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Chat log from R15 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Hawthorn, R15 of 2023

LuvIt74: Only fielded 17 and on 1962 with Day & Mitchell to play projection is 2123 so must be some huge scores this week
Troglodyte: Well done LuvIt. The grass is alway greener on the other side of the byes
Pavs: Surely they change the byes next year. Over 4 weeks has been crap
Troglodyte: You said it Pavs – outrageous dicision
bhg26: Much prefer if saturday games didnt start at 4:35 pavs. and why are there thursday night games during bye weeks?
Vultures: they’re not gonna change the fixture for/because SC lol
Vultures: ratings bhg ratings
Pavs: Not sure what the AFL objective is but there has to be a better way
Brian00173: Thurs games for school holidays I reckon
LuvIt74: Hopefully Tassie do come in so that wat every team has a bye each week and not a ton of teams all out
Troglodyte: Just have a full week off for all teams. Way better option I’d have thought
Pavs: We didn’t say about SC Vultures ?
Troglodyte: And that weekend have a reserves carnival or something. Win Win
Troglodyte: Top 4 teams from VFL, SANFL, WAFL duke it out at Adelaide Oval
Vultures: Pavs.. what’s wrong with the bye weeks if it’s not a SC issue..?
Vultures: Clubs are fine with the bye structure..
Troglodyte: Not enough footy mate. Most blokes on here are trying to avoid their wives and kids
Pavs: What bhg said mate Don’t need Thursday nights and 4.35 starts on a Saturday.
Hazza09: Anyone seen Humphrey yet?
Vultures: four days of footy is better than three, just ask ch7
Troglodyte: Your game is over mate. No need to keep arguing just for the sake of it
Pavs: Yeah I get that mate. Still think must be a better way. No live footy in Melb until Sat night last week I think?
navy_blues: 1 way traffic atm
Vultures: That’s it, personal preference.. I’m offering plausible reasons to why.. Thanks Pav for civil discourse
dodgybros: He is pretty quiet Hazza09
The Hawker: I love hawthorn
Pavs: Respect mate thank you.
Vultures: Lovely suburb is Hawthorn, they don’t deserve those colors tho..
Yelse: come on witts u are my POD
Troglodyte: what’s wrong with poo and gold?
Vultures: poo & pee you mean lol
Cottees: vultures – i think if your pee looks like that, you might have a problem lmao
Pavs: If I found them both on the ground Trog I reckon I would take the Gold
lana2146: Lol
pcaman2003: Okay Vultures, don’ rub it in. Go Hawks.
Vultures: Cottees.. lol.. coffee & alcohol will do that..
frenzy: looks like shit, smells like shit, lucky I didnt step in it
Cottees: Worth it though Vultures. Coffee and Alcohol good stuff
pcaman2003: Nash has impressed me with his improvement this year.
The Hawker: Hahaha yall are funny
Troglodyte: You got to give to the cubs with unique colours, teal, purple and now poo
RooBoyStu: Witts as useful as a Veģan working in the Deli at Woolworths, lift you muppet
The Hawker: Hewago Paul Hoyeaah
The Hawker: Great call Stu
pcaman2003: Hey RooBoy. They sell vegan stuff in the deli.Lol!
The Hawker: So many skill error in this game
Troglodyte: Stu looks like your mate Barrass finally tonned up this weekend… conceeded 100+ twice in one game
pcaman2003: The Hawker. I think ours come mostly from HB overuse. We HB at all costs these days
LuvIt74: Whats the average this week?
LuvIt74: OMG Witts in the negative WTF
RooBoyStu: Trog traded him out long ago to Ryan from Freo, worked well so far
pcaman2003: Don’t know Luvit, but I’m looking at a miserly 1678. I won my league game though.
cherry9: Atkins flying. Outscored Witts so far
RooBoyStu: Casboult lol
Pavs: My opp last week traded in 3 to beat me by 8 points is fielding 7 players this week. lol
sc_god: sideways trades are always a fail, congrats lol
beerent11: 1901 projected but that?s with a 90 from humph. Not likely.
Troglodyte: Humphrey joining either Wilmot or Wardlaw on the chopping block tonight
pcaman2003: Pavs. Lol! Good one! I’m holding trades until I really need them, especially finals.
beerent11: You?re a breath of fresh air sc_god. A ray of sunshine.
Troglodyte: sc_dog is off his leash again
Yelse: whats wrong with witts
wadaramus: sc_god like to laugh out loud at others.
Pavs: Yep I must stop pcaman I will allow myself 1 trade next week
RooBoyStu: Who has god got the C on? Hardwick
Hazza09: Humphrey wall or gas symbol
wadaramus: Nothing like ridiculing others to fuel your own ego.
pcaman2003: beerent. Nice going beer. I’d be rapt with that score this week.
