Dredd: Yep, Ridley subbed 🙁
daniel87: oh well lets just hope we dont have to burn a trade for ridley now and just out for this game
Dredd: Lets hope its not weeks now.. just keep bumping up his score 1 by 1 pls
Raspel31: Well, that thug Nank didn’t help with LLoyd- now Ridley- come back Dunks pleez?
wadaramus: Well Crows, you’re nowhere near where you need to be.
wadaramus: Flogging teams at home is hollow if you suck on the road.
pcaman2003: Stu7. Moss? For a new hair do perhaps?
Stu7: Cmon Laird since buying yiu yiu e done SFA
pcaman2003: Raspel. Sure you don’t want to join me in having a BEX? Lol!
Raspel31: Wada- you have great wine- chill.
PAFC4eva: still a young team wada they will learn
Dredd: Stiff to not beat the Pies wade at the G.. Just one of those games
Dredd: Hey don’t take points off Laird.. come on
Dredd: wada*
wadaramus: This game was the big litmus test. Barring a miraculous recovery we’ve failed.
wadaramus: LOL Dredd, you got my name right 🙂
wadaramus: Yes I have excellent wine Raspel, but it’s Sunday night?!
PAFC4eva: True 8 point game but a lot better than where you were last year
Raspel31: Maybe the odd xanax pcaman- groan.
Dredd: Get autocorrected when I use the Mac.. a killer
Dredd: Keep gaining points Ridley.. much appreciated 🙂
duckky: We needed that goal.
Raspel31: A steadier duckky.
pcaman2003: Zerrett very impressive. Good C material
Raspel31: So- if Dunks not back- and I’ve lost Laird and Ridley this week- who to?
Number 8: Hobbs’ TOG no good. Young player hitting the wall?
Raspel31: Hobbs a cracker- just settling him in. But yep- more tog.
Troglodyte: Shiel and Parish back N8
Number 8: Agree, midfield minutes drying up for him
dodgybros: Ridley might get his breakeven
duckky: If this game goes on another 15 minutes, Ridley might just ton up
_Wang_: Let’s go laird junk time
navy_blues: ess stopped
Raspel31: Ok- we won lads- but don’t bench Hobbs again!
duckky: Essendon haven’t been able to ice games for 25 years.
navy_blues: lol commentators talkin about % interesting that
wadaramus: The Crows are koalas, they get killed on the road.
Troglodyte: Don’t know what you are referring to navy 😉
duckky: Most of the commentators were gung ho about the Crows… overlooking the fact they have lost 5 times in Melbourne
navy_blues: all good trog
Troglodyte: At least Adelaide won the netball lol
wadaramus: No consolation Trog!
pcaman2003: Good wins Dons.

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