Pavs: Another one that likes the attention and gets a chubby
Vultures: Witts has two monsters to beat
beerent11: Take about 50 off it pcaman. Humph probably won?t go 90 from here.
bhg26: Just 81 points to go Hump, manifest your inner kobe
RooBoyStu: Yep Pavs he rises like a Pavlova in the oven
RooBoyStu: Go Witts he’ll fly home like Winx and ton up
Pavs: Haha Stu, bhg you have stand up competition 🙂
Pavs: No offence bhg I think Stu is winning.
pcaman2003: Long way to go beer. Miracles do happen. 🙂
Hughsy: Just straight up ignoring Anderson
RooBoyStu: bhg and myself have a show coming up called The Full Monty 2.0 lol
Pavs: Hope the tickets are cheap boys 🙂
RooBoyStu: Cheap as sugar for a Pavlova lol
Yelse: what I’ve noticed this season players get stuck on bench way to long
RooBoyStu: Agree Yelse
Yelse: its like they require a goal to manage to get on
bc__: Day supercoach starting pic next year
RooBoyStu: Blame the barrier attendents as they take too long to load the horses, players watching live races on bench
Pavs: Also agree Yelse. Will Day channeling Sicily
beerent11: I think teams need to get smarter with that yelse. They just wait for a score. Saw it with naicos earlier today.
beerent11: I like will day pinch hitting in defence.
loginpaul: awesome, from loginpaul
beerent11: Spot on loginpaul. So succinct.
Troglodyte: lol beer
wadaramus: Word up loginpaul, sommentary of the highest order.
wadaramus: Go you Cowboys!
wadaramus: From wadaramus.
navy_blues: who is on day? maybe night cos cant see him
wadaramus: Kel Day-Knight navy.
beerent11: In defence navy.
Pavs: Navy winning now. hahaha
navy_blues: i know beer but no one manning him up up
beerent11: Why doesn?t Fanfooty have a frees against column in the team stats?
bhg26: Someone call the paramedics, humphrey has hit a wall and isnt responding
PigeonPies: is that a joke beer?
pcaman2003: beer. If you know the frees for ,then you know the frees against
Vultures: I don’t want to see the frees for and against, that’s why !!
Hazza09: Cya Humphrey, thanks for the 200k
pcaman2003: Vultures. Call a spade a spade. You tell em”
frenzy: how many trades we got left
Vultures: eight
beerent11: Couple more, we?ll have a feed.
Brian00173: seven and a boost
bhg26: 3 next week with a completed team frenzy
sc_god: lol
Pies20: 10 but my team is shower
pcaman2003: 13 left
Pavs: 11 with a boost probably should of used that earlier
Pies20: Is anyone hitting 2k this week??
Cottees: Pies – versing someone in my league that predicted to be 2100+
bhg26: Im on 2028 now, but take 16 away from that cause i have 19 and marics score will not count
Pies20: I’m predicted that but have the hump Anderson and witts doing flowering all
bhg26: Ive got one bloke in my league whos projecteed 2225
Hazza09: Humphrey and Maric will bring my projection down to 1950
Cottees: Pies – he only has Weddle remaining, is on 2064 right now. Weddle is his 18th
Brian00173: Looking at around 2050 ish….but relying on a few Alsi premos from here on
frenzy: got 11 myself and a showerhouse squad
Pies20: On 1889 as the moment with 6playing but under achieving except day
bhg26: Seamus and Day covering for hump
Brian00173: Aldi
Pavs: Wish you could see how many trades your league opponents have left
pcaman2003: In my league I have 4th overall highest score, but I’m 2nd. I play each week to win, regartdless of score.
Hazza09: Looks like Ned Flanders has ruined Humphrey
beerent11: Most of us definitely lied about how many trades we have. I know I did.
LuvIt74: why would you lie about trades remaining
Pavs: Well I didn’t and I trust bhg when he says 3 next week so cross 2 out beer. lol
LuvIt74: I still have 26 trades left…lol
Cottees: I won’t lie – I got 6 trades left and Ill be lucky to have 1 trade remaining when completed team haha
Pavs: Now if Rasp was on I would
bhg26: Next week its humphrey to oliver if hes playing. If hes not then its libba
Doggie Doo: why did I get sucked in to buying Anderson because of one score?
Hazza09: Ffs Humphrey
RooBoyStu: Former Blue Casboult 0 goals 3 behinds, making McKay look good lol
RooBoyStu: Humphrey B Bear lol
Vultures: wouldn’t touch Oliver..
pcaman2003: bhg26. Libba has been great for me, but beware that I have him
Pavs: I’m holding him Vultures but you are right might take him a couple of weeks to get back into form
bhg26: Fine vultures, ill go kelly. Much more stress free experience
bhg26: Josh Kelly that is
pcaman2003: Oh Hawks! What is this rubbish you’re serving up?
barra17: not picking up liver is silly
Cottees: pca – don’t you just love beating Brisbane one week to losing to Gold Coast another week lol
navy_blues: hope they serve this up next week pca
Vultures: Oliver’s lost the conditioning, I’d wait til he loses 100K
FoopyTime: carlton will find a way to do carlton things tho
bhg26: My team is done next week. Clarry/Libba would be my last trade in
pcaman2003: Cottees. Part of being a Hawks supporter I guess. Great, then rubbish
J.Worrall: I have 5 trades left. Yeo D6, Steele M8, Fyfe and Mitchell F5 and F6.e
beerent11: Great news bhg
J.Worrall: Is that an Aldi team?
pcaman2003: navy. There’s an excellent chance of that happening.
navy_blues: lol both teams
wadaramus: Five trades left, Baker D6, Fyfe M8, Sheezel F6.
Hazza09: Humph 67% TOG, playing a shit fwd role, well done Dew well done
bhg26: After next week Sheez D6, Tom Green m8, briggs r2 and cameron f6
J.Worrall: Good(?) but different!
beerent11: How many on here are in the draft league? I know bhg is.
frenzy: me
J.Worrall: We are over the “after next week”, an wwhat’s so bad about admittting how many trades you have left?
bhg26: 3 trades left for me
bhg26: after next week 😉
beerent11: What?s your team name frenzy?
lana2146: Humpty to mills was the plan but Humpty gonna bleed a few k
Pavs: After this year I will look into that beer.
frenzy: shoot me
lana2146: 3 trades left for me n full premo
beerent11: It?s good pavs. When my classic goes crap I just say I concentrate on draft and vice versa.
Pavs: Is that a draft league through FanFooty or Supercoach?
Brian00173: Can someone tell me what happened to Rowell? Did he get locked in the dunnys at 1/2 time?
Cottees: beer – ill join draft league next year. Sounds like fun
sc_god: do you consdider mills 86pts average a premo? lmao
beerent11: Whoever is dragons laird is still undefeated.
sc_god: 95 or less average isnt premo
Cottees: defs me beer. Promise me, I don’t lie 😉 lol
bhg26: sc god gotta be fishing
Pavs: Troll alert. I can hear sirens
beerent11: There?s that warm sunny feeling again
sc_god: he only has 3 tons in 10 games, obv that injury hurts his average badly
TheFlagger: humpty goal incoming
beerent11: Fanfooty pavs. I?ll set up a few more next season.
bhg26: he was forced to play defence sc god
navy_blues: love to see sc_brags team
DMS774: Humphrey need you to lift
sc_god: is mills back n the guts perm?
TheFlagger: mills still played a fair bit wing early on.same as second half 2022
Doggie Doo: DMS the egg has broken
Pavs: I will do some homework beer and see what I have to do. Thanks
TheFlagger: still a safe 95-105 with upside
bhg26: When mccartin comes back in next week mills should be in the guts
bhg26: And Mills was averaging 97 before he got injured in a shower role
TheFlagger: I want walsh for 510 he normally has a stronger second half
Hughsy: should wait another 2+ weeks before getting mills
Pies20: I got titch this week for ford probably should have kept the trade
Doggie Doo: watch out here comes Atkins
RooBoyStu: Witts what a comwback -1 qtr time
bhg26: He?s got another week with a shower break even so would wait another if you can
Pies20: Team completed im miles away probably won’t complete team with 10 trades kenty
bhg26: Humphrey sighting!
Pavs: Nice score from Mitchell
Pies20: 2040 currently should be 21 plus always the way last game 🙄
RooBoyStu: Mackenzie wall icon surely
dodgybros: Say something Humphrey
J.Worrall: Day’s best game in a hile …
pcaman2003: Hawks are playing ugly this week. So disappointing after Lions game.
J.Worrall: *while (damned keyboard).
J.Worrall: Reckon my son spille a rum and coke on the left endd of the keyboard!
Pavs: haha that Humphrey kick not on target even though his teammate drops a sitter
bushranger: What happened to Matty Rowell? Great start and just stopped??
beerent11: My score might?ve been alright without j cam?s -3
RooBoyStu: Atkins will pass Humphrey B Bear
bhg26: 2100 surpassed
J.Worrall: What bhg? 2100 next week?
beerent11: Whew, thank god bhg.
J.Worrall: … or “after next week”?
bhg26: Thanks beer, your approval means everything
bhg26: Lol worrall
Pavs: I think the mean kids are picking on you bhg 🙂
Pies20: Im 20 behind you bhg
Doggie Doo: who is this Mac Andrews has had his best SC score
pcaman2003: Watching Hawks today is like watching Keystone Cops.
bhg26: It?s ok pavs im a big boy
Pavs: I won’t rough them up then mate.
beerent11: 165 from day and humph. That?s 82.5 each. Not bad
sc_god: rosas feasting on the carcus!
J.Worrall: alll in fun bhg
Hughsy: Thats it anderson
beerent11: Carcass
Hazza09: Cya Humpty was fun while it lasted
pcaman2003: Have a good week all. I’m off! Cheers!
RooBoyStu: Where’s the muppet bagging Anderson now?
RooBoyStu: When was the last time a Hawk player got a negative icon? When Adam was a boy
Doggie Doo: Its only 100 not good enough
Pies20: 2140 happy day’s good for %
lana2146: Great score pies20 congrats
bhg26: Seamus an absolute godsend

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